Of Course, I’ll Claim Palimony!


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I am the strong-willed Earl’s daughter, Yulias, who loves making money and loathes the thought of losing any due to my spirit of enterprise.

I knew my fiancé was a person with a bad head but I never thought that it was to that extent.

If you plan to annul our engagement, I will gladly receive the consolation money for it.

Let’s annul the engagement.

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Mochiron, Isharyouseikyuu itashimasu!
Mochiron, Isharyou Seikyuu Itashimasu!
Mochiron, Isharyōseikyū Itashimasu!
Of course, I will charge you the consolation fees!
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September 14, 2017
Status: c13
Reincarnated MC? Nope.

Otome Game characters? Nope.

How do I describe this novel... Hmm. A novel full of dubious and weird characters, Unexpected plots and scenario, and a Villainous but lovable Female MC (She's a villain in a way).

It was what people call Villainess Noble Daughter Character in a novel but The scenario was made or requested by her. Yep! its a script made by yours truly the villainess daughter! And they call it:

... more>>

The book of Prophecy which was written by the poor princes former nanny.


I don't know where do those 1 star come from as the translations were just at the early phase of the story but this novel is by no means 1 star at least 4 star would be the max as it was enjoyable.

Alas its just chapter 13 in this review so we will wait for more updates and edit this review. <<less
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18Yuki rated it
October 24, 2017
Status: c35
A Villainous noble girl story with a twist that ends up so hilariously adorable!

... more>>

Its not a reincarnation, transmigration or transmigration, rather its centered on the Book of Prophecy (a romance novel), a cute high-spec Prince who is too adorable in the face of the MC, her brother and the 'heroine', and a domineering MC with an eye on profit and is a slight tsundere.

The MC and Prince are the main pairing but there'll be countless hurdles in their way from the MC only wanting to make money and hence thinks being Queen is non-profitable, to well... actually that's the biggie so far. BUT another Prince character is introduced in the second part, the question is rival or friend? Regardless within the first or second chapters she'd gotten him to sign a trade contract for some stone fufufufu... Yulias is definitely true to her character.

The engagement with the loser fiancé being broken ends in the 'heroine' (who was actually trying to make the Book come true) collapsing after dumping the loser fiancé and being dumped by the Prince, the MC's brother and the Book's author's M son, the MC being propositioned by the King to be the Prince's wife and the MC declaring being Queen is an obstacle to making money, LOL.

20 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
YoriMei rated it
March 1, 2019
Status: c55
It has a very strong start, but quickly becomes similar to the author's previous story and also common sense of a duke's daughter. MC is a money obsessed but nice girl, who has no patience for romance! She prefers contracts and production deals.

She's a pretty solid character in the beginning, but tends to fall into "all loving saint protagonist" territory. Commoners love her, the merchants adore her, any male who could be a target is in love with her, even the king is begging for her to become his son's... more>> wife. Although the premise sounds original, it quickly becomes Cliché. The love interests are likable, especially the prince, but tend to get too stereotypical as time goes on. The people around her are similar to how the people in duke's daughter are OP. MC gets and unexplained assassin as a butler and a pirate captain as her shipping service.

Overall, it's not bad and very very similar to the two stories as stated above. They don't reinvent the wheel, but it's entertaining enough to reach for in extreme boredom. <<less
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Shadowdrop rated it
April 29, 2018
Status: c32
This was exactly the novel I wanted for a long time!

Although some situations are needlessly exaggerated, all in all it is a fun and refreshing novel.

I really like the idea of "ojou-sama" heroine who easily gets along with commoner girls and really values commoners. And the super-smart, black-bellied family. And the prince who finds the "heroine" girl annoying and has zero interest in her.

