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Wen Jianing, who won the best actor award at the age of thirty-four, was reborn in a twenty-year-old young man, Ke Xinhang, overnight.

Ke Xinhang has defective g**itals, but he is full of yearning for the entertainment industry. Taking the opportunity of an audition, Wen Jianing wanted to return to the entertainment industry, but he also met his former career opponent Lu Jinlang.

To Wen Jianing’s surprise, Lu Jinlang, who was not familiar in the past, seemed to have the intention of supporting him.

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Storymonster rated it
September 17, 2021
Status: Completed
I almost didn’t read this because of the reviews. After reading, I was confused. There are few truly outstanding novels on this site, a bunch of normal level ones, and a bunch of unreadable garbage. This read at the standard normal level. If you’ve read a few dozen entertainment yaoi, it doesn’t stand out as a true gem but it doesn’t feel noticeably worse than anything else in the middle of the pack.

Based on “contradiction” reviews I thought this would read like a muddled mess. But for the most part... more>> it didn’t strike me outside the realm of belief.

Especially the alcohol thing. He died from excessive drinking, and in western society, sure, you could avoid drinking after that. But it’s so much a part of the work social culture in his society, he knows he can’t avoid it. So he mitigates it as best he can. Pretending to pass out drunk. Leaving early when he’s at a limit he doesn’t want to pass, making sure there are trustworthy people around. For me, it seems reasonable given his culture and social status. (As a newcomer he can’t say no.) given this is a common plot device in entertainment novels, it didn’t destroy my suspension of disbelief.

Most of the character ooc things are measured against his personality before he died. He was top of his field, healthy body, normal life. Then he died. He was thrust into another body, one with deformities he couldn’t accept. Has no friends or family or support system, and is at the bottom of his field with no “in” back. He has several suicidal moments in the book that basically happen when it hits him that he is utterly alone in this life and his body’s condition might be known. (I think there are like three occasions when he thinks rather than dying alone in the future and having it known, he’d rather wander off into the woods or something and die alone now.) That’s some serious depression.

His weird relationship with the ML is born of this, I think. He’s someone familiar and relatively trustworthy but not a prior friend. So when the ML keeps treating him well, and finds out his condition, he just runs with it. Of course, nothing really happens until he chooses for it to happen, which still makes sense he caved. Humans need intimacy. And he’s so alone. And while everyone says it’s an unspoken rules relationship, he buys his own house, wins his own car in a bet, and doesn’t even receive the promised “one day” role until after they break up (and start again seriously). There’s a power imbalance theoretically, but the ML doesn’t lord it over him and the MC doesn’t act submissive because of it. He doesn’t cave in his boundaries unless it’s something he’s wants, and he stands up to the ML and says disrespectful shut all the time. Whenever he calls the ML boss or mentions his gold master, it always feels facetious or tongue in cheek.

The only true standout off moment was the ML giving him aphrodisiac wine, but even the ML was shocked at the response. I read it as on the level of other naturally stimulating foods rather than a drug. And when the ML realizes he’s actually opposed, nothing further happens. Other than that one moment, the ML is rather respectful of his boundaries and hardly pushy on the yaoi scale. The MC even admits he’s being boiled in warm water.

(There is one actual drugging attempt from a female star to the ML but nothing happens. In case anyone is triggered by that. But the ML doesn’t even drink it.)

yeah, the ml’s big bro is kinda a dick. So is the mc’s. But there aren’t really any long term brain dead antagonists at least. Mostly it’s just MC overcoming his trauma, accepting this life and body, and the two allowing themselves to trust that the other isn’t going to destroy their heart.

Not awe inspiring literature, but nothing like I thought given the reviews. Glad I read it. <<less
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Chiaroscuro rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: --
So just want to point out some iffy things so if you're triggered feel free to skip this novel

1. Power imbalance

2. MC's body:

... more>>

MC didn't have balls and is quite dysmorphic (?) About it, he's actually okay if he's sleeping around with ML with complete body. Ironically ML's reactions after he mol*sted him are what finally pushed MC through his own disgust for his body.


