I Quit Being a Noble and Became a Commoner


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Because my father was an Earl and my deceased mother had been a commoner, I was burdened with a narrow life as an illegitimate child. As a 16 year adult, I have decided to leave the aristocrat family registry and become a common citizen. I wonder if the knowledge I obtained as a member of nobility will help me in living as a commoner.

Will the common people’s wisdom bestowed upon me by my mother as well as the art of living be put to practical use?

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Kizoku Yamemasu Shomin ni Narimasu
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Haruko rated it
March 29, 2018
Status: c87
well what can I say about this novel...

I don't like it very much and only completed it because it was relatively fast story to read untill the end and I thought to give it a shot in it's entirety before judging.

First of all it has otomeish setting but no romance, most of characters are unlikable in mc's crappy reverse harem and pace is slow, it takes 20 chapters to reach prologue setting. The most likable characters are playing only minor roles in the story, wich is sad since pretty much... more>> only characters who are good for MC like the inkeeper for exaple, get so little exposure in the story.

overall this novel just left me unsatisfied, not my cup of tea. <<less
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DR_Chain rated it
September 22, 2018
Status: c87
I agree with Haruko.

For me it started of great, a little slow but I don't mind that.
But it just kinda stayed slow? Like, stuff was happening, but nothing was happening.

There's no real depth to any of the characters besides the main character.
Any new character that is introduced really only has their name and background information.
I get the nobles, because the MC wanted to stay as far away from that world as possible,
but even pretty much none of the other characters, who were commoner, ever took... more>> the spotlight in any way.
Sometimes the author would write little tid-bits from the perspective of other characters, but that was it.

For a novel called "I Quit Being a Noble and Became a Commoner",
there's really not a lot of story about the commoner part. Or at all really...
It's more like "though born into a noble household, I want to be a commoner (but stuff happens) " kind of story.
Personally I thought that after the part of the Thousand house,
I would get to read about her life as a commoner, like a "How to be a commoner" kind of story.
Or maybe that Roberto and the Prince, who saw potential in her,
would come by trying to convince Asha to come back to the ranks of nobility and work for them.
That didn't happen.
(The cover is very misleading in this sense).

Lastly, there were a lot of parts where I thought the writer would go more indepth
or explore things mentioned in previous chapters, but they didn't.
All in all, it was a nice concept, but not all that satisfying to read.
If it had been executed a little better I am sure a would have thoroughly enjoyed it.

(Side note: I think the title would make more sense if you translate it as "I'll quit being a noble and become a commoner.") <<less
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wapulos rated it
January 29, 2019
Status: c54
I dropped this. This is heavy for my head.

I can't help but fee angry for the MC'S situation. Her helplessness made my head ache. I don't want to continue reading it anymore.

This is 1 star for following reasons:

... more>> 1. Translation is done poorly

2. The title is misleading

3. Slow pace. I could have tolerated it but the plot makes me angry as I read further

4. Annoying characters. Honestly, I don't have any love for the characters. The MC is okay esp with her goals. But for the other characters esp the Prince and his men just make me want to throw up in disgust.

5. The plot. Honestly, I don't find it interesting. I was enduring reading the novel in hopes to get a gist of what the plot is.. But now, I conclude that the plot is not only uninteresting, it is bad for my head.

I regret wasting my 3 hours reading this. <<less
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newcumber rated it
September 17, 2019
Status: c79
I don't mind the slow pace. What I absolutely can't forgive is the motivation of the character. She seemed to so strongly believe in one thing - quitting being a noble - and then, with the very first obstacle, she gives up? With no reason and nothing explained?? If there was a reason to show WHY she changed her mind then I wouldn't mind. It's sh*t writing on the author's part. Translation wise, though, this story is great! Sorry translator-sama, but I hate this novel. 🤮
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Snoweee rated it
June 16, 2019
Status: Completed
I’ll give this story 4.5, I liked the start of the story, the character development, the author granted her wish to become a commoner, but hey I’m like waiting for a romance during my read and it’s kinda disappointing to finished the novel without any results in terms of romance... I want more of WayxAyesha scenes 🙃🙃🙃
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mariaflora1208 rated it
May 4, 2019
Status: c70
[Edit: I can't update the rating but it's 2stars for me]

Just like what the others said, this one is really slow paced and has little romance

... more>>

It's actually more focused on her struggles to be a commoner instead of living her life as one.


