Nine Sun God King


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Qin Yun, fallen crown prince of Qin Empire. Inherits the martial legacy of nine sun world. The superb martial legacy in his arsenal, insane inscription techniques in his fingertips, surrounded by enemies and beauties abound. But Qin Yun is not satisfied, he wants to go beyond the nine suns into the great astral infinity, to become a GOD.

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White Dragon
New White Dragon
June 2, 2020
Status: c943
This is absolutely disappointing. Sigh. It has all the cliche problems and new ones that make it worser. The MCs character is flawed and so is the plot.

Everyone in this novel is dumber then all other characters in novels that I read.
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HarutoraRyu rated it
February 12, 2019
Status: c500
I am the one doing crappy translation of it, I am using machine translation and other online chinese dictionary sites to do the translations. so the translation is not professional and have some discrepancies, I hope for readers understanding. please point out my mistakes so that I can get better.

tldr, this is an average story, straight forward in many cases, if you like some honest head bashing and MC being bad ass or dual cultivation that is not just outright "sextivation" or a crafter MC you will like it. if... more>> you want some deep nonsense about fake dao or some other nonsense where MC finds some million year old dao source but can't break through even one level, then this is not the one for you.

As for the novel itself, it is the typical wuxia novels you read, moronic young masters taunting MC and getting their ass kicked. high and mighty people plotting against MC and then getting killed. MC finding rarest opportunity that nobody gets but still can not breakthrough because of some s*upid reasoning while his enemies keep getting stronger and stronger and somehow MC is saved because some weird thing happens. not killing an enemy when MC has the chance and let them go around messing up mc's life and almost putting MC to death.. etc.. etc... you read them all.

But what I like about this, is that I have read up to 500 chapters in mtl and still there is no situation where MC has s*x because of aphrodisiac.

Dual cultivation are not just about sex, in fact dual cultivation system that requires sexual intercourse is completely a different thing. it is currently the only novel that I am reading where dual cultivation is detailed as to how qi circulates through two bodies and other stuff. they can even learn a skill together through dual cultivation according to the current one MC is practicing.

Romance is a long winded road, even though MC has a "wife' but actual romance between them is not all flashed out yet and it is still a work in progress. even though many girls are flirting with MC and MC is flirting back because he is a great inscription master, romance is very strict and stagnant here. wait for more chapters before it actually pans out.

MC is an inscription master. inscription is related to crafting all kind of weapons, armors, medicines, talismans and MC slowly becomes master of it. I like the fact that he can craft what he wants for the situation instead of going around through those nonsensical auctions which starts some nonsensical robbery and such.

Overall, this is good for light reading, this doesn't provide some heavy meaningful fake dao enlightenment but it does it's job well in other aspect. give it a read and see for yourself. <<less
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Moongod rated it
February 12, 2019
Status: c80

Personally, I think it's a waste of time, the story is just an endless repetition of tournaments for a prize to deepen his cultivation. He also always wins, even if his opponents have higher strength. I know in these novels, that it's normal for the protagonist to win, but after every tournament finishes, shortly after, a new one comes, without even a good story between the tournaments.

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kamisusano rated it
February 21, 2019
Status: c59
Nine sun god king is so bland. You can get a bit hype at first, but the novel completely go repetitive. It is not the typical type of repeat you encounter in most CN novel. It is even worse. The characters are totally programmed machines, with only the most basic emotions. Interactions between characters are totally rigid and unnartural. For me, NSGK shouldn't even be called a novel. Almost no description, and no twist at all, just something like "MC been here, done that, admire this girl (and yes, typical... more>> cold jade beauty who suddenly like the MC) and beat this oh-so-typical arrogant young master". And the cultivation philosophy is bullshit. Author is trying to make his/her own cultivation system. Yes, I really appreciate that, but describe more please, don't just be like "this energy of this level is stronger than previous level". Battles are crappy enough to make readers think it seem to be written by a guy who have never seen martial art in his whole live.

