Necromancer Academy’s Genius Summoner


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After the ‘100-Year War’ between the Necromancers and Priests, an all-time genius who’ll shake the power structure was born.

“Am I a rare case or something? Do I have talent?”

A potential beyond all imagination.
He obtained his father’s undead army and entered the great Necromancer school of Kizen that divided the continent.

Geniuses are geniuses, even when gathered among the elites.
The research community was flipped on its head by the appearance of a new case.
Professors wouldn’t leave him be alone, wanting to make him study directly under them.
Officials from all over the kingdom and heads of organizations fidgeted over whether to scout him.

“Professor! When can I make a Lich?”
“Gimme a break. How talented are you? You’re crossing the line, honestly.”

A genius among geniuses had appeared.

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Necromancer Academy and the Genius Summoner
네크로맨서 학교의 소환천재
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8 Reviews

New ZichMoore
Nov 05, 2023
Status: c194
This is gold. Academy type of novel but plot is interesting and a bit unpredictable. Though it contains tropes it is not overused to the point that it is annoying. The MC also has a normal personality but works hard and is dedicated to what he wants. I think this has romance but not its focus so if you like romance as a subplot it is for you. Anyway, if you want fantasy academy with romance or harem as subplot this is for you. For some other people they may... more>> be generic but for me compared to other novel I think this has its own charm and quirks. Thanks to translator for translating this gem. <<less
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Jun 13, 2022
Status: c30
Average 'battle academy' novel with quite a few demerits.

Nothing particularly noteworthy, but still readable.

The main problems are its ridiculous starting setting and the fact that there is no promising future in sight, or even anything worth anticipating in this novel.

... more>> Basic setting:

Absolute hillbilly MC with zero knowledge about magic was accepted into the best mage academy in the world through backdoor with the identity of #1 admission student (i.e the best/most promising student of the batch).

Just this cliche setting will help you understand the plot of the first half of this novel.

What makes no sense is that MC isn't an orphan, moreover his parents are some big shots, but for no real reason they didn't teach him anything at all.

Probably so that we will be able to 'enjoy' reading about hillbilly mc's misadventures at the start of the academy life full of knowledgeable magic geniuses.

It's totally impossible to skip all this weak-to-strong bottom tier - top tier student journey nonsense after all.

Also, his totally useless identity as the #1 admission student that gives zero benefits, but ample opportunities to be humiliated and provoked by some tr*shy villains, only to rise higher and slap faces is only here as an excuse for author to introduce standard commonplace troupes into the story. And it's annoying.

The questions like 'why the fck his ret*rded parents didn't teach him anything basic even though they knew that he will go into this academy in the future' or 'what's the point of making him the center of everyone's attention with this useless identity even was?' kept bugging me while I was reading all the cliche scenes that I've seen countless times before.

In the end I will also repeat again that this novel contains no mysteries or any unusual developments (at least I haven't seen any in the first 30 chapters), so it's hard to say that it will be better in the future.

If author don't introduce anything too atrocious in the future then its quality will likely steadily remain the same as standard cliche read. <<less
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Jun 10, 2023
Status: c127
Summary: This is the story of how a genius necromancer with a limitless future continuously makes the worst possible decisions and gets stronger and stronger as everything he gets involved with gets messed up, dragging his friends into the mess, all for his dream of completing the bestest collection of pokemon undead.

The reason the protagonist doesn't know the slightest about magic but is still called the top student is, quite frankly, the dumbest protagonist backstory I've seen. Once you get past that, you get to enjoy his adventures getting used... more>> to life at Necromancy Hogwarts Kizen with his harem friends. After that, he starts on his journey to catch 'em all and be the very best. All the while, he makes certain to only piss off the most powerful people he meets, because everyone knows the only thing better than making enemies with nobility is making enemies with nobility who know black magic.

But hey, the writing is decent and as long as you have selective memory loss the setting is nice. It's a decent time-waster to scratch your necromancer academy itch. <<less
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 11, 2022
Status: c78
The novel might not be a masterpiece as of now, but I really enjoy it, the characters interactions are fun and good, the plot is interesting with a pinch of mystery, I love the different powers that exists such blood control, mana system, summoning and more, are all well detailed. The actions scenes are well written, MC isn't op (I would call him talented that's for sure) and uses his brain and skills to win his fights. This novel has a rating of 9.9 on kakao and is the most... more>> popular necromancer novel there, so definitely can look forward to its future. <<less
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Sep 16, 2022
Status: c84
I agree as the other review said: MC is humble and works hard to improve his skills. Not overpowered.

His companions have good personalities.

At ch70 or so, when they go to the survival island test you can note that he starts making-up for his shortcomings.

As of right now, ch84, no major plot so far, only school life.
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Jun 11, 2022
Status: c45
This is a great series- I would definitely recommend it to others. A well-developed fantasy with good characters, intriguing worldbuilding and plot. If you like fantasy, you've got it. If you like romance-harem, you got that but you'll also enjoy the fantasy- trust me on this one. It's not a 5/5 for me, but I know it will be for many others.

I was expecting a super-mega power fantasy when I went in and though the protagonist is indeed a genius, he is humble and works hard (though I did dislike... more>> how he learnt everything so quickly while others struggled). But mainly, he's just a plain good person so it makes it hard to hate him.

The other main characters seem very believable, just like our protagonist, they don't act like weird fake caricatures, but just people, though they do embody certain stereotypes, and I don't hate that. All the girls are great and I can see the harem developing, and though it hasn't happened yet, just having these really good characters is enough for me. The side characters are all given some depth, the professors competing for protag makes sense and was pretty good.

The world is honestly my main pulling point (which I didn't expect, really read it for the fantasy romance) but I'm constantly left wondering who our protag's parents are, how this world came to be, and I can tell that this world is super massive and large. The plot is super nice, progressive and builds upon previous arcs. I can't really say much else than- it's good, read it. <<less
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Oct 23, 2022
Status: c12
Didn't go far for sure, but I just couldn't anymore, it's just sadly unimaginative and boring, for short, it's Harry Potter at necro-school.

It's boringly slow, full of weird characters for the sole purpose of weird character gimmick, the logic of it all is just non-sensical and as much as it try to be original, it just isn't, it's all the usual tropes with a weird coat of peint.

I guess it can be appealing to some, just not for me.
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Oct 27, 2023
Status: c12
I genuinely cannot understand why this novel is being translated. The premise is not great. Super talented MC with pretty important/strong parents, yet he wasn't taught a single thing beforehand, unlike literally every other student at the academy, including commoners. The MC is a special admissions student for seemingly no other reason than to be looked down upon for a lack of knowledge and then faceslap later because of his talent. The magic system isnt interesting enough to keep reading either because of how strange it is. The difference between... more>> mages and necromancers is their source of power, mana for mages and jet-black for necromancers, yet jet-black is described as being mana, so why is it different? Actual necromancy, you know, raising corpses and shit, is called summoning for some god forsaken reason. The headmaster of the academy, an incredibly feared Necromancer who destroyed a kingdom and ruled over it with the kings corpse, who is 300 years old and has a daughter, presents herself as a child, even walking around eating ice cream. Granted I've only read 12 chapters, but none of the characters that have been introduced feel interesting. I want to like this novel but theres nothing about it to like, other than having 200 translated chapters. Its a damn shame that Reaper is translating this instead of Ghost Story Club, but oh well. <<less
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