Melted City


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To the end of the world.

Through a telescope, the words on the billboard could clearly be seen, even though the colors had come off quite a bit and they were upside down.

Let Main City’s sunlight awaken you every morning.

It was a real estate advertisement.

From the first time Lian Chuan passed through here, the billboard had already existed in this position for who knows how long, like it was proving that sunlight awakening you every morning was just a dreamland in the middle of collapsing.

Main City had long since not had enough space and supplies to accommodate more people.

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Melted City
Rong Cheng
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July 16, 2020
Status: c2
Hello! Personally, I find the novel interesting, it had the similar vibes of the dystopian trope from the English movies, Soylent Green and Equilibrium.

Anyways, the tls are still in the starting chapters, and is in the stages of introducing the work's background which might be seemed boring.

Lastly, until you've finished reading about 10 chapters, you shouldn't trust its ratings here on NU. It's way too biased.
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