Meg and Seron


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A spin-off of Lillia and Treize, Meg and Seron is a high school adventure/mystery/romance/comedy of sorts taking place in the rough equivalent of the 1950s. The story follows Seron, a stoic and handsome bookworm who is in love with his classmate–a sweet, oblivious transfer student named Meg.

Meg and Seron takes place at around the same time as Lillia and Treize, but knowledge of the main series is not necessary to read Meg and Seron.

Associated Names
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Meg to Seron
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Allison (Shared Universe)
Lillia to Treize (Main Story)
The Story of One Continent (Sequel)
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shuiko rated it
July 21, 2016
Status: v6c10
One of the most fluffy stories out there!!!!

Also full of mystery, but slice of life as well, with lots of comedy and awesome characters!

Sad to see it end, but so good... so good..
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Dizzcity rated it
May 4, 2018
Status: v6c10
An excellent school mystery / youthful romance story. Six distinctly odd-but-likeable characters band together to solve some mysteries in their school, helping the police and their fellow schoolmates in various ways. The Newspaper Club gets involved in everything from missing persons cases to serial murders, romantic confession planning to messy cheating-fiancee cases.
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Alan Loo
Alan Loo rated it
April 25, 2018
Status: v1c8
This novel is great!

The main character is quite cool (too much perhaps) and the story is quite enjoyable.

The novel begins focusing on how the main character develops in the new high school he enters and how he falls in love with one of the characters who is a little bit light headed but overall, a beauty. I very much appreciate the fact that, although is the most intelligent, nice, cold, etc. Protagonist, the girls that sorround the main character are not in love with him. Basically, no harem, folks.

If you... more>> like school life novels with a tinge of mistery and little bit of drama (not much, I assure you) where the protagonist is veery clever, this is your novel! <<less
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