Long Live the Wild Wife: The Black Bellied Evil King Against the Princess


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Daughter of the Feng Family, born a waste. Forced to marry a fool in an attempt to expel evil influences. When the first killer from the 21st century possessed this body, the sky and the earth surged. She was indifferent and cold-hearted but she let her guard down around him alone. She thought he was a pleasant sheep but didn’t expect him to be a gray wolf in disguise!

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Fathom rated it
November 6, 2018
Status: Completed
The only thing that kept me going in this series was that in terms of length, it's relatively short compared to many other series. The constant quick level ups, fortunate encounters, super powered items, and all wins vs no losses makes it a bit of a bore to read. The FL is truly a one person protagonist. The ML doesn't play too much of a role other than very minor support. The romance itself is a bit dull, as the time the couple decided together is really short. Actually, the... more>> overall time period is short. Everything happens in a matter of days and not months or years. FL gets bored easily, and runs out for adventure despite having enemies after a couple of days even if she's pregnant. True, the female is black bellied and vicious, but because of that, almost all her villains get obliterated very easily. Most of the plot is also repetitive as she easily defeats her foes, while gaining an almost replica of a new hero instantly. I can't say I hate the story, but I didn't exactly love it either. It's readable if you like this genre. The romance is definitely dull though. Whether it's side character or the main couple.

If you have a couple of days to burn, this might be the story for you. Not worth re-reading, but enough to keep your attention briefly. Neither emotional nor deep in plot or character. I would have liked more history and details about the whole Goddess of the World significance, but the author simply tied up that plot with a couple of chapters at the end. Kind of anti-climatic, well the whole series was like that. <<less
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