But most of all, I like the fact that she is not some reborn Japanese schoolgirl, with modern day knowledge and common sense. She was born... more>> in the same world as every other noble, had access to the same books and information as every other noble. And yet, she (and her family) achieved much more than other nobles, because they were very smart and hard-working (even though in the novel it is only said that they are very smart, they couldn't have achieved all that without a ton of hard work, and we can clearly see how hard-working Yulias is) . Despite having fairly low noble status, they were very rich and no smart person would pick a fight with them. <<less
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Reandayo rated it
May 27, 2018
Status: c35
THE BEST AND REFRESHING STORY I HAVE READ FOR THIS MONTH! (if you didn't count the BL novel I've been reading)

*cough* anyways

I found this book by randomly clicking onto a recently updated page on NU and thanks to the reviews here I am able to convince myself to read this book. ANd I aM Glad I DiD

What's good?

... more>>

No reincarnation, no transmigration, no reborn. It's just that MC stumbled upon a romance novel which turns out to be a prophecy written by the prince's wet nurse (also the prime minister's wife cmiiw and currently the workaholic MC's employee).

The MC herself is so smart, and straightforward and sassy and not silently scheming which I found pretty refreshing. Even his majesty the king admit that. Until to the point where he will find a way for her to marry his son and get into the royal family.


Reverse harem?


Imho, I think it is the best to add a reverseharem tag. Because as I read so far, there has been no progress on MC romance with any male, maybe the prince, but she also got a bunch of male admirers surrounding her.

A male character was introduced in the next arc, he found MC interesting and different, then he joined her circle of friends. I believe that is the cycle of a reverse harem.


Anyways I'm pretty much hooked by this story, it's better if you try to read it for the first 10 chapters maybe. It would be a waste if you leave this masterpiece. <<less
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LIght Novel San
LIght Novel San rated it
October 26, 2017
Status: c22
The story itself is indeed refreshing. If you want to change yer pace then it is better to read this story. The ambiance is funny and can change into a light pace. The characters' personalities are cute (well, except Lamore and Yuri...I think that was her name?)

... more>>

The story is not transmigration or reincarnation but about the ultimate 'prophecy' that the wet nurse of the prince had written as a story that is popular to commoners. That wet nurse is an employee of our very own MC.

The MC or Yulias only likes money (she caught it because of his family also love money), she does not care or perhaps only thinks money and that is the reason why she agreed to the Proposal of the Marquis because they are below them (Earl) but in truth, they are wealthier than them and that is the reason of the engagement. The Marquis' son, Lamore... how do I type this? Yup, he has a pit on his brain. He chose an ex-commoner that has only been expose to the society and trying-hard-to-be-aristocrat (Yuri?) than a pure bred young lady that is so damn wealthy and also wise and witty (namely Yulias) In short, he chose a copper instead of a gold. He is truly an idiot because their family are already declining and he wants to annul their engagement that cost a consolation fee in return.

When Yulias doesn't need him anymore (she doesn't need him at all anyway and only need his title for exporting goods) she and his father, schemed about her marriage that whoever cheats must pay the consolation fee. Yulias befriended the Prince and helps him to getaway with the girl that tries to be the heroine of the ultimate 'prophecy'. Fortunately, Yulias is the (more or less) owner of the 'prophecy' that is why she has the knowledge when will Yuri strikes.


Anyway, Yulias is a daughter of an Earl but they are entitled as a rich aristocrat.

I loooovvveeeeee the story!!!!!

I recommend this to anyone who wants a change on his/her pace. <<less
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Sherrynity rated it
October 20, 2017
Status: c4
lol what is this? The female lead (FL) is so likeable **laughs**

Her fiancee suddenly wanted to annul her engagement, and she was like "what's this idiot thinking, seriously?" But then she realized the plot is similar to a novel she read before (which is written by someone she knows) so she decided to overturn the entire plot..... even though the said plot is just something she thought was real.