3. Noncon groping:


ML didn't drug MC but MC have a body condition that's easily excitable when being drunk.

From what I understand, author meant to write that ML groped MC because he thought MC was excited (he's just drunk). But still he took advantage of drunken MC and it's clear it's very noncon since MC still have body dysmorphia (?)

ML keep saying he gave MC Choice but he pointed out ML's hypocrisy.

That or it's just a bad plot point. Author is kinda impatient sometimes so it's just a plot point meant to show MC that ML is not disgusted by his body. And they can move on (both MC and ml) from that. Basically author want MC to get over his own body and make them intimate.


4. Contradictory couple behavior:


ML doesn't really care within the circle because it is the point of having thicc thigh. Like saying to other people subtly or in their face that "this person is mine/under my protection"

Paparazzi don't rashly uncover it because the "thigh" are people of power they can't afford to annoy. If they didn't have enough power paparazzi might just uncover it but they usually just give them the pics and ask for money. People inside the circle isn't s*upid. They ain't gonna tattle. Otherwise, Jeffrey Epstein wouldn't happen.

But it's different from public. Circle can know, public must not know. It doesn't matter what your reputation within the circle is. (Like, someone can have a reputation of being a sl*t inside the circle but public only know them as pure, good people)


5. For those who persisted, they'll be rewarded by a beautiful relationship. The start is iffy, the journey wasn't easy, but the ending is beautiful. <<less
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ylial rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: Completed
Good novel! Rating: 4.5 (less 0.5 due to lapses). Also, so far it is 103chapters (103 about Wen Lin and Lin Rong and it's not finished yet)

I like the love development!!! It started f*cked up and I even wanted to drop it several times. Fortunately, I persisted and found that it is a gem. The ML is not the perfect cold and abstinent. Rather he has several flaws and is realistically portrayed: ... more>>

when the MC said the truth (transmigration) to ML, the ML didn't believe him and asked him to see a psychiatrist. Eventually, the facts are proven but the ML couldn't accept the MC since he liked the fresh innocent and pure new actors.


Due synopsis and title, I thought that MC will use his own strength to reach peak yet it's a story of how he hugs the thigh of ML and focuses more on their relationship. There's also a lot of H scenes between MC and ML. They seem like an old couple and there's harmony.

But I'm looking for MC's development, mainly on his acting career. In this novel most people in circle look down on MC (esp ML's brother) due to sleeping with ML for benefits (the MC is capable so he doesn't need to hold MLs thigh). In addition there are a lot of contradictory scenes. It seems that they are only careful when they remember it:
  • alcohol drinking (he refused in the beginning yet even initiate in the succeeding)
  • rooming with ML in first film yet being cautious in the latter scenes
  • MC is okay going with ML outside with ML's unclean circle and even flirting (ML even kissed/hugged MC in front of those) yet MC a find it a lil off to drink outside with the director and Co-actor with the girls entertaining them
  • There's also MC buying back his old house and ML said it might be bad about public opinion yet his unspoken rule with MC is very well known in the circle
  • it's also kinda contradictory when they disregard being together in public but in latter part they are careful in their actions as well as the script.
The story between MC and ML started early. There's an unspoken rule but the ML won't cross the line unless the MC permits it. The ML is cold but is dating guys. He is also homos*xual but he has a clean life (not 2 timing, he will cleanly break when he loses interest before he moves on to another) and he has morals. As mentioned in the novel, the ML likes new actors who are simple and pure. I also got a little turned off with ML when..

he put an aphrodisiac in MC's wine and touched the MC's front against his will until he reached the climax. The ML is mostly interested in the body of MC (and a Lil on his acting).


I'm also wondering why are they not too cautious of paparazzi whenever the MC sleep in ML's room during the shooting.

Isn't it better to open another room beside the ML or near ML's room. The ML didn't even consider the MC since the MC in the transmigrated body is a newbie in showbiz and this will greatly affect his acting career. He won't be remembered by his acting but by climbing the ML's bed.

