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All three types of intrinsic s*x emit a hormonal scent (pheromone), with alpha and omega being stronger and beta being almost indistinguishable. Pheromone not only plays a role in reproductive matching, but also the basis for identification between different genders and classes.

Alpha’s pheromone is musk, while omega is similar to beaver. They are all animal aromas. Beta is distributed as an object and is very uncommon.

Alpha has a clear possessive appetite for the spouse, the most obvious being the “marking” behavior. The mark is completed by “knot”, and within one month after the knot, the spouse is marked by the alpha pheromone.

The pheromones of Alpha and Omega are attracted to each other, but this does not mean that there is no room for choice between them. In general, Alpha’s ability to resist pheromones is stronger than Omega; the better the quality of Alpha and Omega, the stronger the ability to resist pheromone temptation.

Omega men and women have estrus, and the length is about three days. Estrus interval, female omega for one month, male omega for three months. During estrus, male omega cannot eat and excrete normally.

Population screening is a kind of pregnancy

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New QCY rated it
March 22, 2020
Status: Completed
I doubt there will be people who read this considering the effort it will take to dig this out of a whole stack of novels (figuratively), but the reason why the ratings are so low is probably because of the translation quality.

Translation Quality: On par with machine translation (maybe even worse) because towards the second half of the story I had no idea what was going on. Like, all of a sudden there was this "Taoist group" (I'm pretty sure that's not what it's supposed to be called) but yeah,... more>> it was so convoluted I don't know what to say.


Here are some samples from the text:

"So he chose Qin Chuan, a man who was supposed to not let him 'mother-in-law'."

" 'He was shaken, and the wolf, who had been a shepard dog for more than 20 years, suddenly heard the call of the population.' "

I was going to cite some more but I unfortunately can't copy and paste and have to manually type this out so I'm going to stop here.


Plot: I guess the first part of the story was ok, but then there was a TEN YEAR time-skip, which consisted of the author cheating and making the characters more "mature". I felt like the world building was actually ok, there were some interesting (more original) aspects compared to other ABO novels but it got ruined because I couldn't understand what was happening. The ending was very messy; there were loose ends all over the place and was very abrupt and unsatisfying. Supposedly there are extras but translator didn't translate them.

Would I Recommend This: No. Absolutely not. Machine translation quality is reallly bad. <<less
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Aria Hime
Aria Hime rated it
February 17, 2020
Status: c90
This is my very first ABO story so I might be biased.

TLDR: 1v1 Alpha x Beta. A medium-read. A mature romantic love story with a decent progression. Downside: source material is prolly unfinished.

i have binged read this story and was left asking for more.
i don't know why there's only 5chapters here when there's 60+
Sadly, translations weren't completed and I made do with MTL.
I was hooked enough in this story to even search for the source material. I don't know but seems like the author dropped... more>> and didn't commit to finish the story sadly. That or I didn't search enough.

Story: (spoilers ahead)

An Alpha x Beta love story.

Both were secretly in love with one another unknown to both parties at first. The first part of the story revolves around their High School days where their secret crush for each blossomed to a passionate and youthful relationship but then ultimately failed because of family issues and vastly different social statuses. There're also internal misunderstanding (i'd say an immature/youthful misunderstanding) between the two that ultimately lead to their silent separation

fast forward, 10 years+ later, they accidentally met again and reconnected. At this time having been independent matured adults, they were strong enough to stand against their family and social statuses, hence started afresh their unfinished romance during high school. It's all fluff from then on, until... dun dun dun... our Beta boy's origins and the whole conspiracy behind it crept up and slowly came to light.

The MTL finished around here.

aside from the love story element, there's also a bit of gender political activism involved. Population issue, gender equality issues and ABO biology (no-logic-found) stuff.

A medium-read, not too light but also no overly heavy plot/scheming.

The love story progression and character development are surprisingly decent, I was not expecting anything when I read this so I was quite surprised.
Plot is not just abt sex. Love story was fluff and romantic.
The political atmosphere was also well built.

downside really is that the story is prolly unfinished and the made-up biology stuff. At least for me, ABO in itself already has questionable biology, it's easier to digest if focus will not be on this, but this novel quite linger on biology.. it's fiction yes, but still quite hard to grasp, especially when you're making up internal body parts.

that's it <<less
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