In conclusion, trust me, don't waste you time. Even if you are reading just to find inspirations, just don't. You can't find that here. <<less
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Bsreads rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: c156
I'll be honest this novel is not going to wow your socks off with originality. It has a lot of the same tried and true clichés that you see in these types of novels, the MC is tr*sh, the MC has an arranged marriage that is getting broken, arrogant young masters. The reason I like it so much is that I just can't find enough stories that use the mc's smarts not just with martial skills but with other things, in this case, formations and how they apply to talismans... more>> and weapon crafting. It is actually quite an interesting read and although its not the most original story it is pretty great if you are looking for something to read. <<less
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Uno rated it
April 13, 2019
Status: --
Even with so many bad reviews I thought I still should give it a try, welp not to my surprise, it is as what the low star (s) reviews said.

... more>>

In the first chapter itself, I find it utterly ridiculous.

MC is/was the crown prince, just from one s*upid accusation he got defamed and his title denounced. The chapter literally or briefly said he has been framed, no plots, no story, no details on how it was carried, just like that the king/emperor of a great dynasty/empire pressured by his court officials to dethrone/demote his crown prince. Oddly, the supposed to be king, the one above all, on top of the pyramid, the highest authority succumbed to their claim. Seriously, nothing about investigations mentioned or done, just like that the prince is fallen. And not to mention, the prince didn't fight back?? Seriously?? MC got no vassal (s) / backer (s) / supporter (s) / faction or what so ever a Crown Prince should have for protection?? How awful can it get in the further chapters since the opening of the story itself is undoubtedly nonsense.

Yes, to make it worse, the officials didn't just end by framing the so called genius MC and knock him out of his Crown position, they even literally cripples him by taking/destroying 4 out of 5 of his spiritual veins. And yes to that as well, the king didn't appear to bother about it as he is not mentioned in this part. Really? A genius prince and the king didn't give a damm or at least try to care? His genius son/prince crippled by his officials. That is his lineage we're talking about here. What syithead king does this empire has? Or perhaps the king himself wanted the crown prince to be out the picture?? Guess I have to read more (unfortunately) to find out as nothing of this particular is mentioned in the 1st chapter.

And another yes, to make it even more worst, obviously with just one spiritual vein, no chance or very hard to cultivate and advance his stage, he is ordered by the king to join the army defending the border, as to keep him would be wasting resources. By how big of the matter/situation managed by the officials, the darn king should have known what took place and things happening to MC. Should I say the king is one big dumb ass syithead or maybe he just doesn't favor MC from the beginning. If so he does not favor MC, why the hell he's the crown prince in the first place?


Anyway, I tried my best to enjoy reading this novel, but the first chapter itself is already suffocating and drowning me. Anyhow, I'm gonna painstakingly continue reading a few more chapters. I might change my star rate or my review a bit, but if I don't... Then it is as bad as I think it is. Good luck to others who wants to give this story a go. <<less
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toto rated it
April 2, 2019
Status: c783
This is quite a cookie cutter series, so if you enjoy this kind of content, go ahead, the translation is quite decent and it releases fast.

But as other reviews point out, it is quite bland. The plot gets old very fast, every single "life and death duel" with the MC ends with the other party objecting to the kill, every tournament (and there are a lot of tournaments appearing out of nowhere) rule is bent so that the MC loses because tons of people hate the MC for no reason,... more>> and of course he wins every time. I mean that seriously.


At the final stage of a martial competition, they add a rule "you can use weapons but only the ones we provide, there is only one, it is a very high level weapon that will belong to the first one to grab it, and MC cannot use his most useful power to grab it". And of course through an obvious underhanded trick force they force him to agree to a life and death duel, then when he wins and goes for the kill, they refuse.


At any given time (except in the last few chapters for me) there is an antagonist that hates the MC because antagonists are evil. More than 300 chapters in and the MC hasn't even used half of his already available plot armors, because they keep on coming anyway.

