Moonlight Ball


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This was the ordeal of the wizard, Iris Elaine! At the same moment that she was about to suffer a mysterious death by a woman who came to her, Iris became possessed by her instead.

Was I possessed by a queen? Am I a queen now?

The red-haired King Sidrain walked through the door. He strode along with a very unpleasant and irritated-looking face and growled as he grabbed Iris’ wrist. Her eyes shot open in surprise, as he’d appeared unexpectedly in the middle of the night.

“I don’t like doing this with you once a month,” he said through clenched teeth.

What does this mean? she thought, feeling panicked.

“But it’s up to you and me to produce an heir. If you behave like last month, I’ll make you suffer.”

What does that mean? 

“This is the only thing you do that’s queenly anyway.”

What on earth is he talking about? She was at a loss for words.

“Well, let’s make an heir, Your Majesty,” he said sarcastically.

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Our Ball Begins at Moonrise
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6 Reviews

Feb 03, 2022
Status: c70
This story is very strange.

Just for clarity, here's some plot stuff about the ML and the FL.

... more>>

The FL is Iris Elaine. She's an adult woman, 29 years old, but is EXTREMELY sheltered. I'm not gonna complain too much since that's very purposeful for the plot of this novel. She's an extremely talented magic user who was taken by the magic tower when she was young and kept isolated from the outside world. If it doesn't have anything to do with magic, she knows very little about it, if nothing at all; most notably her s*x education is incredibly lacking (she thinks oral s*x is enough to make babies). She's naive, trusts her teacher, Elaine, more than any one else on earth, and is scared of everything because she's gone from living a very quiet, sedentary life to the ultimate sensory overload.


Her story starts when, after a series of strange events, she ends up switching bodies with her country's hated but beautiful queen, Rosemary, and is forced into living a life with the king, Sidrain, who is the ML.


The ML is Sidrain. He's the nation's king, 35 years old, and is generally your classic aggressive, scary, and volatile ML, at least at first. His marriage to Rosemary was arranged, and they hate each other's guts more than anything. Sidrain tried to at least be amicable to Rosemary, but she made it clear she was disgusted by his touch, and if they weren't obligated to have s*x with each other, she would avoid him like the plague, most noted by her large harem of men that she'd much rather be with. Sidrain really despises Rosemary, so when Iris first switches bodies with her, he becomes enraged by the massive mess she created and even slapped her. Yikes, but I'll get into that in a second. Turns out that Sidrain is actually very much in love with Iris. He met her at the magic tower when he was a teen, and since then has been quietly thirsting for her, calling her the "Princess of the Magic Tower." He actually slapped 'Rosemary' (actually Iris) because the real Rosemary had tried to kill Iris, and that's the event that caused them to switch bodies.


Sidrain finds out that it's actually Iris in Rosemary's body surprisingly early on. I was convinced that little story tidbit was gonna go on for longer than that, but Sidrain catches on almost conveniently fast. Once he knows 'Rosemary' is actually Iris, he goes on to treat her extremely lovingly. He wants to separate her from her teacher (for understandable reasons, the teacher is SUS) and gradually get her more used to the outside world, and by extension, him too. Man is horknee af for Iris, but he's not pushing it too much, so points there.

After that, the only real frustration in that regard is Iris not knowing that he knows. But what's confusing is that she goes back and forth on this matter. Sometimes she'll think 'Oh, does he know?' only to switch back and think 'Oh, he must be in love with Rosemary, and that's why he's treating me like this', which then descends into guilt because she feels like she's tricking him.

For now, 3.5/5 stars, rounded down to 3 (because 4 seems like too much right now) feels like a fair rating for what this story is. I can't tell if it's the translation or if the novel was designed like this, but it feels like things jump around a lot. The translation is very smooth and readable, so I'll assume that's just how the novel was written. One minute they're making out in bed, and another, Iris is by herself, writing a letter to Sidrain.

