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As one of the first players to gain access to World of Falan—the first immersive game worldwide—Roland creates his character as a Mage.

However, playing as a Mage is not as fun and easy as he thought. His head even explodes after he casts the very first spell in the game.

Stubbornly sticking to his class when most Mages decide to create a new character, Roland gradually discovers tricks of the trade and his unusual talent. This allows him to change people’s stereotypes on Mages and to explore the deeply-buried secrets of this game…

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Baby Shark
New Baby Shark rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: c778
I just found out that the novel ends at chapter 802, and that's after reading chapter 778.
What the actual s*upid idiotic motherfcking fck is going on? Only 24 chapters left? Is author dum or something?
I don't see how this novel ends in 24 chapters!

It was really good, and it had potential, I could see it going above 1.5k with EASE, too many things to discuss to much to see, but only 24 chapters are left?

If that's true, it was definitely a good run, I don't know how the... more>> ending will come out, but IN ALL WAYS it will be SHIT, because not anyone would accept such a good novel to get a tr*shy rushed ending.

Heck, at chapter 778, we don't even see near-end events or anything, just a normal day. LIKE WTF! <<less
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New Hanada rated it
April 20, 2021
Status: c700
The MC become insuffurubley self righteous, I can't really stomach it anymore, the world building is good but there is no real plot and I find myself not caring about what happens.

Still it's above average if you can ignore the MC annoying traits like he is always right and the the s*upid way woman are handled inworld
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selweron rated it
May 11, 2020
Status: c239
@Edit chapter 239:

This novel is crap. Only for horny kids..... a lot of plot holes, brainless characters, illogical behavior, filler plot.. meh.


I think there's nothing more to say, this is probably the best novel out of this outrageously average and cliche batch of trial novels.

This is the type of novels people are looking for.

If I had to list the disadvantages, then it is the author's focus on sex. He's like a horny virgin teenager.
  • Players go around having s*x with NPCs as soon as possible.
  • All NPC girls give away their body to any noble/mage NPC/player.
  • Raped girls, murder girl cases...
  • MC gropes a girl with mental power by mistake...
  • MC stays in an Inn that is a brothel...
  • MC gets info from a tavern that has girls serving customers with their bodies...
  • the Chief of Magic Association has young pretty girls serving him in Tower.
  • Every f girl is blushing and ready to have sex.
The spoiler is the reason why I can't give this story 5* even though the MC is an honest and decent guy. All the author thinks of is s*x and every next situation must be somehow involved with it!!!
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phucanhcr02 rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: --
Despite the fact that the stats system is not clearly mentioned.
The story development and Roland's innovation always pull me deep in the story.
If it had a clearer power system then I would have given it 5 stars.
By the way for anyone who is wondering about the power system:
LV1-LV4: Normies.
LV5-LV9: Elite.
LV10-LV14: Master.
LV15: Legend.
As for demi-god and above, the story hasn't mentioned the specific level yet.
Also the MC is overpowered for his own level. (Because of his unique expertise at the start... more>> of the game) <<less
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rifkiboys31 rated it
August 28, 2020
Status: c400
One of the best magic element out there, MC is magic maniac, learn new spells, improve new spells, combine bunch of spells. And it seems there is connection about some spiritual stuff from MC family too.

And lot of magic spells, which is so awesome.

If you love magic element, you definitely love this novel.

Well the plot is not bad, and quite dark actually. MC isn't selfish and dumb, he actually knew his own interests.

You should try it, it good.
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bloggbigg rated it
January 23, 2021
Status: c564
A somewhat interesting 'OP protag' story.

The Good:

  • Worldbuilding- this makes a fair effort, giving some proper attention to spells, world dynamics, politics/culture, gods, etc. It's a fair effort.
  • Kingdom Building- The MC does this in different ways pretty much over the whole novel so far.
  • A lot of interesting development/events.
  • The mysteries of 'what's up with... (things) ?' are managed in a (mostly) acceptable way.

    The VR cabinets- 'How do they work?' is a (ridiculously ignored) mystery.
    The game world- 'Whether the characters are real or not' is a repeated question, still unanswered.
    Magic- 'Is it real?' is dabbled with and slowly developed.
    Gods- 'What's their deal' is kinda mishandled if you pay attention, but I guess we'll see how the author explains it.

  • Some characters get good development- others... not so much so. At least some do 'ok'.
The BAD:

  • 'Gary Stu Adventure'. As much as it's in the title, the MC is too OP. I don't just simply mean that 'he is'- I mean the title both proves inaccurate, and the story dynamics do not make sense in context. That said, it's not as constantly ridiculous as most 'Gary Stu's- and since 'you knew from the title', I can't say whether you'll be happier or saddened by what was actually done.