Update: More than 700 chapters in, quality is steadily dropping every chapter, the author clearly does not give a sh*t (and I have to commend the translator for removing useless filler reactions, even if there is still a lot left), plot devices are the worst, antagonists are the worst, logic does not exist. <<less
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luckyboy rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: c335
Our MC is a typical loser who got lucky n found a second chance. He's surrounded by haters, but don't know how to stay low. The most irritating part was no matter how much of a talent he is, he seems to be never appreciated (if someone do appreciate, they can't help him when he is in a fix as villains pressure them not to. He has a powerful DAD, but never there when needed) Finally when he has enough power to make a move, his opponents always use typical... more>> evil ways to threaten him & our MC just have to walk like a good boy to the trap (which happen repeatedly). The dude just doesn't know how to use his brains and has no awareness about his enemies. He gets beaten down to sh*t and manages to survive only because his last-second lucky break (which also happen repeatedly)
Maybe it's just me, the MC's persona irritates me so much (I only read up to 335, so have no idea if ahead has any changes) especially since I was quite interested in this. <<less
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double8 rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c145
Till now its a lot of fun. Translator has promised 37/week. Super sceptical of this. I can see many ppl being put off by the translation quality. Its machine translation. And there are no consistency in terms. I am just reading it for passing time, since I am reading it for free as well, I am ok with the translations.
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December 9, 2019
Status: --
I can't believe it. The author is World-Defying Dan God's author,

That novel has ups and downs, good and bad and lots of funs,

But this one, till I read is to denounce MC untill he shows his power, his family, his kingdom, his sect, the guy he tried to help in a mission, everyone looks him like tr*sh, his martial spirit is black, so he is evil, die..... And someone will say no its part of good... Some chapters later, he can extract soul, he is evil, die..... And... more>> someone will come, , no its a professional job and blah blah blah..

Do you ever seen a competition, that others can hurt you (or) kill you, but you can't.. F*cking annoying. And villian guy will be standing opposite and says fooking things about mc's wife and mc's mother.

I really disappointed, this is from WDDG author. <<less
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salam rated it
February 13, 2019
Status: c55
Storywise, so far, the novel is a solid 4, in my opinion. But the translation quality could use a bit of improvement, so half a star deducted there. And because there's no half stars in the rating system, I decided to round up. So, there.
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leadkingupstart rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: c560
Biggest disappointment in a long time. I started reading this as a pastime between novels but this is just absolutely bad. It feels like the author put all his favorite wuxia stereotypes and mixed them together and got this mess. Although there’s good ideas in the novel but the execution is terrible, a new plot hole is revealed literally every other chapter, no logic at all, and it’s repetitive. The character development isn’t there at all, for any character including the mc- basically every characters iq is below a 13... more>> year olds. The MC only ever fights in tournaments, which just happen to pop in whenever he needs them. Like a whole group of people can try to kill him and he has the ability to crush him/them with a punch but waits 6 months for a random tournament. Like wow the MC is super op but still almost loses every battle. If you’re into a cool fierce MC then dont even bother. This novel is just a mishmash of wuxia stereotypes with more plotholes than chapters. <<less
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July 8, 2019
Status: c652
LOL 3K long novel and kids here are saying this is piece of sh*t cuz they read upto how many? 50 chap? LOL NovelUpdates review never fails to make you laugh.

This is a good light novel without so many bullshit; Every thing is kinda given a detailed explaination and no super boost. And the main plot is actually hell lota intresting and different than your regular get super ridiculous strong plotline. MC does not have to run till the worlds end and MC gets revenge in awesome and shot time.... more>> Not like you run across 3 cities or countries so the guys chasing you forgets about it. No such bullshit. This is a good novel and the translator is doing hell a good job translating MTL close to HTL

Oh yeah here females are shown they dont have a value but they are KickAss character and holds their grounds much better than those MC who runs across 3 countries.

But the repetitive is true. This novel is filled with sect. So they will have different type of competition, But the author has chose the same annoying dialogue from the first compitittion to end.

"He cheated!!!!"