Anyway, the author pen has the power of their future

Eventually, they crossed the line without feelings (love). And I'm wondering again why do the MC who sees the ML as his rival let him tops himself. Probably, the MC thought that he shouldn't use the ML without giving anything back. Also due to his constitution he can't do it with a woman. Anyway this is an entertainment industry and both are adults. This reflects a more realistic personality of ML. However, I find the words and deeds of ML very insulting sometimes which can also be seen by MC's friend Wen Lin.

Anyway, it is written well. <<less
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pistachi00 rated it
March 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Good story and a mature read. I don't like the sexist and homophobic connotations though even if it is understandable why they think that way. Even though the main couple is gay, gay in itself is still strongly being shown as a taboo and abnormal. No one accepted it fully and sincerely really supports it in the story. The only one I remember accepting it is the MLs niece, and even then she is portrayed as a rebellious and disobedient child who does not know any better.

Frankly a good read,... more>> if you don't mind the questionable moral standards in some cases. The main couple's dynamic is pretty healthy though, and they have a good relationship with one another. However, I still dislike the mindset portrayed in this story. Honestly the sexism is pretty on the nose and I don't like it.

An instance of sexism: MCs relationship with ML is opposed by ML's brother, he will only accept them being together if MC quits showbiz and takes care of ML fully at home.

MC replied with "I am not a woman."

Tbh in that moment I just felt really disgusted? And just wtf. There are also many instances where MC tells off his agent who is a woman to act more like a lady because of the crude way she speaks.

Moreover the h*mophobia. Even MC, as a gay himself does not see it as a good thing (though understandable where its coming from). The way homosexuality is also treated as something wrong is also upsetting.

I would give this a 5 if it weren't for all of those issues.

Honestly I feel like the current rate of 4.2 is well deserved. It is a good read, and does not deserve to be below 4 but it does not deserve a stellar rating either.

Also, there aren't any genuine portrayals of strong female characters. For some reason they are always posed as being lesser than men still. Tldr

The relationship between MC n ML is great, a highly recommended read for that. The h*mophobia and sexism is very present though throughout the story. <<less
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foxghost rated it
June 21, 2021
Status: Completed
Jin Gan Quan once left an author's note somewhere through this book saying (I'm paraphrasing from memory here) : I just love the kind of feeling between characters where the slow burn mutual pining gets to the point where they're set on fire when their eyes so much as meet and they both explode if they merely touch.

And you get exactly that for at least 1/2 of the book. The end of the book was actually supposed to end up in an extra, so when it's incorporated it kind of... more>> drags, but that's what you get when a writer writes past "happily ever after".

I've read this book more than once. Every once in a while I'll dig it out and read it again, and I find that it raises my standards and I end up abandoning whatever new danmei I may have on my changpei / jjwxc lists. JGQ's Characterisations — down to the minor characters, such as Xinhang's brother and the new assistant/manager — are impeccable, even if the plot is overall a bit tropey and thin. That's okay though, because we're really just here to see obstacles / helpful events throw our MC and ML together until they eventually stick anyway.

There is so much about Wen Jianing that makes him 3-dimensional; his loyalty to the people he cares about, his genuine attitude in an industry full of lies, his attachment to what's right — wrapped up in a package of insecurity, both in his original self's competitive streak against Lu Jinlang (probably because he wasn't an acting grad) as well as the defect his new body has. A lot of times in danmei the Gong character often end up being a backdrop for us to admire the shou against, but Lu Jinlang is more than he appears (tall-handsome-rich-successful-good-in-bed-spoils-shou-rotten-YAWN) as well, which is a nice change.

Anyway, one of my favs, and not many things actually make it onto that list. Highly recommended. <<less
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erialolita rated it
January 15, 2022
Status: c20
This story is so meh to me and I think it's because the MC and ML are meh, I don't hate them but I'm not attached to them either. The biggest problem I have is why the author made his lack of sack such an issue.