    The game company does game balance more than a few times, but leaves him with his 'broken' skill that no one else has and is the foundation for his singular OP-ness. Other 'conveniently ignored' imbalances pop up now and then, mostly in the MCs favor, which is 'whatever', but mostly forced plotting.

  • Plotting is mostly random 'character progress' choices and pop-up events.
  • Quite a few plot threads left hanging, apparently forgotten/dropped.
  • Story contains a fair amount of pettiness/scheming/politics. For some stories this would mostly trigger 'face slapping', but this story doesn't always go that way. Normally this should be applauded, but it's not resolved very cleanly in a few cases.
  • Undue focus on sex-related nonsense/strife. It doesn't really bring the story down too much- but does give yet another example of 'don't drag your story down with your fetishes'
  • Inconsistent characterization- some characters do get developed, while others are just plot puppets. It's quite arbitrary, and a few swap into ciphers/plot puppets over time, which is a bit disappointing.
  • 'Mishandled' story elements. Author resolves things in slightly unpalletable ways sometimes.

    Not saying what/how the author should write- but some stuff he does is just random/casual in ways that he shouldn't expect people to be ok with;

    - He has a player get sexually involved with a manipulative/treacherous AI, later to quit the game after the 'issue' is resolved (via the AI's death). The event concludes, and is just 'moved on from' without anyone really having learned anything/advocated some kind of change which might prevent a repeat of the same to someone else.
    As much as it's a 'game', psychologically traumatizing people so that they are affected in real life is legally actionable.

    - Another AI much later gets 2 other AIs killed by being ignorant/willful around powerful magic. The situation is clearly set up as a 'see how dangerous this spell is' showcase- but it's a little much for a reward which the AI doesn't get to keep (so actually the spell 'failed'). It's ridiculous overkill. No way would there not be written down somewhere 'Oh, by the way- seems people can die because of this', so anyone giving it out is potentially in the 'kill zone' and would warn accordingly.

    Stuff like that

The Different:

  • The author puts a bit more effort into his world canon than most authors. It's not 'awesome' or particularly 'solid', but the effort does improve the story to some degree.
Overall, it's a mixed recommendation. It's potentially worthwhile so long as you like the 'good stuff', and can tolerate/ignore the bad.
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TheJudge rated it
July 20, 2020
Status: c387
Fantastic pacing, enough to keep you wanting more but no fall asleep due to how slow and boring some arcs are like lord of mysteries. Characters have their own personality and aren't one dimensional or just there so MC can trample of them, even the npcs in the game. Which leads me to think there is something more to this game than meets the eye.

One of the best reads on QI, MC Roland isn't some moron that gets thrown around by everyone, the guild he's in is formed by his... more>> small group of rl friends which isnt greedy selfish pricks. When he and his guild are confronted he takes on the problems head on without any BS. MC isn't one to start problems with anyone but whenever someone starts problems with him he ends it. Unlike most cn authors they make things up on the spot and chapter by chapter, but not this novel. Everything is planned out dozens of chapters in advance and carefully though out. Allies today could be enemies tomorrow. Give this novel a try, it starts off a bit slow but once Roland reaches the city it gets much more interesting.

My only issue with this novel is how much Roland brags about the new skills he's learned so he can shill for donations, and causing players to get jealous and reporting him to devs for a nerf, it gets old fast. <<less
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Delorra rated it
April 13, 2021
Status: c707
Whelp, I didn't know this novel was a harem before I started reading it way back when the translation first came out. After finding out, I still decide to continue reading since it's still good. I thought for sure this would be the first harem novel that I can finish reading. Well... that ain't happening.

If I was to rate this novel during the first 500-550 chapters, it would be a 10/5. It's that amazing! I love it. It's a unique game novel that focuses more on plot and player interactions... more>> with the people living in the "game world" as opposed to the typical endless grinding found in most other gaming novels.

The MC, Roland, is my favorite type of protagonist. He's calm and rational with both high IQ and EQ. I love reading about his exploration of magic and the World of Falan. Even better, he has friends! Decent friends who takes up a lot of scenes, and not just show up as 2-D background boards. One of his best friends, Schuck, is a major character throughout the novel. They went on a lot of quests together and worked to turn their F6 Guild into the number one guild in the game.

Another unique feature about this novel that makes it so interesting is that the people living in the game world aren't just normal NPCs. They're written very lifelike (because they are real living beings in the alternative dimension) with their own personality and background.

Then after 500 chapters, I feel like the author has brain spasm and decide to add a lot of harem fan service into the novel. The dirty jokes about women became fillers every other chapter. But I still push on. Then came the grain that tip the scale...


