Nine Heavenly Star Art


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This is a world where humans, demons and mysterious beasts coexist. Humans cultivate mysterious qi. Demons cultivate corporeal bodies. Mysterious beasts cultivate soul perception. A legend says that in the middle of an endless rainforest, there are extremely powerful existences; they are called demon kings. Some demon kings have a tyrannical corporeal body, some are experts in illusions. Some demon kings are proficient in magic, some can even move mountains. Some demon kings are able to sense things thousands of miles away. These demon kings rarely appear in the human world. Even if they emerge in the human world, they would reincarnate in human form; assimilating with mankind while seeking to breakthrough realms…….

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Nine Astra Skies
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qull rated it
March 14, 2020
Status: c120
Uninteresting plot, even worse than TDG in term of motivation and plot driven devices. The MC is crippled for 3 years and unexpectedly gain super plot armor back. That's how the story begins. What's worse is there are no overarching goal like TDG (try to change the tragic future, etc). This is just an MC who cultivates for sake of cultivation novel. Along the way, he'd help solve his family/friends problem here and there, but that's about it.

The plot writing is also too messy. There are too many things happening... more>> at the same time, and most are quickly skipped over. This is a very badly written.

I gives this 2/5 since, although the plot and writing is bad, but the MC is at least leveled head (in comparison with other novel), so that's the only plus I give to this novel. <<less
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FivePilots rated it
January 31, 2020
Status: c40
Dammmm, here we go again. Must say I'm scared but also excited as hell for Mad Snail's new novel. We all now that Mad Snail is a great author, but the downside is that he is capable of discontinuing (almost, like 1 chapter a month) great novels. It doesn't matter to me if this novel will continue and I will always be hopeful.

Lets goo Nine Heavenly Star Art!


EDIT: I do think that TDG had a better start than this novel, but I still would like to see where it goes.

(*) = edited
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April 1, 2020
Status: --
Having read to chapter 140...

The start was really generic. I was considering dropping it despite it being by the writer of Tales of Demons and Gods, which was one of my favorites.

Anyway, despite my initial bad impression, and despite the fact that the MC seems to grow way too easily (a bit like TDG, but without the reincarnator coolness)... Yes, despite such things, I'm hooked. And I want more.

It's definitely enjoyable enough after a while, and I do want to see what happens next. The chapters aren't coming out fast... more>> enough! <<less
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Dezth rated it
January 31, 2020
Status: c20
it has Strikingly similar early set -up as BTTH -

turned to tr*sh from genius.

three years of suffering from clansmen

beauty with mysterious background who is good to MC

what I mean to say, those 3 points I said should not be a reason to drop this novel because MC's advantage (cheat) is different then BTTH, world set up is also very different... and most of all it's work of mad snail and it is finished in RAW so we can expect a good translated story.
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