I'm very confused about MC's "deformity" ... more>>

if he doesn't have balls then it would be very difficult to get an erection without drugs (not impossible, but difficult) and no balls=no testosterone which means very low s*x drive. I don't think he was on testosterone medication, unless I missed it

not to mention, I don't get why out of all the "disabilities" he could have received he is so upset about this one. Also not sure what clothes they were, but when I go swimming or some guy spills a drink on his pants you cannot see an outline of their junk usually.

I am getting irritated but so many here rated it high I might drop and pick back up later.

5 ⭐ for the person who cleaned up the MTL though. <<less
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Wynnfield rated it
September 16, 2021
Status: c24
I really like the author's writing style.

The writing is fluid, and the mtl translations are great. I like how the author is mature in her writing. Her whole writing style made me want to continue it.

Though I did notice some contradicting plotpoints stated by the other reviewers which is the reason why I dropped it. (Mainly the noncon/drugging, a lot of drinking, Backdoor situations?)

Even the whole review segment here has 2 sides, so it's either you like it or you don't like it, but my review here should be... more>> taken with a pinch of salt since I dropped quite early.

Maybe I'll pick the novel up again next time, but not now.


*I generally read spoilers to see if there'll be triggers for me to avoid, so my purpose leaving this review up is for people who'd like to avoid some triggers.

-MC died from alcohol poisoning/overdose, but he continues to overdrink in his new life. Coincidentally, his new body is also weak to alcohol, but it doesn't stop him from drinking. Of course, disclaimers here. Him drinking is due to the nature of his job, but it does seem like a reoccuring plot point here.

-MC emphasizes on the negative side of disabilities quite a bit so it's a little heavy on that end.

-As the characters themselves have flaws, it might be harder to accept some parts that are glossed over especially if you form an emotional connection with them.

Though, I'd highly reccomend trying it out before forming a judgement because the author writes really well.

10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
September 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I mtled most of the novel and definitely I was a little hesitant with the reviews posted here initially. I rarely rate novels 5 stars but this one has definitely earned it.

About MC

MC is a very grounded and jaded character who awakes to find that he's dead and in another body. Unlike other novels of this type of plot, his reactions are the most realistic I've read. There is a lot of psychological trauma that is underneath a significant portion of the novel where MC is slowly coming to terms... more>> with his own death and not being able to connect with people he used to know. Also he struggles with his current identity and past identity which leads to some psychological hurdles for him to overcome. As well MC has to deal with a body that is now his and with a physical disability that brings him fear and anxiety. I feel so much compassion for how this was described the pain feels so real. The author is amazing at character development and really bringing the MC to life. He and everyone else for that matter are written in a very understated manner. Nothing is exaggerated, there is no epic face slap and nothing is perfect in real life. The author has really captured the complex undercurrents of MC's growing affections for ML while almost never really stating it explicitly until they speak to each other about it. What's so impressive is that the author can use very simple sentences to describe MC's actions but as a reader we can read the emotion between the lines. I am astounded by how an author can convey so much with the flow of text rather than any individual lines. It wasn't any amazing literature worth quoting but the sum of the whole really resulted in an authentic experience about the MC's struggles with the entertainment industry and his feelings about his past, and ambition to chase his dreams. And the crowning achievement is really the growing bond that is love, trust, honesty, and respect that MC and ML share despite all they've gone through together. I just found this incredibly moving.

About ML

ML really goes through a wonderful story arc as well. While ML doesn't say a lot of romantic things, heck neither the MC or ML are that romantic in words to each other, as reader I can feel ML's care for MC very early on. Even though everything seems illusive, gradually his gentle support of MC even with ulterior motives to begin with begins to really feel genuine and from the heart and it's that subtle shift that makes me almost tear up when I do see the ML show how much he cares for the MC. ML may not have been in serious relationships in the past but I don't really seem him as scum for this. A lot of people who are in relationships for love can do a lot worse. He's not perfect but who is? If you are expecting a "clean" ML with no prior relationships, this isn't the novel for you. This is a real human being with flaws and imperfect relationships.

A few things other reviewers have mentioned about ML I'll address here


The fruit wine that made the MC react, I read the original Chinese text and it's wine but not drugged and ML was surprised by it's effect on MC.