There are three main issues that really bothers me.

I. The harem fan service

I'm fine with the MC getting together with the married Queen, Andonara, but I don't understand why he needs to to also sleep with Vivian at the same time (and Andonara is okay with it!). Anyway, I thought those two will be it. But no, now he's also sleeping with the future Queen of the largest nation in Falan, despite refusing to do so for a long time (with Andonara's consent). (Why?)

After the great start, this novel also begins to suffer from the common tropes of having too many female characters showing up. Literally, for the past 200 chapters, most of the characters that MC interacts with are females ranging from mortals to gods. (He met 4 gods so far, all of them are goddesses. Does this game have no male god?) All of his F6 teammates, except Schuck and Betta, turn into s*x maniac and disappear off screen, only to show up now and then (cause they're too busy sleeping around). Even Betta hasn't been seen for the past 100 chapters except for being mentioned by Roland. At least he has a more legitimate reason, building a city.

II. The dirty jokes about women fillers

I have no idea why the author needs to turn a decent novel into a dirty joke channel about women every other chapter. I lost track of how many times I read about Roland "breaking Andonara's defense" or "doing exercises with Vivian". And every time Roland shows up with a female, all the players joke about him "doing" her and how they also want to "do" her.

Every time Roland kills a female, he always need to comment on her chest size. All of the females that he killed so far has flat chest. Really? Why? Do such comments add value to anything?

And according to the novel, every woman needs a man. Andonara was already strong before she met Roland but she "needs" a man to feel secured. Since the game world was set in medieval time, I guess females aren't raised to be independent. So, I'll ignore Andonara's perk.

But my main issue is that the author turns this novel into a pick up game, like all players play this game just to date someone. The male players find it too hard to pick up the female players, so they turned to signing "marriage contract" with saccubi because they're more "obedient". Then the female players got really offended that they moved out of the player built city because of these saccubi. Like really? That's your entire reason for playing this game? To date guy/girl?

III. The grain that tip the scale

Despite all of the above mentioned flaws, I was still trudging through this novel until Roland s*upidly, and I mean s*upidly, expose himself for being able to use magic in the real world. He used a spell to turn the soil on top of his underground secret base into a super hard rock that's stronger than metal. Like why? Since he can cover his track with normal soil, why did he make this super hard rock that gave him away? As expected, the government dung up the entire place and found his secret hideout. Now, he got to give research data to them. I feel like the author is starting to add more subtle nationalistic elements into this novel. Since I don't like where this novel is heading, I decide it's time to call it quit.


Anyway, this novel is still worth reading until the author starts adding/intensifying the stuffs mentioned above. <<less
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anonymousmoussemoose rated it
April 18, 2021
Status: c741
Honestly, this novel keeps getting worse and worse. Never have I felt the need to write a review more than now.

Benefits of this novel:

Somewhat interesting magic system. It's a bit not well thought out at the start but exploring different aspects of magic is cool. Though the author gets lazy about some inbetween details, different schools of magic ... more>>

(transmutation, space, benediction) are cool. Optimizing and testing spells is the only cool part of the novel. My personal favorite part of the novel is the small benediction arc



Misogyny/Chauvinism. It's not even a joke, it's actually immersion breaking how bad of a chauvinist the author is. He spends many a paragraph explaining the entire illogical female interactions as if there's a reason girls are on the MC's d*ck all the time aside from the author being a horny b*stard. All female characters are made lesser, every single of them is looking for male approval from the (many time objectively) inferior male characters. In this novel, all girls are 'by nature' irrational, emotional, fragile, and incomplete without a male. Almost all of them are just seeking a man to settle down and produce kids with. This applies to

the literal creators of the entire world, friends, random people met on the street, and pets.

I wonder if the author has ever interacted with a woman IRL. It gets even more pervasive as the novel goes on. Couple this with the actual literal s*xual sl*very the characters are fine with or think is natural for girls it's even worse.

Horny Stuff for no reason

The author will literally add random s*x scenes all the time with like, 4 different girls in quick succession for absolutely no reason, literally interrupting one combat arc directly. I actually completely lost all thrill I felt for the combat scene that happened. The Harem tag picks up super hard after a few hundred chapters (not that it was light before this) and literally every chapter has some BS where girls are falling for him. If I count every girl, there's uh,

4 gods, 2 queens, 1 cat, 3 people's wives, a demon god, several prostit**es and 2 other girls (not including a whole group of people who've made light passes).

How many times have girls moaned in this novel from something that shouldn't be s*xual? I couldn't tell you, but it's way too many times.

