Made-Up Martial Arts, Have You Really Mastered Them, Disciple?


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Li Xuan had transmigrated to another world, with no abilities, no perks, and could only temporarily survive in a small mountain village. However, one day, someone mistook him for a reclusive master of martial arts and insisted on becoming his disciple.

As an honest person, Li Xuan didn’t want to deceive anyone and firmly refused. However, the other person offered so much that he had no choice but to make up a set of martial arts techniques to bluff his way through. Surprisingly, the disciple actually succeeded in practicing them!

Staring at his disciple, whose muscles and bones resonated like thunder, and whose qi and blood surged like a raging river, Li Xuan was dumbfounded, “I just made that all up! How come you succeeded in practicing it? What kind of monster are you?”

At this moment, the Golden Finger appeared, “Your disciple’s practice of the techniques you made up is still at beginner level, but you, the master, must have already mastered them to perfection. Your strength is a hundred times greater than those in this world!”

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New MrCents_04 rated it
April 3, 2024
Status: --
Im laughing too hard in this series.

I recommend this all readers who actually love a 'misunderstanding' comedy.

I dont recommend this on OP seeking readers because you will get bored on the MC, but you will definitely enjoy the MC's disciple legacy.

Read it for your life.
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CrawfishKing rated it
October 18, 2023
Status: c6
I have a soft spot for misunderstanding comedies, so this is the kind of thing I like. I gave it 4 stars for now as it is still in the beginning and while it has the potential for being gold, not much has actually happened yet. Will revisit it and adjust my rating once more chapters are out.

The translation work is solid, and includes footnotes for people new to the genre which is always a big plus from me as it shows the translator/author really cares about having people understand... more>> the context. <<less
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onlycrimson123 rated it
February 15, 2024
Status: c334
TL;DR: Good concept that is slowly becoming more stale.

Important note, this is NOT a misunderstanding novel. The first ~25 chapters are misunderstandings, and past that it is totally action/adventure. Pretty good action/adventure though. The master's invincible image is also preserved throughout.

(Edit at the end.)

... more>> Chapter 189 Review:

The earlier chapters of this novel were really engaging, and I would certainly recommend checking them out. But, as the plot progresses, the author doesn't seem to know where he wants to go with this. I'm not just blindly saying this either, the author himself has left notes saying he doesn't know how to progress lol.

Because of this, there are often stretches of a few chapters where there is very little interesting things happening. And now, where I am in the novel, the main character and his disciples have virtually conquered the martial world, but there are still like 150 chapters out. The only place I can see it going from here is "heavens above heavens", a concept that I hate, as it arbitrarily drags out the plot.

I suppose another downside is that there doesn't feel like there is any progress. Sure, Xu Yan used to not be able to kill Great Grandmasters and now he can. But those are just words, without any substance. We don't get any sense of scale for his actual improvement in strength, there's no quantification of it. We just have to trust, "This powerup that we have been building towards for 50 chapters was so totally worth it!"

This is even more prevalent with the main character. He has only made a move like 3 times and every time he goes "Oof had to use my full strength to barely obliterate that guy with one attack." Like, the story should SHOW that not TELL it. You feel me?

Anyway, I still had a rather good time reading this novel, and I might continue to do so. Its a pretty nice read in the beginning, so I'd recommend that too.

Also, this novel is released on mtlnation. Com with a rather phenomenal MTL translation. I don't personally read mtl ever, but this was palatable. That is where I found the 189 chapters I read.

Chapter 334 Review:

I continued reading and I feel even more strongly that the novel deserves 4 stars. In the past 150 chapters, some things got worse, some things got better, and some stayed the same.

Starting with the positive, the novel has been more engaging. There have been many more extremely pleasant scenes to read and the author has been better at building up to events, leading to more anticipation. That is what truly drew me back in to read another 150 chapters, and I don't regret the time spent.

