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Fang Huaining – The ace of Uni A’s Computer Science, beautiful, intelligent, self-disciplined, aloof, an expert in programming theory, and has many admirers.
Li Ting – The class-cutter of Jiuliu Uni, a work maniac who swept through the twelve big streets on campus, eager to fight, unsociably eccentric, stingy, gloomy, mastered many foreign languages, and has many haters.

Classmate asks: Ace, the handsome takeout guy who’s been coming here to deliver eel rice-bowls actually did a German translation for our prof, you introduced him?
Fang Huaining: No, not familiar.

Gay friend asks: Li-zi, the bigshot from Comp Sci came over and paid for our meals, is he someone you know?
Li Ting: Who? Not familiar.

Li Ting: Why do you always take the bus all the way to the suburbs to steal the vegetables I grow? Am I familiar with you?
Fang Huaining: Then why do you always change your IP address to stalk my personal website? Am I also familiar with you?

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Shortk rated it
March 10, 2022
Status: Completed
If you like romance and good writing, you have found the right modern bl novel for the job.

Set in a college setting. It has a weirdly cute romance with MC who is mysterious, capable, independent, yet surprisingly compassionate. The ML is smart but so is the MC in his own right. The romance is neither slow nor love at first sight, but moves at a pace that makes you root for it. The depth of the romantic story was also unexpected in a good way.

The best part about this fluffy... more>> cute romance is how well written it is. The mystery is based on how little we know about the MC. We (the readers) are discovering the MC as the ML discovers and unearths the mysteries surrounding this paradox of a boy. It is not merely thrown at us like a word dump exposition in the beginning of the MC's background. But it is a discovery hidden between lies, stories, and half-truths that will become explained over the period of the novel.

Discover this lovely romance for yourself. I think not spoiling yourself would be best.

I will say that whenever people warn homosexuals to "be realistic", they realize this reality is what they created right? There would be no need to warn be realistic about being gay if the reality was loving towards gays. They do realize they can contribute to making it that reality right instead of meaningless warning gay peor as if this "reality" has nothing to do with them and they cant do anything to help change it...

*mic drop* <<less
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Rida rated it
January 30, 2022
Status: Completed
Overall, a nice, heartwarming story. However, there are some things that are not explained. Or maybe I missed them because I MTL'ed it.


For example, the guy the MC killed? Almost killed? And the reason for it.


The story is also easily forgettable. I forgot that I read it and I finished reading it only a couple of days ago. I decided to leave a review to remind myself in the future that I have, indeed, read it.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Witchgap rated it
January 22, 2023
Status: c18
I’ve been following this story and was really sad when it was drop by the first translator. I’m so glad someone continue translating it! This story really motivates me to do better in life haha the MC is so resilient and admirable. I just can’t wait to see the progress on how they will fall in love since MC is money minded and doesn’t seem to be interested in other things other than making money 😂

Totally worth reading. Give it a shot. You won’t regret.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DynerisCyrus rated it
January 12, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a sweet story, the MC is kinda closed off at the beginning, and the ML is as well, but then they slowly pique each other's interests, and get closer. The MC has a one-track mind, how to make money? How to invest it to make more money? And he can spew bullsh*t with a perfectly straight face. A very unrelated spoiler below, doesn't affect the story reading experience:

... more>>

He bought two second hand computers that worked perfectly fine and were going to be sold anyway, BUT, he scammed his way into the sellers actually GIVING HIM MONEY!! And they also gave him the computers, for free!! They even paid him to buy their stuff. Which, by the way, he sold and made a profit off of.


But yeah, it's pretty interesting, give it a try. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
yoonieminnie rated it
October 7, 2023
Status: Completed
This is one of the healthiest relationships I've read in a long time! The MC and ML are extraordinary in their own rights and they were so cute together hahaha. It's really hilarious and it was amusing to see how they silently try to see and help each other in their own ways (Li Ting borrowing the books Fang Huaining wanted, Fang Huaining making up excuses to give Li Ting better food). Honestly, it's one of the best reads of danmei I've had in a long time.


Li Ting is... more>> a very overpowered character: he's good at business, he's good at academics, he's good at cooking, etc. But his backstory justifies it, especially when you take into consideration how early he had to become independent.


Li Ting's mother came from a wealthy family and was adored by everyone but when they lost that wealth, all that adoration and people left her. Li Ting's mother fell in love with Li Ting's father (Li Eryang?) when she was at her lowest. But it turns out his father is a scumbag because he actually had a lover (who he promised LT's mom that he already broke up with) who became pregnant a few years (?) after LT was born. Of course, LT's mom was distraught and became well... mentally unstable. LT's grandmother (or was it grandfather?) took them in and took care of LT's mom so LT was left alone most of the time.