Open Racism / Chinese Nationalism

There's a lot of writing talking about "primitive people" and stuff announcing human supremacy and a lot of these are applied to like, desert peoples, or groups of people who are uh, ethnic minorities. Skin color mentioned several times. It's not subtle at all. Also, the author makes a lot of comments that espouse Chinese supremacy in culture, politics, etc in a way that is not subtle whatsoever and is disruptive. It will apply to stuff that actually doesn't make much sense (eg how the Chinese method at approaching some problem is somehow resolves to be optimal out of every method possible). Also, negative attitude towards people with tanned skin and poor people in the IRL sections.

R*pe, mol*station, and Assault

S*xual assault is taken as a joke in this novel, as it often is in many Chinese novels. MC mol*sts girls with mental power (and they all end up either ENJOYING it after hating it or just accepting it bc the author horny). MC hides and spies on girls washing / going to the bathroom in one scene. He also openly examines girl's bodies with magic power or visually (and records with the game video function) with no respect to their reaction (because in this novel, that's how a "man" acts). With one fight with a girl, he specifically targets their br*asts and genitalia as targets. Prostit**es getting r*ped is treated as a natural consequence of their profession and therefore their own fault, and there's multiple instances of s*x sl*very that the MC is completely fine with. The number of times girls are assaulted is probably in the dozens, and even if you can somehow filter that out by saying "oh it's a fantasy world",

even the MC gets r*ped IRL and is somehow totally fine with it. His friends cooperate with his crush to get him dead drunk, and his crush takes his unconscious body and tries to get herself pregnant. And then MC just dips after hitting it a few more times after waking up from being assaulted even though they just had unprotected s*x without even caring about being a father LOL like what the heck.



Like many Chinese novels, there's a huge amount of fetishism. Jade like skin, teeth, feet, you name it, there's paragraphs on specific body parts that MC has s*xualized and is turned on by. Also, MC treats girls without D cup as not female lmao. Add to this the select few peeping scenes, exposure/vouyerism, and a few bathroom fetish scenes and you'll probably get sick of it


As you might expect with a Chinese novel, surprise! There's p*dophilia. Despite MC's insistence on "large bosoms" there's s*xual descriptions and leering on underage characters by the MC (and the author has other people do it too). There's also s*xual descriptions of 'humanized' beasts that fall close to beastkin but some aren't even fully intelligent (as smart as a child if not dumber) and people are shacking up with them.

h*mophobia/ Transphobia

Many offhand comments, 'jokes', or just outright homophobic comments. Gay people treated as disgusting, and some violence is directed towards them. Typical Chinese novel type stuff, but to the point of being disruptive, doesn't even fit the flow of the story. Couple this with making digs on transsexual stuff / men who aren't "manly" enough several times, it's pretty bad.

Epic "Logic"

The author will spend a paragraph very often trying to rationalize completely not logical stuff with complete fluff that sounds like, idk, some High IQ Mensa Redditor or something. Complete misunderstanding of science concepts is one example of this. They just throw random buzzwords that are unrelated into things. They misunderstand super basic, middle school level concepts in some cases. Completely illogical character interactions are also explained away in this manner. They also use this to explain away the horny. It's lazy and disruptive to plot flow. One specific horrible 3 paragraph explanation:

random female character is attracted to him because he's strong, and her DNA is driving her to apply survival of the fittest. Except extend this BS explanation by literal paragraphs. One other example is him explaining how environmentalism is "illogical" to a bunch of druids and "owning them with logic", but his argument is so bad, it's laughable.



Author will either forget about certain skills / skill descriptions, or changes the power balance mid novel on several points. Very common thing in novels, but still annoying to see


Literally everyone's wife wants him. Every single married woman.


Cliche Plot

Oh, the virtual game is actually real? WOW really? Where have I seen this before? It's this but presented in a dumb way


Bad Dialogue / Unrealistic Interactions

Much of the dialogue or interactions, especially with NPCs, will literally not make sense. Or not sound even remotely like something a real person would say. I think this is generally a challenging part of a novel to write, but this novel definitely doesn't succeed here all the time.

The whole government / corporation dialogues are especially bad. Oh you're capable of producing a nuclear bomb IRL via magic? Yeah we actually want you to do so, won't make you even sign an NDA, and will allow you to voluntarily do what you want.


It should be obvious the flaws of this novel are many. In fact, there's 1 or 2 more flaws that I couldn't remember after starting writing because it took me so long to write this and proofread it. After typing out this review I want to throw away all the time I spent reading this and just find something else. Despite sticking to thousands of chapters of tr*sh novels, I'm ready to stop on this one. I'm just subjecting myself to suffering by reading this and hoping for cool sections anymore.