Agree that ML is very blunt sometimes about MC's physical disability but I think they are coming from a place of both adults who don't sugar coat the reality rather than ML trying to hurt MC. However reading this still made me feel uncomfortable, but if MC is ok with it, who am I to complain? After all the ML showed in action that he never disliked him one bit for that and also helped him get special underwear to cover it better. It's not just words that determine whether one is good to another. ML has more than shown with actions and constantly protecting MC's body in various situations that he really cares for him and that's what really counts.


About the entertainment industry

Unlike other novels' depiction of the entertainment industry, this novel is never bogged down with weibo posts and msgs thank goodness. I'm so tired of reading that. But also I would say once again the author has a really grounded approach to realistically depicting the not so great parts of the industry and unlike other stories, it's not really a love conquers all. Drinking and socializing is baked into that culture and while it sucks that MC and ML have to partake in this, it's not like they can change a whole industry overnight. That's just not realistic. So while it's unpleasantly described, it's also very real and tangible.

About family

MC and ML both have different relationships with their family and it definitely causes them some trouble. They deal with h*mophobia though I think IRL things would have gone even less smoothly than it was described.

My major gripe is with this plot point:


MC and ML being forced to have a surrogate child by ML's eldest brother is really wrong. Both of them aren't really parent material since they are focused on their careers. I just think this part soured the ending though I understand that this is a leftover traditionalist view of you can have gay marriage and a kids, but even the author describes that MC and ML didn't really want it initially though they love their kid. I truly wish the author could have not written this part.


About the romance

Both MC and ML really trust each other and have a very grounded view even when they get together for real. I really respect their honesty and how they can be vulnerable to each other. Their love was not so much depicted in words but in how they care for each other and respect each other. They communicate well and trust each other. It's really a mature depiction of romance that I really find lacking in a lot of web novels.


Read this book if you are ready for an understated romance novel about two people who start on the wrong foot but eventually come together with their enduring love that supports them both to achieve their dreams. It's got a lot of psychological issues though not very heavily but it's there so take care. It was definitely worth the read. I am really glad I followed my instinct to read this. But mind you it is not a light read.

If you are MTLing you may find one extra chapter that carries on Li Rong and Wen Lin's story. I suggest you find it but it seems half written so this kinda frustrates me cause I was so interested in their relationship. <<less
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CKJnovelFANatic rated it
November 14, 2021
Status: Completed
This is an excellent mature story that explores a relationship that begins with mutual benefits and evolves into true feelings over a bumpy road. The characters are believable, and their challenges are personal, professional and cultural.

TN-sama gives a smooth easily readable translation and I'd love to read more from this author
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
earlgreyt rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Definitely a novel aimed at more mature readers.

There's a lot of caution between the male leads who are in their 30s -- it makes sense -- at that age, lots of other considerations come into play. People don't easily fall in love or more like, there's less innocence and abandonment into love. A lot of youthful love is simple, there's less worry about the future. If you like someone, you genuinely go for it. But at an older age, people are more careful and afraid to commit and afraid that... more>> the other person won't return their commitment.

But that's what made this story charming for me. Something that started from physical "benefits" relationship, both people being mature adults and entering a casual relationship with their eyes wide open, but unexpectedly having their feelings really moved in the process.

Another amazing thing about this story is it approaches the act of taking someone else's identity as having psychological impact. A lot of these transmigration stories just use transmigration as wish-fulfillment to turn someone into "a better version of themselves."

But in here, we have the MC actually traumatized, questioning his mental health, questioning whether he really existed in the world or if his previous life was real. This is a very realistic take -- humans tend to trust what they can see, hear, and feel -- and the MC constantly being called by another name, in another body, slowly wore away at what he believed to be "his true self." MC's own dysphoria regarding his own body was written very well and very thoughtfully.