LT's grandparent died and LT's mom was dying. She was worried that LT will be alone and will be sent to the orphanage so she sent him to the scumbag dad. In order to do so, she had to give up all her wealth to that family and only managed to keep the land that LT cultivates his vegetables on. After that, LT was sent there and based on his letters to Fang Huaining, he was miserable and didn't feel that he fit in. Considering his stepmother and his father indirectly caused the fall of his grandparent and mother, I can definitely see why he would be uncomfortable. And considering how these two adults + his younger stepbrother treat him and act around him, they definitely weren't welcoming.

So although LT left home because of the incident at school, I can definitely see how his environment forced him to grow up and become more mature. Li Han (his younger stepbrother) seems to feel inferior to him and LT is quite the sharp person so he probably noticed it as well. His stepmother seems to be doting on him but she underhandedly belittles him. His father is a scumbag who cares more about his reputation and his selfishness so I can definitely see why he would leave and want to be independent.

From there he became jaded and did every part-time job he could have. Plus, Dian Ting (his uh, only bestie) is shown to be quite the clumsy one so I can definitely see LT taking the responsibility to care for both of them.


He's firm on his beliefs and his ways which I really, really admire. I love that while he does compromise, the traits that effectively make Li Ting as Li Ting are still there even in the end. It's one of the things that made me love this danmei because it's so realistic in that aspect. And this touch of realism makes him a more dimensional character, in my opinion.


Fang Huaning is definitely one of the best gongs out there. Sure, there was the whole


privacy thing with the app


but honestly compared to the others? Bro is a great green flag. FH took care of LT whenever he could and backs off when LT makes his opinions known about these attempts. I love that he didn't lose his passion for his degree because how he was reminded about it was so realistic that I jumped for joy because yes! While love is definitely amazing, passions and interests only related to oneself is necessary for a happy life too~!

I also liked the


"they knew each other before" trope because it does explain why LT seems so interested in FH but honestly, I kind of wish they didn't know each other so it would be a breath of fresh air. But I can see how it would make sense with how people say "fate" all the time in the novel lol.


And the one thing that I deeply loveed about this is that there's no overpowered CEO or domineering marshall but it's so eye-catching. Sure, I love those tropes but sometimes I really would just like a normal, "I can definitely see this type of couple in the real world" love story. There was the realism with their busy schedules and how it can interfere with their lovey-doveyness, their hesitance and considerations while chasing the other person (especially when they're not the conventional straight couple that is commonly accepted), and how they slowly took the step to enter a romantic relationship. The clumsy indirect attempts at meeting the other person, the not-so-obvious longing... You can definitely feel that it's their first relationship lol. It's like falling in love for the first time but none of that s*upid misunderstandings trope (though there are some in this novel but it's funny so I'll endorse it) that makes you want to pull out your hair.

I MTL'd the rest because I was too impatient and there is definitely some information I definitely did not get lol. But overall, it was an easy read so it was enjoyable. I would definitely recommend if you're the type to enjoy a light read while also enjoying a realistic, stable and mature relationship~! <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
solivagantsoul rated it
February 8, 2023
Status: Completed
its slightly funny and cute cuz of mc's antics at the beginning and later it was nice to just watch the couple fall in love without much trouble. The drama is very minimal-limited to mc's family but he's very indifferent to them so it doesn't affect him much at all.

great to read to pass the time but idk if some things were lost in mtl or maybe extras I dint manage to find (?)

anyways, its a good soft read with almost no complications about two people from each others... more>> past.

the ML is amazing and its a healthy and lovable relationship. Like someone said, its not that memorable but it was perfect for when I couldn't find anything to read. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RaiLi rated it
January 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Really sweet novel about 2 characters one is aloof & and programming expert; and the other is withdrawn, knows too much (can farm, swim, program, fight, business, and vice versa). Its so cute cause both are pretty introverted so FH is usually the one who initiates. They also has some history behind the past.

They actually know each other, LT knows but FH doesn't know. Fortunately he eventually remembers~~


Anyways, it seems like the reviewer below is confused by the mtl around the LT's criminal record situation which im gonna explain here:


What happened was that during LT's junior year, some guy was causing trouble to LT continuously for a month. LT couldn't handle it anymore so in the school's anniversary where there's lots of reporters, sponsors and big figures; LT beat the sh*t out of the guy to the point of concussion. Plus the guy's family was rich so LT was sued.


Anyways super cuutee~~ there isnt much drama going on and its mostly slice of life so some people might not like it. Also I love seeing LT warming up each chapter~~ (ノ´ з `) ノ
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Holly_is_a_whore rated it
June 10, 2023
Status: --
This is my first time writing a review (probably because I just made an account on NU), but anyway, it's a sweet text but not too sweet because the fluff is subtle, which is just how I like it. And thank you translator for picking this up!
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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