2/5 because it barely squeaks above 1/5 as it's not the worst novel I've ever read, and also because people are more likely to read a 2* review than one from a 1* review. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: c620+
So found this after having a look at the older novel by the same author. This story is the prologue to the authors previous work Noble Emblem. Liked it a lot when I started reading it though sadly like most of these stories Noble Emblem dropped in quality over time. Still I must say I am surprised that with Noble Emblem being axed and left unfinished, I have no idea how the author could start writting a prologue story after the first one got axed. But anyhow, this story is about a chinese middle class guy who get's ahold of a virtual reality gaming machine that was just released by a chinese company famous for making poor knock-offs of other better gaming studious games but somehow they made a virtual reality mmorpg set in a DnD world. It's heavily and often mentioned and pointed out that something is amiss with this and if you've read Noble Emblem you'd know what it is fairly early on. HEAVY HEAVY spoilers on the world settings.

In short what people in the story believe to be a virtual reality is in fact a real world, their souls are being projected into this other world in which the goddess of life are giving them living puppets pretty much to move around in, this makes them undying in the way that every time they die they just revert into their soul form and the goddess makes a new puppet for them to inhabit. So the NPC's that the players have been running around killing are them actually killing living people. While a lot of them are portrayed as villians, the players in turn are also from my understanding stealing, raping, killing and so on everywhere in the game every day, with no repercussions since they all think it's a game and their just killing NPC's.

To make some examples fairly early on two players aim to kill a noble family who are killing children to eat their hearts and drink their bloods to stay young. Which is pretty dang evil, however to kill these nobles they in turn killed over two hundred guards hired by these nobles just so they could get at and kill the nobles. Another thing pretty much just mentioned in passing is how the martial arts ppl think the game is great since it lets them use their martial arts and kill ppl everyday to hone their skills, one even bragged to the others about how he could kill people everyday to improve his skills.
So while players or the golden sons as their called are often portrayed as the good guys and said to be neutral - good aligned they are also killing ppl willy nilly after their own whims.
Back to the world settings I don't remember it ever being explained exactly what the point of summoning players into the world and make them believe it was all a game, except the fact that multiple gods and beings with the power of gods were involved in it.
I belive it was to some degree hinted at that the forces of chaos were colluding with some gods to bring chaos and destruction to the world and by sending ppl into the world that believed it all to be a game great destruction could be brought on the world. Beta who is introduced fairly early on is the MC of Noble Emblem and while I haven't read far enough for any mention of this being done. In the game he early on had two female ghosts following him around who he eventually fell in love with and married, in game however I do believe they also followed him into our world, these two are actually, if I remember right, two gods of chaos who are also part of the forces summoning ppl to the DnD world. Noble Emblem setting is that the two of them "kills" Beta so to send him into the DnD world.
This is also the reason why the MC can eventually learn to use magic in real life. Since when a player is summoned they would have two talents, if they could pick two talents that meant they didn't have a special talent of their own. If however they have one locked talent and one they could choose this meant they had a latent talent. In the MC's case he is inherently talented with magic and since their souls are sent over to experience this other world he was actually studying real magic so when he eventually learns enough with him being greatly talented with magic he was able to use magic in our world.
On a side note the best friend of the MC and the cousin of Beta has a talent that makes him extremely charming. This power is somehow so great that by just praying at the church of light the goddess of light falls madly in love with him eventually abandoning the DnD world just to join him in our world. He also get's a dragon and a giant wolf, both of which tries to become gods so they can join him in our world since only gods can cross dimensions, wolf becomes a god but far as I remember dragon was still not a god in Noble Emblem. In short there are a lot of harems in these stories but for some reason all the girls just instantly falls in love with the male players for no reasons outside of their handsome I guess?

The story overall is to me and what I remember as good as Noble Emblem one point that kinda annoys me here is that I am a bit of a info geek meaning I like when the author explains abilities or when it's game likes stories that they include stuff like. Great magic manipulation

Special Talent

Greatly increases your control of creating spells and gives you +20% mp, or something. In Noble Emblem everything was given an explanation while this time the author seems to have gone with a minimalistic approach instead. For instance his two talents are never really explained outside of their names and that the names in themselves explains everything, his character stats are not even given until ch 100+ and even then their not even explained. Again this is a bit of a personal preference so not everyone will be annoyed by this.