The way the author wrote the ML's aversion to the MC's original identity was very skillful. ML probably enjoyed the reliance he had felt from the MC (with the MC being younger/more innocent to the showbiz circle) as well as the MC's dislike of his own body meant that at some level, the ML had managed to become one of the only people who knew his body's secret and gave the ML reassurance that the MC wouldn't just run off with someone else.

Then when he found out the MC had originally been a confident person at the top of the entertainment circle, he probably couldn't immediately deal with his feeling of loss or his own insecurities of no longer feeling like he was the rock in the MC's world.

Of course, eventually he does realize that the MC had been the same this whole time and emotionally depended on him the exact same way so nothing had changed.


Overall really excellent read, recommended for mature readers. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
milktea1058 rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: --
I really am into mature relationship, calm protagonists, smart, and mature MC. So, from all the good reviews, I was really excited and expecting for a really mature loving type romance.

But, I expected too much. It's just still not mature enough for me. Maybe I am too old? Who knows :'))

But, in case you will like it, just try reading it first, because it has good theme, I think.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 3, 2021
Status: c25
Hm. Read up to chapter 25.

Might be me, but doesn’t anyone find this ML to be like a predator?

I mean, he kinda forced a handjob to be done on someone that caught his eye, and started to become a sugar daddy to our MC.


It’s not as if I’ve never read those non-consensual BL danmei, but isn’t this novel supposed to be a fluffy, happy, no angst with the MC x ML? At least, where’s the background story of how our MC caught the eye of this ML? Where’s the initial attraction? I’m just finding ML to be creepy. &Gt;<
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htaotao rated it
June 17, 2021
Status: Completed
Overall I liked it! I think it is better than the current rating reflects. It does talk quite a bit about the entertainment industry. Although the couple initially starts off with an uneven power dynamic, that definitely changes throughout the novel and they have a supportive and healthy relationship for the most part. I MTL'd the rest of the novel which was pretty doable.
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mangafan000 rated it
May 7, 2021
Status: Completed
great novel

the MC (shou) is very cute and a bit silly at first.
it's hard to understand that he's dead and has a new body.
this new body makes him very unhappy and ashamed.

the ML (gong) is a powerful person who often uses unspoken rules.
he sleeps with actors and supports them to have resources.
the beauty of the MC interests him right away.
it is thanks to ML that our MC accepts his body
it is also thanks to ML that MC's career is going well.
because everyone knows the unspoken rules of the industry.
and everyone knows their relationship.

in the novel, MC is warned that ML has always had little starlets.

so he must not fall in love... if not he will be sad and desperate...

MC and the reader will only meet another ex-lover...
he was really shameless !
luckily it happened quite quickly.

moreover ML never gets back with a former lover.
this is why he does not break with the MC.
there were 2 problems, but they never broke up and are therefore still together.

I liked everything, except

that they were "forced" by ML's big brother to have a child


thanks to the author
thanks to the translator

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LeniSnow rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: Completed
I usually get headaches reading novels because of s*upid MC or s*upid plot. But this one didn't and it made me happy. I felt what the MC feels, it was like I was with him, I smiled, got anxious, just like how I would feel with a friend.

This novel will appeal more to people who are into mature relationships and accept imperfection not just physically but also understand it's normal to react to the unusual. It's not bad to take time to understand things but it's more important how you... more>> handle it. ML and MC have both logical response that most of the reviewer can't relate being used or preferred the common MC and pampering ML that just accepts them immediately without thinking. I believe most reviewers are used to the MC accepting ml's imperfection than other way around, it's more relatable to the people since it's mostly written in mc's pov. I'd say the ML handle things well. To the reviewers who can't understand it I have to say that you still need to drink more milk and grow up. You can't force anyone to like you just like that especially the unusual, it's a process.

Would read again

Edit: I read it again for I dont know how many times. Still gets the same feeling as when I first read it. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Staringatastar rated it
January 3, 2022
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed the story, especially how real it feels. The relationship isn't love at first sight, and even starts out just for the s*x and benefits. This type of relationship feels much more authentic. If it turns into love, it feels like a more long-lasting and true love. How many people who instantly fall in love have fallen in love with the actual person? In this romance, Lu learns to look beyond the initial appearance, and even outer body, and love all the quirks and passions of the other... more>> person, while Wen learns how to trust in someone else's affections.

