My Son is Cute and Adorable in My Second Life


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“Become the third wife of the Northern Duke.”

Elia, the illegitimate child of Viscount Arnes, was used by her family until the very end.

A duke burdened with a curse-like trust, such was his third wife. The viscount pushed Elia into that position and pocketed a hefty dowry.

So it went for 16 years. Their marriage was as cold as the freezing winds of the North. The couple, who had turned away from each other, only came together just before the collapse of the North.

“…This is the first time. Holding you like this.”

Her husband, who turned out to be affectionate and steadfast, even the child who always followed her, longed for his mother’s touch.

Elia closes her eyes in realization, too late.

And as if a gift from the gods, she goes back 16 years.

Elia resolves.
In this lifetime, she will protect her loved ones and the North.
With nothing but her own abilities!


Thud, thud, thud.

As a vivid blue light pours from her eyes, warm rain drenches the earth.

Filling the mana lost due to her step-sister’s scheme,
Elia begins to control the power to change the weather.

Starting another life in the North with enthusiasm,
she thought all that remained was to save the North and be happy with her husband and son…

“Don’t talk to me!”
“I don’t want to.”

Soft pink curls and puffed-up cheeks like cotton candy.
Her son may be cheeky… but cute?

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회귀했는데 아들이 까칠해도 귀여워
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