For example


In the story the MC's stats are explained as being

Growth Stats

constitution - 5

agility - 5

intelligence - 10

resistance - 6

charm - 5

So with this my guess is that at each lvl up they get these stats added however later on the MC's intelligence is said to be 14.5 at lvl 9 while his paladin buddy at lvl 5 has 16 charm. Which has gotten me confused since it's never really explained in detail. Again my guess here is that every lvl up they get 0.5 stat growth that they can put into any stat. Which would make sense since 4.5 / 9 = 0.5 and in the buddies case he has a special talent that let him get 13 charm at start but then 3 / 5 = 0.6 so either the author is bad at math and just made a mistake with the buddy and should have written 15.5 charm instead. Which wouldn't surprise me since the author seems to make mistakes and forget stuff from time to time.

But yeah this is just an example of how the author has just thrown something out and then never explained how it works outside of the MC is super strong since he starts with 10 int growth stat while every other mage can only get 9 int since magic is too hard.


It also feels like the author since he already gave out some fairly detailed info on the world settings in Noble Emblem the author is kinda half expecting people to have read that one or it's been toned down a a lot cause of people commenting about it. Another thing is that I am finding the story overall being a bit tedious after having read around 150+ chapters. The MC is pretty so-so as well in that I feel there is nothing special about him, with that I don't mean his ordinary or that ordinary is bad it's just that the personality of the MC just feels so flat and as if there is nothing special about him. Another thing is that in the first 100+ or so chapters the story pretty much is MC goes into games, goes to mage tower and works on his spells, goes out of game, writes on forum, goes to practice martial arts, goes into game and so on. While there have been some other plots parts and some character interactions, there has been almost zero progress in any of them, and the things I previously mentioned probably made up at least 20-40 chapters worth of the 100+ chapters. Anyhow like I usually do for these stories I'll read up to around ch 200-300 before I make a final decision and if I remember edit this post some. But so far while I'll give the story a 4 for now it's more of a weak 3.5 out of 5 at best and that mostly cause I remember Noble Emblem fondly.


So having read on to above 600 chapters the story does get a lot better in my book around ch 150-200, what is a down side however is that the more I read the more it feels like the author is almost taking for granted that readers have read his previous work Noble Emblem since a lot of the basic stuff is not explained and just glossed over as if you already know it from NE. Something of note is that the author likes to include a lot of s*x stuff however it's almost nothing compared to what I remember from NE since in that book the author would give details and elaborate on the s*x scenes. From what I remember this was one of the reasons that NE got axed because of Chinas view on sexual content for younger people and it's accessibility.


On the power structure.


In short only about 1 in a 100 people can become a professional in this world and the powers are pretty much as you wrote.

Lvl 1-4 normal

Lvl 5-9 Elite

Lvl 10-14 Master

Lvl 15-19 Legend

Lvl 20 Demigod - God

On the different lvls pretty much most people are either normal - elite, masters are fairly rare and this is when people start to see a power spike, Legends are very rare and at this rank professionals usually get some kind of special power/trait that will enable them to fight an army of professionals on their own.

Demigods and gods are a bit special on their own since the only real difference between them is wether they have a divinity or not. They are in a league of their own, though a bunch of legends can threaten them. Strength wise a demigod is usually as strong as a gods physical form but a god is able to gather faith and turn it into power, usually faith works as a power bank so they have a ton more of mp, stamina and so on, there is also the fact that gods can live for thousands upon thousands of years and in theory live on forever as long as they have followers to provide them faith. They are also able to construct their own realm/base in the divine realm and create clones/followers. There are however restrictions on them since they have become a part of the natural laws.

Demigods on the other hand has close to the same strength of a god but can't gather faith or wield all the special powers or privileges of a god they also have a much shorter livespan usually around a thousand years to a few thousands depending on their species, they are however not bound to the natural laws like the gods.

To get a divinity and become a god there are a two different ways, some gods are just naturally born from the laws and peoples faith. However once a divinity from a law is created that will be the only divinity of that law. So for instance in Mystras case she was a demigod of magic but because there was no god of magic she was able to gather the laws of magic and create a divnity of magic then after absorbing the divinity she became the goddess of magic. But now no one else that become the god of magic unless they kill Mystra and steal the divinity. In short either create a divnity from a law that doesn't have a divinity/god yet or kill a god and steal their divinity.

Thats is pretty much the power ranking, if looking at the strength then it's pretty much.

Normal is well normal, an elite can usually beat 5-10 normal professionals, a master can often beat 50-100 normal or 10+ elites.

While a legend can beat hundreds - thousands of normal/elite and depending on the type of legends no matter how many normal/elite you gather they might not be able to fight (for instance fighting a legendary dragon normal/elite professional might be paralyzed with fear and unable to do anything so it doesn't matter how many you gather) so the only way to win is to gather a bunch of masters.

