Please Stop Summoning Me!


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Eerie prayers were heard, and each name was distinct.
“Lord of the Ashes”
“Colorless City”
“Mist of the White Shore”
“Spirit of the Ancient”
” Dream of the Void”
“Ruler of the Chaos”

After Shen Yi transmigrated to a new world, mysterious groups seemed to be wanting to Summon him nonstop. The church, wizards, investigators, saints…

Every summoning group had something they desired. And at the same time, they offered various sacrifices.

Shen Yi was overwhelmed with annoyance, but there was nothing he could do to put a stop to it.

Eventually, he was successfully summoned by cultists.

And the first problem Shen Yi had to face was… A sacrificial little girl, who had slumped on the altar!

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tweprebet rated it
December 16, 2021
Status: c28
Still early days, so who knows. But so far it's... alright. It's going to be one of those clueless-badass setups, with the MC not even knowing what's happening as the powerful people around change the world because of him.

The translation is... iffy. It starts basically okay but the latest few chapters have substantially declined. I haven't knocked any stars off for it just yet, in hopes the last few chapters were a fluke.

Edit: Knocking off a star because the translator is throwing self-promotion into the middle of every chapter. What... more>> a way to break the flow... And how aggravating to be constantly told to do the thing you're already doing. At least most DRM isn't bypassed with the simplest regex... why make it so easy for others to provide a superior reading experience? I don't get it. <<less
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Tobi rated it
May 3, 2022
Status: c343
The Chess Player. Beware of his interference! None shall leave his notice. If you're involved in the event that accured in this City, that means you're already a part of his Board! This City is his Domain.

Okay okay, I have to admit, the start of this novel isn't really the best of things to read. It doesn't go into details of things, it makes the MC looks s*upid which by the way (He absolutely is not).

Here's the thing here ladies and gentlemen, this novel follows the... more>> usual troupe of "MC is an idiot and doesn't realize he's god of all things" BUT, what he actually really IS, is the personification of different Aspects of reality. Different Gods per say.

Let's go with the first one. Characters.
The Characters in this novel doesn't seem to be that much in early chapters as I've said, but claw your way through and you realize oh, they have their own stories. Everyone have their responsibilities and there are absolutely consequences in their actions. Some died, some failed. But it still follows the usual "Oh I have problems? Go to MC" because they think that the MC is their own Respective Gods envoy.

-MC, he's clueless as sh*t at the start, because he's just a normal dude who got the shtick with Aspects. But as he powers on through, he gradually start to plan everything out. And showed his prowess as the acclaimed "Chess Player" (A title everyone calls him because they think he's the one behind every actions, they even think he manipulates different gods and Disaster classes to do his bidding) It feels me with joy everything people react to the fact he's behind the event.

The Story. Ohhh the story, it goes through different arcs this one. Different problems and different gods. But the gist is that each Religious Organizations goes through reforms and plan to start wars because their call upon their Gods are finally answered (Gods as in MC basically). Some arcs are a bit confusing but it's still quite good.


I love how the final antagonist is basically the Writer of the whatever Novel the MC is actually inside, that's why he's surprised when MC is fighting back or even managed to manage his Aspects abilities.

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inzill rated it
May 30, 2022
Status: c18
I quite like this. Translation isn't perfect, but not so bad that it's an issue so far. (Mostly grammatical issues, I think.) To summarize: If you like "I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey" and/or "Lord of The Mysteries, " you should check this out. It has many similarities, but in a new/mixed way that feels like it was well done. If you haven't read either, you should check this out and consider looking at one of the other two if you like any of the ideas in it. Below... more>> I have kind of loosely listed what ideas are found in either of the two.

This feels heavily inspired by (if not directly taking from) "I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey" and "Lord of The Mysteries." Settings are very similar, as well as events, but the angle has been slightly changed. I'm not going to say it's bad or good for it, and it may be coincidental, but it feels like a fan of both wanted to do their own take on the concepts and has done so very well.

In "I'm Really Not The Demon God's Lackey" the MC runs a bookstore and has supernatural tendencies he's unaware of. Here, MC runs a cafe and has supernatural tendencies he's partly aware of. There are similarities between the side characters the MCs in both meet, and their relationship to one another, as well. There are some more similarities, but I won't go into them.

In "Lord of The Mysteries" the MC transmigrates in a similar fashion to this MC. In both, "names" of gods are important. From the description here you can get an idea of what it looks like. The relationship the MC has to most of the side characters, and how they perceive MC, is very similar. Items feel very similar between the two as well. I think it's worth a peek. <<less
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