The Man’s 101st Bad Ending


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There were women approaching me, who had decided to die.

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그 남자의 101번째 배드엔딩
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DemianTurned rated it
April 28, 2024
Status: c33
5 Stars. This novel is absolutely stunning, so far.

The MC is a character who's been through everything. Beheading, torture, betrayal, starvation, imprisonment, and even more death. And so, his wish in his earlier regressions, slowly morphed into a need for death.

You can also tell he's human. His regressions fizzled out his emotions, and he has his intense PTSD in which you don't see in regression based novels.

... more>> You can see his anguish in most chapters, and he's not a character that lets his life be dictated by others.

The beautiful writing and symbolism is also shown in the author's writing.

This novel could very well be one of the best Korean stories written if it stays true to it's path. <<less
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Dkydbsoahegkss rated it
April 30, 2024
Status: c173
Final Rating:

4/5. The character development is good and the main plot is resolved, but the ending felt rushed and unsatisfying with no epilogue chapters for the love interests. Some other minor issues are mentioned below.

Plot Summary:

... more>>

This is a revenge novel. MC is stuck in a time loop and dies 100 times in many brutal ways, ranging from torture to su*cide. The book is about his 101st life where he decides to finally stand up for himself. There are 3 main love interests but there is no definitive conclusion for them as the novel ends abruptly after defeating the final villain.




The MC was overly kind and naive during his first 100 regressions to the point where suspension of disbelief becomes difficult to maintain. This is fixed in his 101st life, but early on in his regressions his sister tortures him to death in an extremely graphic and painful way (loss of all limbs, buried alive), causing severe PTSD that haunts him up to his 101st life. How does the MC respond? By leaving her alone and not trying to kill her in response in any of the subsequent regressions up until the 101st, still believing she might be able to be changed.

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