My Friend’s Harem Is Obsessed With Me


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After my death, I returned to the academy I was expelled from.

Strangely, my friend’s female friends keep flirting with me.

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친구 하렘이 나한테 집착한다
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New The_Follower rated it
July 4, 2024
Status: c119
It’s an odd series. It feels like the author didn’t really know where they wanted to go, just writing whatever arcs they felt like. Some are somewhat dark, some are tense, some are laid back and it has quite a large tonal whiplash because of that. There’s a certain lack of foundation in the world, which means little understanding of powerscales and characters feel completely different between arcs.

I’d sum my impression of this novel up by saying that the characters are enjoyable but the plot isn’t. Overall fun if you... more>> turn your brain off, but not gonna be a masterpiece for anyone. <<less
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Not Porn Folder
New Not Porn Folder rated it
June 18, 2024
Status: Completed
Fairly good.

While its nothing that special, it was a captivating read from start to finish.

I must admit at first the MC’s attitude was a bit hard to bear, but it was explained why in later chapters and develop pretty well.

The main story is already done and it had a satisfying ending, while the side stories are still on going even tho the last update had been on 2023. I must say the thing that bug me the most for this novel is an aspect in the side stories which was:

... more>>

the people seemingly don’t know that the MC was the one that saved the world even though it was such a big deal in the main story, in fact not just that the people also somehow forgot about the “first apocalypse” even tho it was such a big deal in the main story to the point the childhood friend went into hiding.


Overall a recommended read to pass the time. <<less
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Zubsero17 rated it
September 17, 2023
Status: c65
I used to like it but then it just became too generic the deeper I read. The other girls are also very annoying. And the misunderstandings are different from the misunderstandings I liked. In other words, I’m very based and you should take my review with a grain of salt
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wickedswami rated it
April 22, 2024
Status: c94
TL;DR - A regression story where the main character isn't aware of every single future event and can't just try to plan ahead for them or ab*se knowledge he has on every other character or event from the future.

General Plot:

The story isn't anything groundbreaking, but it is enjoyable. I personally don't think there are any real twists or surprises in this story so far, but it isn't so basic that you can casually see the exact plot progression for each arc. A bonus for the plot is that the MC... more>> knows almost none of the central characters from his first life, so it avoids getting stale with an MC that just already understands every character's traits and flaws and just explains them to the reader.

Regression Plot:

I'm really enjoying this one just for the fact that it gives a protagonist that is mature and knows a lot about the world from regressing, but avoids falling into a cycle of "MC has knowledge of a future event" --> "MC plans to handle future event" --> "Somehow the future MC remembers is changed and the plan has to be improvised."

In this, the MC is in a different environment than his first life and has to handle issues that come up as they happen for the most part. The only future knowledge he can prepare for are things he experienced in the forest he was living in or extremely major events that made it to him in his first life. So we get a protagonist that is confident and doesn't need simple world details explained to him, but is new to his environment and is caught off guard by most events.

Romance Plot:

Here is where this story gets bonus points from me. The main character is slightly dense early on, but not dumb when it comes to romance. He won't talk himself out of thinking a character is in love with him when it's obvious and he isn't wishy-washy when it comes to who he likes. This manages to add a harem that doesn't make me hate the MC or frustrate me solely for the fact that he straight up rejects anyone he doesn't have feelings for. So it feels less like he's indecisive and leading on a group of admirers, but more like any girl he doesn't have feelings for that still loves him is active and open about their feelings and is doing their best to win him over.

Overall, I'd recommend at least trying this one out and seeing if it's for you or not. Especially if you've read a bunch of stories of a regressor abusing future knowledge to plan for every single arc or event like I have and want a bit of a break from it while sticking to a regression story. <<less
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Trains rated it
October 9, 2023
Status: c17
The longer I read this novel the more annoying I feel everyone in the novel gets. No one thinks through anything and blatantly accuses others of crimes and misunderstandings without any sort of evidence to back up their claims. The relationships between the MC and the love interests is the worst part of the novel however. All his interactions serve to stir up greater misunderstandings without any care of the consequences of his actions. These interactions are obviously the authors way of driving the plot but its executed horribly. The... more>> general atmosphere of the novel is just plain bad as a result. Some people may like it but its just not the novel for me <<less
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Rhyzeta P
Rhyzeta P rated it
February 1, 2024
Status: c20
In the first chapter, I'm interested to read it. But after reading 20 chapters, I felt the content was a mess, accusations directed at MC that led to him being expelled from the academy were ridiculous, then characters were introduced just to hate the MC for no reason. Apart from that, the author also introduced too many characters at the beginning, making me complain endlessly asking "who is it" when a new character just appeared. Moreover, all the girls here are really annoying. The way the author directs the MC's... more>> relationship with the "fish" also bad.