Wen is very practical, and doesn't see himself as selling out, but also realizes when a s*xual relationship is wrongly coerced. However, sometimes, he is too practical and doesn't trust in the emotions in a relationship.

The slowly developing love, various types of reactions to Wen's transmigration, imperfect (yet loving) family relationships, and sympathetic "villains" all combine to make this a beautiful slice of life story. It feels like a warm sip of lavender chamomile tea - fragrant and warm, with lingering sweetness that makes me feel all cozy inside.

I'm really sad the last extra is not fully complete, I was looking forward to that couple so much. However, the main couple's story is perfectly wrapped up, so I have little complaint. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Moocakey rated it
December 24, 2021
Status: extra 3
I really enjoyed reading this novel, the only con would probably be that the translation could be cleaner (it reads like an edited mtl) but do not fret because you will still be able to understand the storyline.

The NU description is very accurate - This is a novel about the MC Wen Jianing as he's reborn into a younger person, without the usual revenge tropes. His years of acting experience in the field helps him navigate the muddy waters of being in the entertainment industry and he also meets with... more>> the ML Lu Jinlang, who he gets to know and slowly their relationship goes from one with benefits to one where they seriously fall in love. It's a very nice, slow and mature love novel with a devoted, rich, protective ML and a MC who's smart and hard working. They overcome obstacles together and the various side characters along the way are also interesting.

My only regret is that there are no more translated Extra chapters after chapter 3, as it seems to be an incomplete short story between 2 of the side characters whom I would like to see find happiness together. If you like entertainment, reborn novels without revenge themes then do give this novel a try! <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
dee_ism rated it
December 13, 2021
Status: --
I'm surprised that I like this novel much more than I initially I thought I would. While it's not brilliant, but it's good and above average, imo.

Despite the power imbalance on the beginning, the ML still respect the MC. And later on, they really on the same level, mutually supporting each other with so much love between them.

I enjoy the journey of the main couple. I love the family and the friends. And the movies script not boring me out.

The story can keep me engaged and made me craving for... more>> the next chapters. It's well written with satisfying ending. <<less
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everydaydanmei rated it
November 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I was pleasantly surprised that this one was more emotional than I thought. I've read too many reincarnation novels and most of the time MC's past life was only used as a golden finger for their new life. But this one is different. It was difficult for MC to accept his death, reincarnation, new body, and how to deal with people he left behind. Especially when his new body has some disabilities. The author has really done a great job exploring his struggle even until the very end. I cried... more>> a few times reading it.

I love how every character in this novel is not as simple as black and white. So don't expect any faceslapping or braindead cannon fodders. Everyone has a reason, they all have their own stories and circumstances. MC can be really emotional and reacts impulsively and always expects the worst in people. We would find out that people weren't that bad and MC was just villainized them. It was refreshing to see this kind of narrative tbh.

MC and ML's relationship started off as an exchange relationship or f*ck buddies even. And it went on for a long time to figure it out whether their feelings were sincere towards each other. It was frustrating and heartbreaking. I'm glad their relationship didn't progress smoothly tho, or else it would be boring.

It's a beautiful story. Definitely worth to read. It's also pretty short, so it won't take too much time and energy to read. <<less
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taluluday rated it
September 19, 2022
Status: Completed
4.5/5 Agree with user Chiaroscuro on the iffy points.

The starting of the physical relationship feels kinda dub of even non-con. But I still really like the mature aspect of this novel. The MC knows that the best way to achieve his goal is to hug ML thigh, and ML also know that. Even though there is no coercion, but the ML does slowly convincing MC into being in physical relationship.

The rest, it’s really my type of mature development. Both knows what they want, and I like how they play Sugar... more>> daddy/baby chemistry, it doesn’t feel too reliant on each other. I think there’s still pride and respect. The translation could be better and allow us to understand the subtle emotion more, but overall I probably might reread this again. <<less
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