And I'll drop this one despite reading up to this chapter.


I'm at the 70th already but man the story is too slow I don't feel any progress at this point, no romance and she's still being used by those bastards, I'm afraid at what kind of ending I'll see


The cover is misleading and her "harem" is rage inducing

except for the black haired purple eyed dude

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kuraha9 rated it
March 20, 2019
Status: --
I don't mind a story where the MC doesn't get everything their way, I think it helps in a story where there is supposed to be progress.

But here it's done to the extreme, aside from a couple of things at the start, nothing goes the way the protagonist wants it to. ¿What's the point of reading a story where the charachter the author made you like loses everytime and it's too powerless to change anything?

The only way you could find that enjoyable is if you hated the protagonist or if... more>> you were a masochist.

On the other hand we have the side characters that were made with the sole purpose of making the MC and reader miserable.

Then we have the pacing of the story, where every chapter adds nothing and it's only filled with things you really can't bring yourself to care about, and by the time it feels like something could happen the chapter ends. <<less
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dytabytes rated it
February 26, 2019
Status: c77
This honestly isn't as bad as the other reviews imply. The thing is: don't read this if you're looking for for drama or adventure or a fast-paced romance.

This is a slow paced read, with little to no serious plot 70 odd chapters in, and only the smallest hint of any sort of love story... but it's comfortable and honestly I enjoyed it. There's a certain joy in reading about a good-natured MC dealing with small problems while trying to make her way towards her goals.
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democarplus rated it
June 13, 2019
Status: c87
First time doing a review and I haven't read that many novels.

The protagonist is someone with a clear goal to accomplish and, well the title of the novel is technically a massive spoiler. So I think this novel is one to enjoy the journey of the protagonist more than expecting a bombastic ending or a poorly executed one.

I have to say though at times I thought either go be a commoner and run away gurl or, for the love of god just get on with it and finish what you... more>> have to do, but I think I didn't see it for what it was and after I sat and pondered about the overall progress and pace of the story that I noticed it was just a story of a woman trying to be what she wants to be.

The translation was pretty well done and edited and I didnt notice any major mistake or contradiction. Thanks for the work Clody TL. <<less
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yeagerxd rated it
June 9, 2019
Status: c87
Phew managed to read it in one go from chapter 1 to the end in a day. Conclusion I am not quite satisfied with the ending.

In terms of the MC personal goal is achieved but if taking into the perspective of love relationships there is no end, she gain potential love relationships but the development of it just suddenly cut off, not one but all of them the relationships just simply cut off.
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carlogv rated it
June 8, 2019
Status: Completed
The novel is completed.

Is an "ok" novel to past time, you will sure love Ayesha.

I consider a short-length novel about self superation, but its kinda lacking.

Well I still liked it though

MY congrats to the staff of CloudyTranslations for finishing the translation.
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ftsnight rated it
September 27, 2019
Status: c87
Giving it a 4.5 stars

For one, this is not a romance focused story. And to be honest I'm glad about that fact. Sure the MC has a bunch of high specs character around her. But this is a story about how she doesn't want to be a noble and the road she takes to become a stronger person. A story about how a innocent girl becomes strong and finds her path.

I think the pace of the story was alright however I do wish they had more things about her life... more>> when she finally gets her wish. <<less
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eremetic rated it
March 27, 2019
Status: c82
If you're looking for a slow-burn read with lots of thought into the world-building and politics, and a relatively realistic take, then this is the story for you. I found the main character refreshing, and while certain plot points are frustrating it leads to interesting places and makes sense considering the story set-up.
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