Also, a couple of my major critiques before have been dealt with. The "heavens beyond heavens" concept that I dreaded did come true, but it was handled in a great manner. This is that trope done right. There was no point where I felt the cast was pathetically weak and the new "heaven" was more to introduce further plot and characters. Chef's kiss, well done.

The author has also been doing better at "showing" instead of "telling" in regards to the power system. The descriptions of realms and abilities draw me in more than before. Scenes are more badass than just "he punched harder than before" like it felt earlier. The realms also seem to have a lot of unique potential that I am rather excited to see play out. The cultivation system is much more advanced than just Qi Refining, Foundation Building, etc and actually has unseen realms and abilities.

Now, onto the negatives.

First of all, the translation quality has been steadily declining over the entirety of the book. It was originally better than the average human translator but it has slowly progressed to the point where I sometimes just don't even get what is happening. This is extremely prevalent with the names of places and sects in this book. Every sect has multiple names, a direct translation, a phonetic translation, and a different direct translation. These are used interchangeably, forcing me to rely on context clues to even know what sect is doing what. It is even worse with places as, in the spirit domain, there are 18 provinces that are all ___zhou. Such as Chenzhou, Yuzhou, Luozhou, etc. I straight up do not know where stuff is happening like ever. However, this is not "unreadable" still. The scenes that are extremely appealing and need to be translated well, like the main character making a move, are translated very well and are still enjoyable to read.

Next, the novel has become more and more side character-centric. We often have dozens of chapters in a row following the main character's disciples and then a brief interlude of the main character doing nothing, then back to the disciples. This might be alright, but they aren't even doing interesting things! The author seems to have pacing problems, with way too many chapters focused on very unentertaining things to read. Such as conflicts with inconsequential weaklings. I often don't even enjoy reading scenes focusing on the side characters, but that seems to be the vast majority of the novel.

Finally, and back to a point I made previously, the author does not know where he wants to take this novel in general. This leads to a slew of problems, including the pacing mentioned previously. There are also some stretches where it seems to be entirely filler. As if I could skip entire arcs without missing anything important. It makes the novel feel like a slog to get through at points.

Despite all of this, I still had a rather good time reading this novel. I will likely continue reading as it updates as well, regardless of the issues. I'd recommend this novel if you can deal with subpar translation. <<less
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December 19, 2023
Status: --
So I was bored and scrolling to novelupdates until this one caught my attention. It made me realized how I missed the 'Teacher screwing up their students but they're too godd*mn of a genius that they ended up screwing the world instead' kinda trope.

In a typical xianxia fashion, we have an MC who has a realist mindset wherein he thought he just somehow transmigrated to plain old ancient China in another world where martial arts are even more outdated than his imagination until reality came crashing into their face.

MC is... more>> webnovel writer and there's this naive young master with chuunibyu, somehow this two people that SHOULD NEVER met managed to make MC's fictional narrative nonsense into reality.

I applaud MC's ability to made up nonsense of the spot and I actually like this more bcuz unlike other xianxia transmigration with golden finger,

this MC has to think more to create a mysterious yet realistic cultivation technique (and as a writer he is, its goddamn poetic thats it basically leave it to others imagination. Luckily, his disciples has a lot those.). While other MCs get their technique directly from a system, MC felt like his doing a research paper, I like how he goes thinking like 'I should made it go like this to make it sound OP, and this should connect to the next level that goes more and more OP' and everyone goes like 'THIS IS TRUE MARTIAL DAO EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST CHEAP GOODS!'. Lol

And then his golden finger just give him feedback whether he succeeded or not from his disciples' comprehensive ability and reflect it back to MC with 100x multiplier.


As for his disciples and sect development, every disciple of his has a unique character introduction that I haven't read and encounter in such a while.

As the story goes, their personality became a bit bland but their unique thought processes shows when they interact with outsiders. They REALLY love robbing everyone in plain sight, they goes like 'You owe a pill so you have to compensate me with your whole wealth, your entire organization, s*avery, and the entirety of your life!'. Lmao

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