Ore ga Ojou-sama Gakkou ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Rachirareta Ken


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Kimito Kagurazaka is an ordinary high school student. One day, he is enrolled in a school where its female students are cut off from the rest of the world to keep their innocence. This comes after a large number of graduates fail to cope with the outside world.

However, the school thinks that Kagurazaka is a homosexual with a muscle fetish, but Kagurazaka has no choice but to cooperate after he learns that the alternative is castration.

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Syomin Sample
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Victor DoUrden
Victor DoUrden rated it
January 17, 2016
Status: --
I recall reading this at some point a while back and now found it here. The story can be funny with its 2 main punchlines, commoner this commoner that and he is a gay f*g who really likes muscle bros.... but he does not. Outside the humorous notes it’s just another cut and paste slapped together nonsensical bullsh*t of a guy being surrounded by girls. I dropped it a while back as I just couldn’t stop feeling the deju vu of having read it before.

You like meh stories where a... more>> guy is surrounded by girls... sigh... in a school........ yeah... this story is the hash that you can take to your pipe to smoke. Also on another note forceful castration is very much illegal in... well f*cking everywhere, all countries with laws against assault. This story is a two for the humor mainly.

PS manga is better, in manga one can witness hakua in her full f*cking damned kawaii glory... she's unaware that she is embodiment of moe <<less
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UnknownSaint171 rated it
July 31, 2017
Status: --
Truly one of the best comedies out there. Despite this being the original, I like the Manga the best. I couldn't stop laughing to the point tears fell off. The comedy is very original and fun. Surprisingly a very mysterious yet suspicious plot to work with. When I found out it ended on Japan I felt extremely sadden. This deserves more.. Especially when its so short.

As for the Romance. I have very mix feelings. I prefer the Voice Actor or Maid one the most... Which saddens me, it really does... more>> since these 2 characters are so unique and in their own special way come out in the story. I am not satisfied with the romance. But hey it could be worst so its all good I guess <<less
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