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A young Brave walked out of his village, gathered companions to his side, defeated the Great Demon King, became famous, then came back with beauties in hand! This was a legend that appears in the world of Seyrol every 200 years!

Our protagonist, however, isn’t a Brave. Even so, for over a thousand years his figure has loomed throughout its history.

Unwittingly, the name of the Red-robed Priest began to resound throughout the world. Red-robed Priest’s legend included extraordinary sword techniques and magic, erudite knowledge, and an almost prophetic ability to lead young Braves toward the proper path. People of the world think of him as a descendent of the ancient Yellow Race which led to his omnipotence. In essence, however, this was just the characteristics of the profession known as ‘Noble’.

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xzpwnz rated it
September 13, 2017
Status: c507
The synopsis/description is absolute garbage and doesn't do the novel justice.
I'm caught up with the raws and have to say that this is my favorite Chinese novel.
This novel gives me vibes similar to Daoist Gu, so if you like Daoist Gu you'll probably enjoy this novel, too.
The protagonists and characters from both works are cunning and crafty. The twists in the novel and how the protagonist overcomes them are just as amazing.
... more>>

You really can't trust anyone and everything seems to have a deeper layer to it.
Temporary allies betray the protagonist and become enemies, enemies give tasks built on false premises to the protagonist, and a former companion under the protagonist from the game 300 years ago turned villain.

The strength and class system is interesting and while the protagonist isn't overpowered strength-wise, he feels omniscient due to his knowledge of the other world which is now considered lost knowledge. His unique class "Divine Noble" is associated with territory/army management and allows him to knight a number of allies under his class' round table knight system, granting them strength and growth boosts.
The plot revolves around the protagonist growing stronger in search for his twin love interests that reincarnated him into the game/other world, I guess this is where the tr*sh synopsis comes into play with him knighting allies that eventually turn out to become main characters in the other world. <<less
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Ixcez rated it
June 2, 2018
Status: c700
Let me just say that this novel is a hidden gem. The world building is for the most part very well done even though a lot of it is directly taken from DnD with some twists.

There is harem yes but compared to others while romance for the most part is pretty mych missing somehow I found for a change it believeable as to why the girls fall for him. To make it clear as of the 700ish chapters written only one girl has been accepted into harem and it wasn’t... more>> exactly by choice, she is also the only r*pe victim I can undestand falling for the MC.


What happens is that the MC steals the power source a caterpillar monster was using to munch on. Angry at what happened the caterpillar goes into a puppah and emerges as a humanoid butterfly monster.

Out for revenge she tries to kill the MC a few times but fails and eventually they tangle and the MC becomes confused because of something in his confused state he mistakes her for his missing girlfriend (who has been missing since ch 1 and is the reason for him being transported and why he can’t accept girls).

This leads to him raping her. While usually at this point the girl just randomly falling for MC is one of my most hated CN tropes. In this case it is explained that the monster known as a butterfly queen mates for life so in this case he is simply seen as a strong mate that conquered her which in turn leads to the MC being surrounded by a perfume like pheromones that marks him to other insect monster as the mate of the butterfly queen (and also gives him +1 charm lel) this somehow actually worked for me. Though not a fan of r*pe! R*pe is bad! Unless reverse r*pe hihi ;D.


The fights are so so, but it’s the world building and the dialogues I am here for anyways so I don’t mind that much.

It is also suprisingly easy to read with MTL. <<less
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Ignus rated it
October 25, 2017
Status: c22
A charming little story.

The MC does things at his own pace, and stands out from other stories. He feels like a real person with normal human values, rather than a person who reincarnates/transcends, and accepts his new worlds culture after 5 secs and 2 chapters into the story.

This MC has wisdom, common sense, and uses his "previous" game knowledge differently than other Do-over game element novels. Most novels have the MC follow a path of specific events to gain the most benefits. This story does not follow this over-used standard.... more>> Read to find out how its different. <<less
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ninthlite rated it
August 17, 2017
Status: c16
*The translation readability is a little bit rough for the first few chapters but it gets much better.*

The story is about a dude who is transported to a fantasy world similar to a vrmmo that he played. Due to the short amount of chapters, I can't be too definite about the mc's personality but it seems that he is not too much of a mary sue. I enjoyed the fact that he seems to be choosing to become a priest, as I am dead tired of reading novels about swordsmen.... more>> (Like seriously why does every main character have to be a op sword user, even if the MC starts out with a spear or something he will always end up using a sword later in the story). Although it seems the MC used a sword when he was playing the vrmmo, so I'm not sure how long this unique segments are going to last.