When it comes to demigods and gods in their physical form anything below legends are usually not even worth mentioning since they might not be able to even hurt them you'd probably need 50-100 legends to face them, though of course some super strong legends like an MC might be able to face them.

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BootyStank rated it
February 4, 2021
Status: c478
The is a very classic vrmmorpg game esc novel. Personally out of 10 I give it like a 6.5. As you can tell from the title the MC is OP. He's not op in the tradional sense that he has unlimited mp or has legendary spells in the beginning. He is op in the sense that he is very talented as a mage in where its easier compared to other players to learn and manipulate magic. = MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD = Lets talk about... more>> what I don't like first since this will be easier. MC is annoying and pisses me off a lot since he keeps sharing his knowledge. I understand he did it at first since he wanted to help and promote mages since people were struggling, but he just keeps sharing his secrets left and right and the secrets are hella big since he is op and can customize spells basically and make them stronger. The early stuff was kind of annoying but made sense since they were kind of minor like the flying cannonball but where I'm at in the novel dude gives his op lesser fire ball spell to the red tower. Sounds simple and sh*t since its a lvl 1 spell but he only traded it for 3 lvl 3 spells. The problem is that Basically the spell can condense a fireball unlimitedly forever. It is only hindered by how much you can control and stabilize the magic you condense into the fireball so basically its op if a god uses the spell since they have great control over magic and can make the fireball as big as the sun in a sense. But no no no MC was just like here take it because I'm a ret*rd and just want lvl 3 spells. He also litteraly has so secrets since he shared them all in the game which was ret*rded to me because he is the MC. He is op because of a talent he has but he goes and post his talent on the f*cking web in game to show everybody like dude wtf its secret.

Another problem I have about the novel is that they didn't really expand on the part where the gm messed up and almost called the vr world world fragment. He said it mistakenly and then said game world but they never expanded on it after the part. There are only 560+ ch so maybe later on they will and I hope they do.

Alright another problem I have is that MC is basically able to use his powers in game to irl. Its giving me a similar vibe like MMORPG The Amight Ring but cleary different but similar. He can only use a lvl 0 spell once and get hella tired out since there are a small amount elements on earth so he really can't use the spells well. Also he can use chi when he uses a sword but has very little since he only been training for 2 years. I wish they kinda put more effort in his irl would since its so cool how he has superpowers albeit small but does have some. Its also kind of like Realms of Legend and Myth were the MC is a cultivator from another world and can use his skills in a vr game. Idk I just hope is is op like Izroth is in Realms of Legend and Myth since its cool.

People complain a lot about the s*x but to me it really didn't matter since there were not much details since MC never had s*x only the other players. He also has a op gf who loves MC so that cool. Okay some good part about the novel is that MC is smart and ruthless. MC is op but like he can still be defeated since he is a mage and if a assasin or something catches him off guard he can die. Story is ok and the game elements isn't really explained well at all your just kind of going with the flower over the players states and skills. I guess you can say MC has the MC vibe since he has a lot for fortuous encounters. All in all I gave it a 6.5 because even though I like it some parts were just s*upid to me like when gave away is op spell. Also the time moves hella fast in this compared to other novel where hundreds of chapters pass but like irl its only been like 6 months. <<less
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Not Red Yet
Not Red Yet rated it
December 11, 2020
Status: c4
Couldn’t get past 4 chapters sadly and it’s because author kept repeating the same thing the entire 4 chapters about AI and how the NPC is so lifelike and AI, did I mention AI? No? I’ll mention it again AI.

It got to the point where that’s all the chapter had, in those 4 chapters MC just walked out the room and said I’ll have fun, oh good AI.
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June 20, 2020
Status: c498
I have read the raws upto c498 which was released as of the review, and I have to say this is worth a read. It has very little filler content and cliche things but still carrying the main points of a Full-Dive MMORPG story ... more>>

or it might be an alternate reality as a game


MC is your rare calculative and smart kind, who doesn't do things based on impulse but adheres to a certain principles of his own. At times you feel he is very passive but it's his way of saying only use strength as a last resort.

Story and world's building is fine nothing special, supporting characters are also okay. All in all a good read. <<less
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deniya rated it
November 4, 2020
Status: c410
Quite a nice story. Kept me shifting my sleep hours due to interesting plots. The fillers are few.

The game world is about Middle ages with "same" politics, ideas, but with magic. Magic system for the mage class has it's experimentation ways and possibilities of modifying the spells in the end. ... more>>

The game world from the tongue slip of an admin isn't just a game world. :D And so overall the MC's talent in game is really his own (hinting).


MC is nice, feels somewhat mature, can stand his ground and at the same moment isn't proactive at annoying others.

