My Lover Isn’t Interested With The Female lead!


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Having transmigrated into the world of romance novels 18 years ago, Leticia has become a celebrity in high society.

After incessantly attending gatherings and balls every day, she finally embarked on a sweet romance with the ideal man she had dreamed of.

“I thought roses might be getting a bit dull… So, I remembered the tea leaves you mentioned before, Lady. Do you like them?”

Not the typical leading man of a romance novel, be it the tsundere Crown Prince, the stoic Duke of the Northern Territories, or the world’s most powerful dark mage. He’s just an ordinary civil servant.

Always attentive to my needs, this adorable man whose face turns red just by holding hands with me—how could he not be charming?

Even in the midst of a busy routine, he want to make time for enjoyable dates, but there are adversaries appearing to hinder this love.

“I’m sorry, Letty. The prince asked me to work overtime today…”

“No, why overtime again? You said today would be a regular working day!”

The Crown Prince who assigns overtime just because he’s exchanged greetings with the original female lead!

The female lead’s brothers who pick a fight, claiming he harbored ill intentions after exchanging a few words with the original female lead!

Get a grip, you people.

My lover isn’t interested in with the female lead!

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내 애인은 여주한테 관심 없다고요!
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