Lord of the Star Ocean


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Nie Feng, a follower of the Ultimate Martial Path, unfortunately, perished while exploring an uninhabited region in Miao Jiang. However, he was unexpectedly reborn into the body of a profligate youth on the uncivilized Planet Grand Origin, a planet belonging to the Immortal Luo Empire. His new and legendary life would begin from this moment!

The collision of two Great Galactic Emperies, wars between thousands of Starforce Battleships, formidable Star Warriors, mysterious Star Warlocks, beautiful women capable of causing the downfall of nations, divine skills and martial arts capable of annihilating the Heavens and destroying the Earth.

In this mysterious and magnificent world, one might well ask; who is the Lord of this boundless Star Ocean!

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03/21/17 LiberSpark c4
03/21/17 LiberSpark c3
03/21/17 LiberSpark c2
03/21/17 LiberSpark c1
01/27/17 Grandlation c3
01/22/17 Grandlation c2
01/17/17 Grandlation c1
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Yoburi rated it
August 23, 2017
Status: c240
A very sweat novel the autor gives what we expect from a Xianxia story sure its full of cliches but since its well made there is no problem.

Story starts with a MC from earth a martila artist taeing over some trash guy but in this novel the MC cares for the guy family his sister-in-law and 2 children while training to became a star expert, he join a dojo, hunts beasts and goes to screat ruins so this feels like Swallow Star but a little weaker after all IET is... more>> pretty good autor.

So if you are looking for a sci-fi Xianxia this is a very good pick no trans but wort reading the raws, also the MC don't care much for romance and so far no heroine but thats also because the MC feels too weak to have a woman but he is eyeing the hot mayor of his city maybe when he catchs up with her something will start. <<less
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mitre27 rated it
May 23, 2017
Status: c4
Just writing this to offset keklel who thinks they can comment about it being a generic xianxia based off 4 chapters, seriously, the only thing generic so far is the reincarnation trope which exists in the majority of these novels, outside of that you can't claim anything else is generic at this early stage.

Though it looks like the translator abandoned it already after promising 5 chapters a week lol.
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keklel rated it
May 4, 2017
Status: c4
It's your typical xianxia, except set in space.

Guy gets killed, gets reincarnated into body of a random guy, and now regards the random guy's sister as his own (?) and regards his life's purpose as protecting her from now on... even though she should just be some random stranger to him. And his personality in his previous life wasn't like that at all, he was some martial arts fanatic who got killed by an anaconda while adventuring. And the guy whose body he took over was some useless gambling addict.... more>> So where does this "responsible good guy" persona come from?

Also, when he exhibits completely alien behavior to how the guy was acting previously, his sister apparently doesn't suspect a thing and thinks he just "grew up". She's not very smart I'll tell you what. And neither are any of the other characters in this story for that matter.

So basically just badly thought out generic xianxia. <<less
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