Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Rabukome o Zenryoku de Jama Shite Iru


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Kanade Amakusa is a high-school student who is suffering from a curse called “Absolute Choices” (絶対選択肢, Zettai Sentakushi). This curse requires him to select an action from a list of two or three options that appear before him at any time, and has no control over what choices appear. Many of them are weird or perverse and as a result, the curse has tainted his reputation with his classmates and other people around him, making his life very difficult.

However, one day, a choice he makes on his way home from school causes a mysterious, beautiful young girl to fall from the sky. Amakusa discovers that she was sent from the God World to assist him in completing a series of missions given to him directly by God himself. After completing these missions, the “Absolute Choices” curse will be lifted from Amakusa; but should he fail in completing any of the missions, he will be stuck with the curse forever.

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My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering with My School Romantic Comedy
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01/08/18 Baka-Tsuki v3 epilogue
01/06/18 Baka-Tsuki v3 interlude 4
01/06/18 Baka-Tsuki v3c4
01/05/18 Baka-Tsuki v3 interlude 3
01/05/18 Baka-Tsuki v3c3
01/05/18 Baka-Tsuki v3 interlude 2
01/05/18 Baka-Tsuki v3c2
01/04/18 Baka-Tsuki v3 interlude 1
01/04/18 Baka-Tsuki v3c1
01/04/18 Baka-Tsuki v3 prologue
01/04/18 Baka-Tsuki v3 illustrations
11/01/17 Baka-Tsuki v2 interlude 4
11/01/17 Baka-Tsuki v2 interlude 3
11/01/17 Baka-Tsuki v2 interlude 2
11/01/17 Baka-Tsuki v2 interlude 1
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