Pick Up the Rejected Pure Love


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The heroine I was rooting for was not chosen.
Then wouldn’t it be okay if I made her happy instead?

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Picking Up Unrequited Love
거절당한 순애를 줍다
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14 Reviews

New Afas
May 07, 2024
Status: c87
A very solid romance story. Very beautiful and sweet.

My only problem is the lack of appearance for the main character's family. They basically non existing at this point. They brought up once at the start of the story and never mentioned again ever, while we pretty much got a bunch of content about the FMC family. Pretty annoying because I also curious about the situation about MC family considere that the mother is noticing something different about her son in the start of the story.

Regardless this story is solid 5/5
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Jun 13, 2023
Status: c54
Straight up romance and none of other bullsh*t and other plots or side heroines.

Story reminded me of 'Isekai Romcom' except here the MC isn't related to the original novel's main lead.

Premise is that MC transmigrated into a novel he liked after his favourite heroine got rejected and so he decided to chase after her so it is pretty much a sugary story.

The different thing here is that the POV alternates each chapter; what I mean is one chapter is from the MC's POV and another chapter is from the FL's... more>> POV, then back to MC and then back to FL. Of course, they don't repeat the same events in the different POVs. To explain more, the first half of a date will be from the MC's POV then the second part of the date will be from the FL's POV hence no repetition of events like many other shitty POV some other authors use.

Overall I am enjoying it and would recommend it to those that want a straight up romance. <<less
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i am not sensei
i am not sen
Sep 13, 2023
Status: --
Honestly, the MC is kind creepy at the start, MC geniunely act like stalker that want gets close to a broken heart sub-female lead. The story is like a wet dream of a creepy otaku who aggressively wants to have a romance with his favorite fictional character
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Oct 26, 2023
Status: c42
Very relaxed, single love interest, teenage romcom, it's kinda cute how innocent they are. It has a nice thing going where it alternates POVs between the girl and guy every chapter.

I don't have a very high opinion of the translator website readingPia. Although the translation quality is admittedly pretty good.

You might want to stack like 50 chapters before giving this a go but it's very nice, it soothes the soul
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Aug 28, 2023
Status: c10
As the other review stated, no BS -> straight romance. This is for the people that want to see character interactions and dialogue. There is little world-building and fleshing out other characters as far as I have seen. The focus of this is clearly the relationship between MC and the FL. He is a likeable character with the maturity to go for what he wants.
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Dec 29, 2023
Status: c51
Gosh, that's wonderful. Sweet, very nice and dynamic. Great characters and everything is extremely positive.

A cure for depression.

Yes, the characters are generic, but still nicely written. Yes, MC has one goal in life - to win FL and make her happy, and that's an awesome goal for a guy from high school. FL's goal in life is to make her boyfriend happy and be with him forever - naive, but she's a high school student in love.

Yes, their development and relationship is unrealistic and unbelievable, but we are talking about... more>> LN here with regression in the first chapter. So I guess no one expected the document.

I'm torturing f5 while waiting for new episodes. <<less
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Dec 16, 2023
Status: c37
Boring and dry characters and story overall.

Han-gyeol is non-descript and generic; he has no personality traits besides being "kind" to Eun-ha. There's nothing about his goals, nothing to make him stand out. He is the embodiment of a wish-fulfillment main character. If you think about it closely, he's someone who is old enough to go through his military service, yet he pines over a high school girl.

Eun-ha is equally as badly written -- if you were to describe her, she'd fit in any generic story about a high school romance.

Neither... more>> of these characters show any growth or development. The fluff of the story is unbearable as it is unbelievable. <<less
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Sep 10, 2023
Status: c16
Wow! Just wow!

This surprised me by how good it was! Super wholesome romance, flustered FL with super cute reactions. The MC is kind of cringe at times though, and the start felt a bit stalker-ish, though it quickly became more wholesome and real.

I really recommend reading this! It's refreshing to not have too much drama but more fluff and romance!
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Oct 14, 2023
Status: c29
I enjoyed the depiction of human relationships in this novel. For a cheesy romance novel, the interactions between the characters don't feel artificial. The genre is stated to be rom-com, but I didn't see a lot of comedy. The progress of the romance between the ML and the FL seems pretty fast, which I consider a good thing. However, like the other reviews said, this novel doesn't focus on anything other than the romance between the two. Side characters are only used to expedite the romance further, though I don't... more>> think they're badly written despite that. The original MC of the novel the ML transmigrated into is surprisingly barely mentioned, so don't expect much in that direction. However, translations are still far from catching up to the original, so some of the content in this review may turn out wrong as more of the plot is revealed. <<less
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Apr 11, 2024
Status: c41
It goes from romance to wish fulfillment cringe pretty quickly. Actually it was wish fulfillment from the get go like all these other stories. So the cringe just gets more extreme.


I got tired of them being in embarrassment loops repeatedly. Ok, we get that at least one of them is acting their age... but do we really need this to be the focal point?

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Feb 22, 2024
Status: c67
Absolutely amazing. Best part out of all this is that it is such a mature story, and yet the author can actually capture the pure feeling of love. This has surprised me greatly. As tags suggest, its R-18, but there is so far none, but with how clever and maturely the author handles the romantic aspects, this might just be my favorite novel, especially if it can incorporate these themes properly.
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Sep 12, 2023
Status: c17
Very Very sweet story
even someone like me who only read harem, action and fantasy novels all the time I really loved this novel
The MC is kind and mature and his relationship with fMC is very sweet
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Apr 26, 2024
Status: c84
If you are a fan of sticky and sweet romance then this is good. They are high schoolers and this is a wholesome book till now so degens can walk towards the door but it is a good and well written romance novel. The TL is also good quality.

I normally don't read romance novels due to not liking the love triangle/polygons plots that are a staple since I end up liking all the people involved and seeing them not win after putting in everything they can is just too much... more>> for me. So I normally only read harems but this one is good. No bullsh*t rivals and no s*upid misunderstandings. Just straight ideal romance and them being honest with each other and growing to love each other more every chapter just heals me.

Give it a go if you have time. You will not regret it. <<less
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Feb 26, 2024
Status: c68

8/10 (this will cause diabetes, being honest, I stop caring after c50, tis all fluff and love and suggar)


truly a nice story, nice pace and cute interactions, just plain old romance, I like the dinamic it uses, changing POV to make it feel fresh and interesting, at the same time, it also makes an effort to show us that the characters are not one dimensional. My maint points against this nover are four; the fact the way the MC transmigrated is really s*upid, why dont just make a romantic... more>> novel, instead of doing that, and the second part, is the fact that he is a man nearly 30 in a body of a 19 years old, like, kinda creepy ngl, and the author didnt even make it try with the old realiable (he and him become one), also, the lack of interest in MC family kills me, its only mentioned in chapter 1, after that? Nothing, and the fact of trying to make the childhood freind of the heroine the bad guy is kinda dumb. <<less
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