Other players are... quite mediocre, mostly only the MC and some of the members of his little guild for friends shine brightly. From 500k ppl there shoud've been more. MC isn't a lone wolf, has a group of close friends, though mostly he stays with the NPCs alone or does magic experimentations alone. What about the player-villains, there's pretty much none cause the VR gear was sold with consideration of their backgrounds (which feels really understandable if you consider the "game-world" idea and it's pioneers. P.S. also there's some karma system so-to-say and some maintenance of order for the players with a threat of getting hunted down by many strong NPCs and lawful players).

Somewhat too many girls around MC, though it's somewhat understandable (MC isn't rly handsome but his personality, power and the social standing in the game are good). He cuddles with one of those in the latest translated chapters as of now, but otherwise he has a mind of a mage where he is somewhat above the body needs and is controlling himself and his lust. It's like "you dont become a mage by the age of 30 in case you're a virgin, but a real "mage" just doesn't feel that way and just naturally stays as virgin if he has more interesting stuff to do". :D And other s*x motives in the story seem to be mostly cause of the world itself and the hardships to survive in that society. MC doesn't consider the NPCs as... NPCs and so he is worried about accepting love from those with whom he might not be able to stay as, say, husband for a long time (MC is doubtful about the reality of game-world but then he's just that sort of a sincere person). <<less
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TheRedOne rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: c497
As far as I read this novel, it was extremely awesome. In the beginning I skipped most of the introduction of the novel, but as you start reading where he starts to practice his wizardly (mage) skills it gets interesting as you read it.
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Kemori rated it
February 14, 2021
Status: c600
The worst thing about this novel, which I think for many people can make the difference between this being 3 stars and being 4 stars (whether or not you can ignore it) is;

... more>>

If you were the MC, and you realised you could use magic learned in the game in real life, would you really even care about ANYTHING in the game except the magic? Well unfortunately our MC learns very early on about a meditation method in the game that can allow mages to grow their mental power (needed for magic) which he realises doesn't work for players, so he submits it as a bug and gets a permanent passive buff on his character (one of the main cheats the MC has) but yet, later on when the MC realises he can use magic from the game in real life but hasn't got enough mental power; he has entirely forgotten about the meditation method that didn't work in the game, but would work in real life- in actuality the author himself has forgotten this; combine this with the MC's seeming disregard for bothering to learn magic in real life, it really becomes quite unbelievable; I know, it's a fantasy novel so suspension of disbelief is the first hurdle, but you can't just throw away all Human psychology like the author did here. The MC is a magic addict, who spends literally 90% of his game time studying magic so he can get power, which constitutes 8 hours of his real time, yet outside of the game, every day, for 16 hours, he just doesn't give a sh*t about it? What.


Very mediocre read, interesting for a while but eventually you realise it's just a pretty generic slice-of-life fantasy, if I didn't find this on a chinese novel site, I would've been surprised to find out it wasn't written by a Japanese author. <<less
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Liero Dirlewanger
Liero Dirlewanger rated it
October 10, 2020
Status: c308
It's ok. Fun, entertaining, but nothing more than that. Read it if you're bored

The magic system starts out really deep and fun, but as time passes it's barely even mentioned anymore. Nobody except the MC and his Teamates feel alive in this world. The worldbuilding is terrible. There's literally not 1 player worth mentioning which isn't in the MC's team.

Roland also goes around collecting girls like candy. Actually, he doesn't even try to collect them. He just kind of ignores them and they automatically fall in love with him. And... more>> of course he lets them follow him around everywhere, why not?

Feels like the book's really hasn't advanced much since chapter 100-120. <<less
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June 30, 2020
Status: c40
After reading a few chapters, I realized that this novel is the prequel of another Novel from this Author "Noble Emblem" with Beta as MC.

I've read Noble Emblem before I read this Novel.

I think this novel is good.
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leoff rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: c60
I liked the beginning. I don’t know how long the author will be able to balance on the strange main character, but I hope for a long time. ... more>>

I categorically disagree with how the author manages the knowledge of the main character, similar to the fantasies of a little girl from a wealthy family about the structure of the world order. Of the 500, 000 or 50, 000 (I did not understand) players... the author believes that there are no maniacs, killers, rapists, ganibals, crazy ones. Only the rational fertility of mankind, with which it helps to become stronger, so that they protect the world... Of course, all the scum themselves would have guessed sooner or later, but it simplifies the task for many, so kindly saving them time. What a good guy, the author will certainly not allow, on the other end of the continent, or even in another city, which pyromaniac to destroy and burn out settlements, together with the inhabitants, with the help of a fireball...

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