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Saurarra rated it
February 12, 2019
Status: c5
The series is awesome so far even though I just began reading novels I actually like this it’s similar to stuff I read before. I hope it doesn’t get worse in the future and love the translation speed but it might be hard to keep up with that speed
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Masterix rated it
March 6, 2020
Status: --
A big disappointment...

I'm already in chapter 540, but I didn't see a chapter or a scene that he dominates everything....

he's always getting oppressed that even though his and that enemy's cultivation level are the same, he's still getting beaten up because of something like poison will appear or hidden weapons, and then some elders will appear then they gonna beat him and he's going to escape and getting his revenge then getting beaten up again and again.

... more>> What a s*upid author...

And here I am expecting something good because of the title Nine Sun God King, this domineering title yet he's a weakling piece of sh*t. <<less
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agila0212 rated it
August 9, 2019
Status: c708
Typical xianxia novel and that is what I like about it. The first hundred chapters badly need to be edited. I especially like the crafting aspect of this novel and so far one of my favorites parts. Because of this novel I now prefer crafting over alchemy seeing as how versatile the occupation could be. The aspect that made me love this novel the most is the competitions, there are so much competitions. I love that part in every novels I read because we all know that MC will do... more>> something awesome at this time :D Keep up the great work translator/s. <<less
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Rheinstahl rated it
August 5, 2019
Status: c702
The translation suffers somewhat under being a mtl. That said, this is one of the best cultivation novels out there in terms of a mature and intelligent/ laid back attitude of the MC, no tween jokes or anything. A nice read if you want to take a bit of distance from overly pretentious cultivation novels. Solid 5/5.
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thachin rated it
May 31, 2019
Status: c1950
The first chapter make so many ppl drop this but...

... more>>

It has an explaination (what why how). make u guys feel like "oh ok, its accepable"


The story aways go on with compition one after another. if complete like another xianxia novel this MC is really Op but usually complete by bare hand tow with some means and cheats on MC.


the most part that I dont like is Stuck in the space when come out time pass by decade From the forefront cultivation bounce to the backward[Yeah he's still strong] but its really annoys and happens again again (-. -)



When his group is one of the strongest in Fairy land, They ran around and found out that have a very strong ancient clan seal here.

His woman (have memory of past life) : lets unseal them.

MC: Friend or Foe?

His woman: I dont know.


Turn out to be very hard foe hahahahahahahahaha

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DicerX rated it
May 30, 2019
Status: c512
An extremely generic novel, MC is used and abused. He strikes it rich with OP item that makes him cultivate faster... Etc. Romance is meh, were I to liken it to something then it'd be back when I was in grade school, where you liked this girl, and she loved you as well, but then you guys just kept it platonic. Childish, to say the least.

The plot in itself is also generic, and world building is not worth mentioning, the author does, however, take notes from novels like The Avalon... more>> of Five Elements- Where the setup is quite similar to the one in this novel, but I wouldn't call it plagiarism but that's all to it tbh.

Wouldn't bother with this novel, and I genuinely wouldn't read further just waiting for the author to patch up this sinking ship. <<less
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Hungshue rated it
October 21, 2019
Status: --
How can I book mark this?

I think this one is guilty pleasure,

Story isn't great, but I kind of like it, most time didn't make sense, so character similar to new character, most enemy similar

... more>> for a good point (?) of this series is old character alway catch up to MC some how, and world build, past life is kind of interesting

Still I wish writer should took note what he write though, cause some time he wrote conflict with older chapter

Ex: No one with black spirit ever pass Dao 2, but after MC pass later we see many enemy black spirit over Dao 2 <<less
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mmsupreme rated it
September 11, 2019
Status: --
Sure it is mediocre but after a certain amount of time you learn to appreciate it. The best part I've read so far is the MC being banned from a domain because he might kill their disciples wholesale so he just breaks in and does it anyway. Dont attempt to even bother understanding monetary value since it has no purpose except for whether the MC going to be broke soon. It's a kinda dumb novel that you learn to like and once you out it down you won't pick it... more>> up but still. <<less
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