Light-Winged Magical Angel Ageha ~A Kind-Hearted Magical Girl Obscenely V**lated~


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A story about Ageha: a frail, beautiful girl living in a great mansion, who can transform into a magical girl. Even when she’s defeated, threatened and r*ped by various monsters and bad people, she never loses heart.

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Kouyoku no Mahou Tenshi Ageha ~Kokoroyasahiki Mahou Shoujo wa Midara ni Okasareru~
光翼の魔法天使アゲハ ~心優しき魔法少女は淫らに犯される~
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09/23/23 Entertainment and Snacks c3
09/15/23 Entertainment and Snacks c2
09/07/23 Entertainment and Snacks c1
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