The main thing is, the execution of the story is quite bad, I don't know whether it's because the author wrote it in a hurry or because of something else. I hope that the next chapters will get better. Maybe I'll continue to read after the tl releases more than 50 chapters. That's all.

(If the way I review looks bad I apologize) <<less
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gottesurteil rated it
June 13, 2024
Status: c119
Hilarious and epic. The story is really good, and I definitely agree with what some of the other reviewers have said, particularly the bit about how he's a regressor, but it's a new environment, so he doesn't have all the answers. In fact, he's got remarkably FEW answers. What he does have, is absolutely beastly combat skills and instincts and a flat out Killing Intent style field of oppression. Oh, and a yandere harem lmao. Can't forget them. At all.

In fact, they're the best part lol. While I call them... more>> a yandere harem, they're not ALL yandere, in fact it's kinda a minority. But as noted by others, they're all trying to catch his attention, and as of where I'm at (119) they're STARTING to settle. Mostly for comedy perhaps, but they have had a few incidents where like one dives at him to get headpats, and the rest are talking in the background about 'who's next in line'.

I do really appreciate all the members involved (except one, and she's legit the crazy one. As in psychopathic). The MC is forward with them that he has someone he likes (from his regression future/past). But they so rightly point out that it's one sided, so asking them to give up on him is hypocritical, because he's going to try to woo his target too lol, and so, despite being told flat out that he has someone he likes, they're not going to give up.

Offhand we have:
  • The childhood friend who's kinda a yandere, but more like has a magical curse that is trying to corrupt her.
  • The delinquent, who is brash and straightforward and totally on the attack
  • The bookworm, who was broken out of her shell
  • The brainwashed ninja, who's finally being taught what emotions are
  • The psychopathic Princess, who upon getting her ass kicked, decided that it might be better to be owned by him, and then became a masochist
  • The Elf (eroerufu!) waifu (from his 'last life'), who's weak on the defense from his constant attempts to woo her because she's an eternal maiden
  • Maybe more later? I spy a Saintess, and also a Dragon priestess that might show up more? There's also a witch, but she got expelled, not sure if she'll return.
So yeah lol, it's barrels of fun.

One thing I do want to point out though is that I do ALSO agree with some of the negative reviews, especially the ones regarding the first 20 chapters. While I personally don't mind them, his initial actions regarding his childhood friend (female) are definitely suspect - and it gets talked about and discussed WHY he does what he does.


Note that he dies (in chapter one), and the death lich is his childhood friend, who was admittedly his first love. So yes, while he might have old feelings for her, in his mind, protecting ALL LIFE ON THE CONTINENT comes first. So he takes a hard line on her, to see if it was her being driven to the brink, or if it was something else that was controlling her. The problem is that it seems really counter-intuitive in that if it WAS her own will, driving her to the brink won't f*cking help lmao.


When the truth finally comes out later on, he finds out just how close he was to screwing up everything, but it was a VERY in-character choice for him at the time. While people may not like it, I at least UNDERSTAND it (from a literary perspective, it was in character).

Anyway, the MC is great, and when he goes nuts on people it's ridiculously fun, and his harem is also equally as fun. Combat wise, I think all but one of them are also pretty beastly, and some are downright terrifyingly powerful (or just terrifying lol). In fact at one point while he goes to a Demilitarized Zone to attack a foreign nation to get some answers (lol), his harem decides to rout out a terrorist organization. Because they made him sad. (They succeed just fine lmao)

Overall, fantastic story with a REALLY nice harem and romance, great MC and great characters, and an enjoyable plot where the MC is fairly OP but not all-knowing and all-powerful. <<less
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