I kinda like how she acts like a straightforward fool. A refreshing FL indeed.
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aralae rated it
August 10, 2017
Status: c6
Villainous noble girl story that's not reincarnation. It's such a cute story so far and it has a good pace. Really looking forward to reading more.
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Akemilly rated it
July 24, 2019
Status: c55
(This review is based in the contents until chapter 55. After this, I'll be updating my review after reading more 10 chapters if necessary. This updates will continue until the end of the novel.)

This is certainly interesting.

At the very fist I though that novel was about a reincarnator MC but I was totally wrong. And that's precisely one motive that make it so good.

I really like the 'Villainess Noble Daughter' plot (I'm serious... I read a lot of mangas and novels like that ) but after some time... more>> you start to pray for something a little different, and this novel came to me at the right time.

With a inteligent and hardworking MC that is also funny, she is both a good girl and a little perverse (?)


I mean... you have to be at least a bit black hearted to make that diabolic plan of her that take Lemore's family to downfall with Heroine along. It's not like they didn't deserved it, I was really satisfied with their downfall. But Yulia's plan is really something. I totally agree with the Prince when he says "I don't want Yulia as a enemy" lol.


Her interaction with other characters are very funny, and her greedy totally make me sympathize with her.

The other characters are great too. The Prince is a bit different than we expect in a very good way. He is handsome and kind like all the other ones, but he also...


Is the type that sleep on the grass of the academy's garden lol.

But the real motive that makes me like him is: he thinks that Yuri (Heroine) is very troublesome and annoying at the point of making a deal with Yulia to protect him from her.


In fact, I think that Lemore and Yuri are really pitiable persons but they looked for what happened with them.


The chapter narrated by Yuri surprised me in very different ways. I mean... how can she be s*upid at that point? Did she really thought that bumping in someone all the time without having a proper conversation would make that person fall in love with her?

Truly pitiable.


By the way, the good points are the plot that's impressive, the very human and funny characters, the friendly atmosphere with commoners, the incomum way of 'predicting the future', and many other points.

The negative ones are: the exaggerating on the 'defenseless' and 'goddess' aspects of the protagonist.


We already know that Yulia is a good girl, so you don't need to make everyone orbit and idolatry her. The most of chapters narrated by others are to show how she is like a saint. Also, MC isn't s*upid and even if she doesn't like violence she would have a way to protect herself or at least the nerve to avoid suspicious persons (Yep... I'm talking about the incident with the pirate capitain)


In my opinion, characters like Michel and his mother could participate more in the story too.


I'm just saying this because Michel's mother just desappeared after the first volume and the love development of Yulia's elder brother and his Fiance is poor too. I couldn't even feel the sweetness from them.


Well the story is really good and have a lot of good points, that doesn't mean it's perfect, so keep it in mind. But I would recommend this novel for almost everybody, that's just how good it is.

P.S: My personality tastes don't include Harem or Reverse Harem, that being said, maybe some of the points I saw negatively don't look that way for you. But I hope that review were useful for you.


I'm sorry about the wrong grammar sentences in the review, it's just that English isn't my former language? <<less
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Aretheus rated it
February 14, 2019
Status: c46
The story is fine for the entire first arc. It's exactly what you'd expect from the title. The story constantly moves towards a looming event and adds tension to the events prior to it.

Our protagonist has a solid, defined personality even if it isn't particularly deep. I appreciate the consistency though.

Now, if you want a solid 4/5 story, stop reading at the end of the first arc. Pretend that they all lived happily ever after. The end.

Right from the start of the second arc, all of the proactive, spunky attitude... more>> from our protagonist evaporates and we just get this horribly written love hexagon nonsense.

There's no goal for the characters to work towards anymore. All of the fake drama has a painful lack of stakes. Not to mention that the title loses all meaning after the first arc.

It's obvious that the author never planned to write anything after the climax, and it shows. <<less
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reu rated it
November 20, 2021
Status: c78
I anciently closed the tab and erased the review so here's a tldr:

Innocent but inteligent and cute but money-grubbing villainess goes around making money, helping people, forming happy couples and pulling heart strings.

