Like a Dry Branch in the Wind


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“Hello, temptress.”

Count Cassarius died suddenly because of the plague.

He left behind a will for Rietta, a beautiful young widow of his estate whom he tried to take as a concubine before his death, to be buried with him. Just before Rietta was about to be buried, Grand Duke Axias, known as a cruel tyrant, came to the estate. He was there to ask Cassarius to pay back the enormous debt that he had been putting off.

“Everyone here seems to feel sorry for her, but I have yet to receive my payment from Cassarius. If I took her instead of the debt, everyone would be happier.”

Axias chuckled and gave a sweet greeting.

“Hello, temptress.”

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Like Wind on a Dry Branch
마른 가지에 바람처럼
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BitterestBee rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: c36
Been reading the webtoon and am thrilled this series is finally being translated!
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