I Realized It Was an Academy Game After 10 Years


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10 years after possessing a deserted island castaway,

I picked up the heroine of the survival academy.

Main story complete

Sequel complete

Side story in progress

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10년 만에 아카데미물인걸 눈치챘다.
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    1 Review

    Mar 19, 2024
    Status: c10
    Whether erroneously or deliberately, the translator/owner of the website has included links to the paid version of the story. At the moment of writing, only the first 10 chapters are free to read. Please beware.

    The story itself seems quite good, as early as it may be to judge. The characters are well thought and the survival element is sufficiently functional.

    So far, thankfully, no one has made any s*upid/troupe-like choices.
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