Everyone who deals with the MC ends up the better for it (except a prince who gets catfished) and even her simple minded ex-fiance and the bookworm heroine who "stole" him end up living the trad-farmlife dream with her writing books and him working a ranch to pay of their debts to the MC. In her words - in the long-run misery isn't profitable, you have to be healty, happy and wealty to keep working to fill her pockets.


Contrary to what other reviewers wrote there are plenty of cases were multiple people like the same person but there aren't any love polygons, being that every pair is solid and theres never any doubt about who going to end up with whom.

If the banter is your style and you like the MC then this novel is worth a read

The broad strokes of the 3 major arcs so far are:

1st arc is the usual btfo of the heroine + love-interest falls for the MC (ch1 to 30ish)
2nd MC finds out what love is + the surrounding kingoms and suprise catboy (from 30ish to 70ish)
3rd the road to marriage + find the secret dragon (70ish to now)

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Arha rated it
September 28, 2020
Status: c75
The first half is pretty entertaining up until the whole villainess plotline is done with. That's the part I'd give four stars. I recommend that people stop reading there because while the story continues, nothing interesting is actually happening.

The characters are just kind of bumbling around making words at each other and flirting, but there's little actual development of any sort. I guess it's here because the MC and the ML didn't really have a developed romance or something? But I also feel like they didn't need one since the... more>> whole point of Yulias' character is that that sort of relationship is of little interest to her. Not that she doesn't feel or appreciate those emotions but that they aren't a driver for her goals and behavior. And yet if part two is about ANYTHING it's about developing her feelings towards Rud or whatever when we actually already did know how she felt even if she wasn't really expressive about it. <<less
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Azure_1802 rated it
May 28, 2019
Status: --
The way this novel is written is giving me headaches. The author just assumes everyone would understand the background of the story without given any details.

... more>>

The MC does says she's an Earl's daughter, she has an older brother (no idea how older he is to her) who is friend with the prince, she has been engaged to the Marquis's son who is an idiot... blablabla

But we don't even know whether it's Medieval theme, modern time or just simply other world. There is no even a word about magic, yet she sets up a magic tool to record her fiancé's cheating. Nothing about the country she's living, there's the prince but who knows if he is the only prince or has siblings. The MC is studying at the Academy, but what the heck does she study there and for how many years? No answer. She loves money because of the influence of her family but what about the other characters?

She has relationship with the nanny of the prince and asks her to write (?) the novel to sell to the commoners to earn money. Why is that, really? She sells products such as shoes but there's only a short mentioning about it, nothing about the start, process and outcome.


There are chapters from other characters' POV, but mostly they're just summaries of the previous chapters. The author tends to repeat one thing over and over such as a certain character's head is so bad, but doesn't even care to explain how it is bad.

I have so many things I want to complaint but, well, at least this series is refreshing and have a strong, level headed female lead and no unnecessary blushing or such. <<less
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bosycatx7 rated it
March 22, 2019
Status: c55
Love the first part of the story where the funny actions of the MC toward her fiancé and the women who snatched him away was interesting. But as the second part begins, it become rather boring. The story become reverse harem based only. I know that the MC is wonderful woman, but having nothing in the story but men fall for her is so boring. And the worst even if she is airhead to word love, how she letting her guard down around men even toward a man who was... more>> about to touch her is available when she is a cleaver person.

Also, the development in characters is so lacking. The brother story is an example where in two chapters suddenly found love, made a fiancé and become possessive toward her at one scene. The other characters POV only declare how they love the MC like they live with a world with non good women only her. And the funny story vanished after finishing the first arc which is killed the enjoyment for me. <<less
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Asphyxia778 rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: --
The first arc is interesting and hilarious so I give it 3.5 stars but after it moves to the second arc it starts going downhill quickly.

MC loses most of her personality and is instead part of a useless dramatic love triangle (?) She loses her charm and that's where I dropped the novel.