I was rating the novel as 5/5 due to the fairly intelligent world building, the relatively unique main character, and the fact that the game mechanics are slightly more complex than most game world novels. However he gets a letter explaining the backstory behind his transportation apparently written by two women in love with him. Suddenly the MC was talking possessively about these women referring to them as "his women", and I was like "who the f*ck are these chicks" The whole thing was really an immersion breaker for me, as suddenly it seemed to me that the MC was utterly believing a letter he read from people he never met. I reread the chapters translated to find hints of who these people were, and I found half a sentence in the first chapter mentioning he saw two ghosts when he died. What really surprised me was that we were ten chapters in and we already have a harem being built. That component was not written well at all, and hopefully future chapters will be outweight this poor segment of one chapter. However for now I will lower my grade to 4/5 stars

I just hope that harem does not become a main part of the story, because romance is almost never written well in web novels, let alone harem which is romance with at least ten+ chicks (web novel authors seem to believe that if you have a harem, you cant just seduce two or three women, you have to have a jade beauty princess ice fairy from every single kingdom and faction.) <<less
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Smallblackcat rated it
March 10, 2021
Status: --
The book was quite familiar to a similar book that I read before and it turn out it really was this might be a connected book to"Mages are too OP" the goddess of magic is the same and Roland was mentioned later in the story, If you guys want to understand the book more read that first although I didn't finish reading "Mages are too OP" since I lost Interest half way it's still a good read along with this and after you read it you'll understand why the MC... more>> is extremely rich

[ the author seem to like the idea of cuckholding certain characters maybe a fetish or something we are all men of culture so I won't judge.]

Also I don't think the MC is a coward for not accepting the love of the heroines since he is aware of it through out the story he just find having so many women troublesome and this concept is new to us however others may think this is unacceptable as we are used to yes-mans like Kyle, dark, antihero or just your typical goody MC still will always find a reason to justify themselves of having another woman even though he already have one. <<less
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Novellover008 rated it
March 23, 2019
Status: c1070
One of the best novels I have read.

Unlike most novels on this site, this one gets better and better the more you proceed.

MC is calm, rational and intelligent. He is OP but not broken OP.

The pacing is very good.

A perfect 5 stars.
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Silvertin rated it
August 30, 2017
Status: c14 part1
First off I would like to say I recommend giving the series a try, at the very least the interesting premise it offers is worth a shot. Translation is pretty good, just a few minor spelling errors. I do not understand the synopsis (which in itself is really lacking) relevance to the story at all so far. The MC is 18 years old (and presumably still basically 18 after his reincarnation/migration; so what is all this about old grandpa teaching many "main character"). As another review states, basically the protagonist... more>> is transported to the world of an VRMMO he played, it was extremely lifelike because all the NPC's were essentially alive, had feelings, personalities, and all that good stuff. Somewhat like Log Horizon, in that he is a player that now lives in the game and that is reality now, for whatever reason that may be.

The story so far basically prefaces the story with what happened, why he was reincarnated, and proceeds to go into the protagonist's starting point, and into the beginnings of his plans to advance into the world. This is of course while also learning the changes from when it was a game, to his reincarnated life. Those changes do not seem like much so far, but are certainly important. Such as how the friends list is "offline" and how he is unable to log out.

It is hard for me to tell how much to explain due to how horribly vague and lacking the synopsis is. So I will simply spoiler it out of courtesy while stating that it really isn't any spoilers though, it is all stuff built in the first early chapters. I will say however, that I feel there is a high chance of the "weak to strong" tag being added in the future.


So basically the protagonist has a horrible accident, and his poor body is essentially a bloody pulp. Lucky for him however, he manages to be knocked into a VR version of one of those PC cafe's, which also seems to have one of those time difference similar to Accel World, 3 hours in game is 1 hour IRL, he played 8 hours during sleep every day so essentially actually played for 8 years.

This being said, he knows his way around, and happens to be a top player in his server. Since he is the only "player" in the new world as far as we know, there are certain special circumstances on why he is there. Personally I am curious if he can respawn like it was still just a game. So he tells a few small lies when he meets his first NPC that happens to coincide with some happenstances, goes with that flow and developments go from there. They are not baseless lies however, as he did happen to "spawn" in an area where he found his first clothing which happened to be enchanted priest clothing. So yea, he plays the role of being a traveling priest upon starting out.

I do find myself wondering how screwed he might have been had he not chosen the first special bloodline "feat" (perk.) I do like his somewhat good nature in helping the poor impoverished villagers, while not necessarily being s*upidly good natured to where problems would definitely arise. He definitely had some small ulterior motives for some of the kindness he does, however so far it has all been win-win situations. He certainly holds onto his morals from modern civilization, which is a good thing in this story. After all, isn't it nice to hear out protagonist would like to make a better living for the humble little village?

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