It's a little hard to follow at times, but I'm interested to see where the plot's gonna go. However, the reason why this is a 3 star for now is because it doesn't feel like the overall plot is going anywhere. I feel like the last 20 chapters have just been examples of Iris' naivete. The only plot relevant thing we've gotten so far is proof that her teacher is a little suspicious and kind of unlikable, and that perhaps his 'fatherly' feelings towards Iris might just be an excuse to monopolize her and her powers. That part is an aspect that I liked about the novel since the teacher, Elaine was originally shown as being the only trustworthy person for Iris, but even she's starting to have her doubts about him. Hopefully the novel will go back around to that at some point. <<less
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Jun 15, 2021
Status: c14
Very clear translation!

The story is unique and interesting. Very excited to see how it progresses.

Our FL has her own mind and interests, so it's very interesting seeing her grow and develop in her new 'situation'.

Bear with it. It's a slow burner in some aspects, but fast in others. Can't say more without spoiling things 😅
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Feb 09, 2023
Status: c35
It isn't smut. At least not the fast-p*rn with no-plot smut. I'm only at c35 and their relationship is growing so I suppose that horn dog will finally have his dinner soon since MC's emotions are slowing shifting toward him.

Let me tell you, there have been some close calls with this King. His libido is strong and his willpower has cracked several times but has never broken. Thankfully. Otherwise, I would have dropped the novel for nonconsensual s*x. I'm not a vanilla stickler and I have my own quirks for... more>> smut, but those novels are different. With these characters, if the king had forced things MC was uncomfortable with I would be livid. But he doesn't, so that's good.

The king is an idiot (annoyingly cute as*hole dog-like meathead), he discovers his first-love's soul is now in the body of his crazy wife and goes bonkers. He has never seduced a women who didn't like him first, so he is failing to seduce her and is acting awkwardly like a teenager.

He's also fighting his inner demons that whisper, "she's already your wife, just do it with her", and "it's the queen's duty to hug the king, this is your right". Total bullsh*t and the King knows that, but just by having his first-love, whom he never thought he could be with, right next to him as his wife? The dude is losing his mind. It cracks me up how many times MC's actions kill the King's lust and he says, "You've made me a eunuch for a week".

But what can he do? MC was the Magic tower's princess, who never left the tower and hid from people, she certainly didn't learn about s*x education and didn't have a high (or any) s*x drive herself. After all, she immersed herself in magic and the only human contact she had was with her teacher who was a father-figure to her.

She only knew that absence of knowledge after hearing one of the queen's duties was producing an heir. So she went to the library to study pregnancy books... and during the next morning's breakfast "She started cutting the sausage into pieces. No, it was more like crushing. She shreds, then shreds more, and when she couldn't shred more, she began to crush" in front of the king's eyes. Then she took his plate and crushed his sausage too. Man, I loved that scene.

In the words of our queen whilst reading the pregnancy book:


What is the identity of this filthy, tasteless-looking, strange food that is neither a sausage nor a chrysalis that this woman is struggling to eat?


In the words of our king whilst MC was crushing the breakfast:


I thought he had an innocent and innocent personality, but he has an unexpected intensity. Sid Lane looked at the sacrificial sausages in place of his own g**itals and organized his words in his mind. It was a crisis. He needed to get over it well.


There was no object in his life that made him more familiar with this word than Iris. It was neither war nor dragons, but Iris Elaine was teaching him the meaning of the word overcome.

"My queen. Do you like sausage?"

the king asked affectionately.

Iris looked at him in amazement.

"Sir, I don't like it."

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Nov 24, 2021
Status: v10c53
I like how they break some clichès in this story. The plot is interesting and the ML and FL is both reasonable.
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Apr 19, 2022
Status: v86
I am enjoying this quite a bit. The novel description is not very good. Iris possesses the Queen's body, not "possessed by the Queen". And the Kind doesn't actually r*pe her, as the exchange implies.

The opening chapters are quite sad and have a lot of violence/ugly behaviour. But after that you get to the fluff and relationship building. FL is kind and naive, but gradually loved by those around her and a flower path is beginning.
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Jan 09, 2024
Status: --
It’s a story abt a h**ny prince took advantage of girl w mental disorder, don’t read it if u can’t accept it. I dropped it anyway, can’t understand why they hd to hide the fact MC n the princess swayed body after drowning. Can’t understand how so called genius mage died during princess n her knight kidnapping her, I mean u r a genius mage n the princess n her knight are just normal ppl, how?
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