May I Ask For One Final Thing?


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The engagement between Scarlet, a noblewoman from a ducal family and the Second Prince Kyle was suddenly annulled during the ball.

She had been falsely accused of harassing a girl called Terenezza, daughter to a baron, whom the Prince doted on heavily.

Condemned by everyone around her, forced to burden all manner of crimes, she finally decided enough was enough.

“Before I leave here, may I ask for one final thing?”

As the crowd threw their boos and jeers, and that good looking guy flung his insults──

Her palm spun like a drill and the ballroom floor was stained with blood.

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Saigo ni Hitotsu Dake Onegaishite mo Yoroshii Desu ka?
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LotusLily rated it
May 23, 2019
Status: c3
Super tired of the first prince. Why must there, in every decent female MC novel, be a male character that is better than the MC, and bullies her as well?

Worse part is, they're almost guaranteed to be the female MC's lover as well. Is every female WN writer a masochist? Or if they are male, are they a sad*st or closet egg + masochist?

Sure, the MC is interesting and refreshing, but the stupidity of the whole thing is unbearable.

When Julius first appeared, I thought I was reading a CN novel.... more>> It was that bad.

For now, I'm shelving the novel. I might come check whether the author has dropped Julius as a focus or not, but not very high hopes.

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Kimchi759 rated it
June 18, 2019
Status: c4
I had such high hopes for this series, but yet again I’ve learned my lesson. Set my hopes & standards low. Bury them in the ground so people don’t even know they’re walking over ‘em.

Female main character is extremely entertaining. She’s a “perfect oujo-sama” character. A villainess in an otome game who only follows after her fiancé bc politics. A popular, untouchable student of exemplary grades & conduct. Only she happens to have violent tendencies that result in an inner monologue that sounds rather, uh, bloodthirsty. In a comedic way,... more>> of course.

Unfortunately, the author chose to do the old & tired thing of forcing the gendered power imbalance in favor of the Male Lead. In short, it’s yet another story where the exceptional female lead has to be weaker than the male lead. And, to make it even worse, he’s an If-I-Try-I’m-a-Genius type. So when she does “win”, it’s bc he so graciously Let her.

I’m just... so tired of it. This obnoxiously upheld dynamic is so contrived & in poor taste. The male lead does not always have to be smarter/richer/stronger for fig’s sake. Just, for once, let the exceptional female protagonist be a Top Student or whatever without the male lead being secretly even better. He doesn’t have to be the worst student or the poorest/most idiotic male either — just don’t force his gender superiority! *pterodactyl screeching*

Anyway. I will say that Sangria’s translations were of a good quality. There wasn’t any fragmented grammar that interrupted the flow of the story, & the content was easy to understand as a whole. <<less
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Cilia rated it
April 14, 2019
Status: c3
i have pretty high expectations for this novel though the summary may make it look like she killed everyone in the hall but what really happened is probably what every "villainous fiance"in this sup-genre of isekai wanted to do when she herd the usual "pla plapla engagement is annulled" (no one dies I think) rather I already love this MC from chapter one she's awesome I hope she stay's the same and I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALY wanna read more totally recommend this MC is badass and cool that's enough to snatch my... more>> interest hope to see more in the future & I hope this novel keeps being this amusing <<less
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YoriMei rated it
October 29, 2019
Status: c4
With even the the raws locked, it’s impossible to MTL so what am I rating this 5 stars for? That delicious opening punch scene, it’s a pity that most of the chapters were backstory. I for one would have been pleased with nothing but a full chapter of her beating the idiotic prince and his fiancé to a pulp. I’m disappointed that she only punched both of them once...
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Emeilia rated it
July 16, 2019
Status: c4
That goes from calm to RAGE in milisecond. This is it! This is the most badass noble girl I ever read. She is so cool!!

At first she got through such painful life when she need to suck up for the prince and be his 'slave'. That prince is soo rude and spoil! Oh and so stupid too. (I kinda wish she do much worse to the prince). And later on its kinda funny when you think how her family actually worried she gonna act crazy again. Thats how badass... more>> she actually is.

I will for it to finish and hopefully the whole plot is not disappointing. I got a big hope for this one. <<less
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Nyamu rated it
May 9, 2019
Status: c3
I have read up to chapter 3, (or 4 because Mistakes and Sangria have different chapter 1 with Sangria's being more like chapter 2.) the latest translated chapter at the time I posted this review.

Its worth it just for the beatdown. No comments on what happens after, including the possible crappy romance (The MC and the possible romance partner REALLY don't suit each other imo)

4.5 stars.

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Arrange rated it
July 12, 2019
Status: c4
I must say that it got that "hey-I-am-quirky!" vide at first. And it indeed is.

I can say much about the story, but I like the villainous MC acting like a gangster as she smiles.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
duongruoi1996 rated it
July 14, 2019
Status: c4
Scarlet will be my new best ojou-sama!! Not a fragile flower who is only cry and call for someone help all the time but a mad-dog princess.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
paperweightcat rated it
July 4, 2019
Status: c4
At this time of reading I really like the premise. It is suffering a little bit from the OP MC trope. The second prince is also very obviously written in a way that makes him 2D and pretty much the worst, but the main selling point of the story right now is revenge, so I'll accept it. I will say that you should leave expectations of character development, depth, and good romance behind while reading this. The five stars are for the uniqueness of the heroine and also the translations.
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wintia_blue08 rated it
December 17, 2019
Status: c4
I've been seeing a lot of novels where the MC wracks his/her brains for solutions, and corners the true villains/those who have done them injustices. (There are also those who choose to take a passive stance, but putting that aside) I like some (or a lot) of those stories, but then, this girl, who let her fists do the talking, is so utterly refreshing I couldn't help but smile at that ballroom scene (part 1 and 2, separated by flashbacks). Sometimes, you want to keep calm, analyze the situation, and... more>> strike when the moment is right. But sometimes it's just nice to see action taking place right away, no more need for too much speech or flowery words, cunning, deceitful planning or deep thinking, just whack 'em all and darn the consequences for later! Of course, realistically, it's not the way to go; there'd be a lot of trouble, not to mention they're in a ballroom full of (no-good, pigheaded) nobles, and she actually assaulted a prince. If one were to think about it, it's even strange that no one is close enough to match her there, even, but I guess that just shows how reliant everyone else was with their statuses and the security the prince seemed to offer to them. However, putting aside reason, logic, and the aftermath, it just feels like a long break from all that supressing and suffocating facades - like drinking lemonade on a hot summer day. <<less
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Auree rated it
September 6, 2019
Status: c1
She is badass.

You don't see other noble girl MCs snap like she does.

I don't know how far the raw has gone; so far the story here has not proceeded far. But it is surprising to see her vent out her frustration through violence in merely four chapters, in which two of them are flashbacks. Our ojou-san here is really bad tempered, huh. What I expect out of this series would be the badass FL, the comedy brought about by those around her, and a small dose of romance/drama.

I am definitely... more>> looking forward to more. <<less
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