Honestly not worth reading after the first arc.
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June 18, 2020
Status: c30
Dropped at ch. 30.

I'm actually really disappointed with this one. I vet every story I read by reading the comments so I was excited to start this novel. However, I really don't like the writing style. It's purely dialogue with a few actions in between, which reminds me more of a script than a novel (not to mention, even scripts let you know who is talking & to whom). But I was able to look past that with the help of the manga cause it filled the void caused... more>> by the lack of facial expressions, location descriptions, body language, etc. In the actual novel.

The thing I couldn't get past was the elementary story line and pacing. The plot is good and very interesting, but the story is very 2-D. No moments where my heart went doki-doki. No character development. No world description (legit they just pull magic out without any real explanation) And I felt super detached from all of the characters. This story had no body. It shouldnt be called a novel, but fanfic. Maybe if I were 8-10 years old, this story would interest me, but nah man. Hard pass from me! <<less
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Lynkaster rated it
August 6, 2019
Status: c55
story : 3.5/5

characters : 3.5/5

world building : 3.5/5

... more>> The setting is quite unique for once. The FL isn't a reincarnator nor a transmigrator, just a count's daughter (not a duke's one either, damn, the author must hate mainstream settings xD). She's a pretty interesting girl, charismatic, intelligent and know how to use people but she's also dense to her how charm & popularity (sigh)

The ML is typical (strangely enough, the author still stick a bit to the mainstream ha ha). I say ML but there's a whole lot of guys who fell for her and pursue her and you can feel it well because this author love to make many PoV and a lot of guys is given that chance x'D.

The start was pretty strong with a good twist that makes this novel really unique, but after the first arc, the characters pretty much became 2D, their character's traits being summarized in 2-3 points


MC : love making money, dense to the others love

prince : loves MC, can be used

brother : can kill if it's for the little sis / brocon, loves the childhood friend after seeing that she's cute all in one chapter

michael : masochist for MC, good escort


when you see a scene with these characters, you can see one of those few points being use and the scene is done.

Chapters are also pretty short, some are normal length or almost so but most of them are short. Last point would be translation I guess. It 's a mtl (machine translation) and the translator isn't very good with english but it's still understandable so it's alright I guess.

All in all, a pretty solid start but it becomes lackluster after about 20 chapters (after the novelty disappears). Even if the romance starts after that point, the novel in itself lose most of my interest too. Though, with the short chapters, I still read to the last chapter translated to end with a cute scene of our main couple, all is well xD

give it a chance if you look for some novelty in japanese FL novel. Not a strong good read but can still pick your interest. <<less
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aratacchi rated it
August 5, 2019
Status: c25
I hope there's new translator who will take this LN as new project. Or the current translator can continue their amazing job.
It really is an interesting LN! Though I feel a little bad for "the antagonist". She's just following what was written on the prophecy and use it as an opportunity to get her own happiness (oc I also know she's greedy too)
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Xu rated it
April 17, 2019
Status: c1
The writing of this story is kinda wierd, often there is no explanation behind the characters action, to the point where you might ask yourself if you skipped some chapters or something.

That's the only complaint I have though.

Overall it's a nice and cute story, the main characters are likeable, and the protagonist is pretty refreshing due to her "villainousness".

Recommended if you're looking for a light and sweet read.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
emphie012 rated it
March 10, 2019
Status: c55
I've read upto C55, and I honestly liked it, the story is similar to a certain novel.

The clear difference is that YULIAS is not reincarnated nor transferred to this alternate world.

There was an indication of a gamelike or LN/WN like plot/explanation for how she overcame her predetermined "villainess" title, coz of one of the character's abilities. For me that was clever (thumbs up Author).

There are so many stories with villains being the good guys and it's hard to think of ways to make the "supposed to be villainess" character to... more>> be loved. The way the author did that here, is acceptable, good.

Ps: YULIAS is just too cute and awesome. We would've been friends. <<less
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