Lillia to Treize


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Sequel of Allison, taking place about 17 years after the original series.

Associated Names
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Lillia and Treize
Related Series
Meg and Seron (Side Story)
Allison (Prequel)
The Story of One Continent (Sequel)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
05/23/15 Untuned Translation v3 extra2
05/21/15 Untuned Translation v3c10
05/19/15 Untuned Translation v3c9
05/11/15 Untuned Translation v3c8
05/08/15 Untuned Translation v3c7
05/06/15 Untuned Translation v3c6
05/01/15 Untuned Translation v3 extra1
04/26/15 Untuned Translation v3c5
04/13/15 Untuned Translation v3c4
04/10/15 Untuned Translation v3c3
04/09/15 Untuned Translation v3c2
03/20/15 Untuned Translation v3c1
03/02/15 Untuned Translation v3 prologue
02/21/15 Untuned Translation v2 extra 2
02/18/15 Untuned Translation v2c10 + epilogue
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Dizzcity rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: v3c10
Another rollicking action-adventure story set in the world of Roxche and Sou-Be-Il. This one focuses on Allison's daughter Lillia and her childhood friend Treize who's in love with her, but can't work up the courage to tell her he's a prince.

However, I would say that the main characters in this story are not as likeable as the original duo of Allison and Wil. Lillia comes off as far too pushy and obnoxious - tsun-tsun without the dere. And Treize is skilled, but a doormat. At least Allison and Wil had... more>> a good partnership based on mutual respect and complementing one another's skills. Treize can do everything better than Lillia can, but she bosses him around non-stop. Frankly, I read it more for the side characters than the lead duo (most of your old favourites from the prequel make an appearance here).

The plot and politics are decent. Some action, some conspiracies, a couple of tense hostage situations, a murder mystery and a high-stakes battle on a runaway train. You should either read this story mainly for the plot more than the characters, or simply so that you can move on to the other more-interesting spinoffs and sequels. <<less
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