Perfect Encounter


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In order to avoid marrying an old man from the neighboring county, she must run away. The first time she escaped, the general entered the city, and she rolled and fell in front of him, no, she kneeled in front of him (really not on purpose). The second time she escaped, the general came to visit her house, and the general caught her (he must have done it on purpose). The third time, she was bruised and battered, almost desperate, and he came galloping and took her into his arms. (He was very well-intentioned.) The general said, ” Although I do not want to hold a favor to you, it is true that you owe me a favor.” So?

An Ruochen is unwilling to submit to fate and meets General Long three times when she runs away from home. She expects to get help from a powerful man, but she is involved in a secret conspiracy instead. Vicious family, a missing younger sister, a mysterious spy, and power struggles. An Ruochen becomes the key to solving the mysteries and the core of General Long’s heart.

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4 Reviews

Dec 18, 2022
Status: c100
Like the title says, I have had a perfect encounter with this novel. It's funny, with a well written plot and realistic, complex characters.

The MC, An Ruochen is a very likeable character: she is strong, smart, bold and cautious at the same time, she knows when to act and when it's best to keep her head low and pretend to be weak and s*upid. Her black-hearted family wants to sell her in marriage to a creepy old man but she doesn't lose heart and carefully plan her escape. Her initial... more>> attempt gets cut off by the unfortunate fortunate encounter with the male lead so she is forced to come up with a lie for her family to justify her failed escape. Soon after her life turns upside down as she witness something she wasn't meant to.

The male lead, General Long isn't the typical cold and aloof character like in other novels. He thinks and acts as you would expect from a competent and experienced soldier. When he meets the MC, he sees through her pitiful, weak acting her and strongly advises against trying to run away from home, as it is no way easy to make a living as a woman on her own, alone, hiding out of the city. With time, he agrees to help her because he learn to appreciate her sharp mind and observation skills.

The romance grows naturally as the two leads collaborate in uprooting a sort of conspiracy within the city. The plot is well done, not rushed and not everything come easily to An Ruochen or is under her control. Sometimes the villain is one step ahead of them and gets away, sometimes An Ruochen is frustrated and powerless as she is, after all, just a woman against powerful men.

Some secondary characters are well presented and developed. An Rouchen's second sister starts as an envious and nasty 2D character but soon after the author shows us how she is mostly guided by fear and uncertainty. She is not strong as An Rouchen, she is easily intimated and would only like to marry a decent man to have a stable and secure life. She knows she has zero power on her life, so she tries to please the person she feels could protect her.

It's a long novel, so I hope the remaining chapters I have to read, will keep being interesting <<less
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May 06, 2023
Status: --
Ohhh, it's from the author of "In search of love", one of my favorite novels here!

Read up to chapter 25. Here we have an unusual mix of genres: coming of age story, spy intrigue, city adventures, and no romance yet. It makes for quite a cool read, but sometimes ends up a bit discordant because while the author is passable with the action theme, it's clear that devising intrigues is not their forte; the spying bit makes absolutely no sense.

So far, I absolutely adore the MC: she is undoubtedly the... more>> star of the novel (plot included). Flexible, resolute, astute, and a dreamer at her core. One who wishes for a life other than the one she will be shackled to. And willing to fight for it (or escape lol). ML, while a bit of a monochromatic dud for me, is also a cool cat.

But I deeply wished the other characters (ML included) were just as fleshed out... the plot mostly revolves around MC and seems a bit redundant at times.

Regardless, atm, it's such a light and funny novel and the MC is so unusual & interesting that I still found myself enjoying it and willing to keep on reading it :)

Rating so far: 3.5 stars... maybe 4 later? <<less
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Mar 25, 2023
Status: c46 part1
I’m enjoying this tremendously so far!

The plot is intricate, the characters are compelling, and one scene (with her little sister) nearly moved me to tears - but what I like most of all is that the MC is neither perfect nor omnipotent. She’s clever, but impulsive, and she’s been dealt a losing hand from the start. The ML is a powerful general, but he’s not a get out of jail free card - as he says early on, even if he wanted to, he can’t interfere willy-nilly in others’ domestic... more>> matters. Her victories, when they come, feel earned.

That means, however, that she suffers a lot, so if you’re looking for an easy-going read, take warning. There’s a reason terrifying genius MCs are so popular and common - but also a reason that so few of them capture my attention like An Ruochen has so far. <<less
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Mar 04, 2023
Status: Completed
I love it! Even logged in to write a review.

The plot moves along well with some comedy, angst, and fluff.
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