Let’s Raise My Female Cousin Who Woke up from Vegetative State after 10 Years into a Meat S*ave!


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When all of my relatives died after an airplane accident, the sole survivor who entered vegetative state is my female cousin, Mifuyu-chan.

To wake Mifuyu-chan up, I have acquired the knowledge of medical science. For 10 years, I have spent time everyday trying all possible means, but on that certain day, due to the influence of getting drunk, I violated the unconscious Mifuyu-chan.

Being charmed by Mifuyu-chan’s body, I decide to use her as an onahole everyday.

However, Mifuyu-chan easily wakes up next morning.

8 year-old pure mind in a 18 year-old mature body.

This is a story of exploiting such an unbalanced beautiful, ignorant girl – Mifuyu-chan, to erot*c things.

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13 Reviews

Sep 12, 2017
Status: c3
Japan, you've gone too far.....

..... but considering I'm a piece of sh¡t degenerate, I'll rate this series 4/5.

Basically, MC r*ped his female cousin who was in comatose, then when she woke up, it turns out her mental age stuck at 8 yo. So as someone with medical knowledge, he did something that every sane person would do.

... nah he didn't. He taught her to masturbate and slowly guide her to indulge in carnal pleasure. ggwp see ya in hell, author.

I'm out.
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Jan 21, 2018
Status: c11
First of all, before rating it one star, consider this: you read the title before going to this page. The description was between there and here. I can understand if the idea makes you sick, but that's not a reason to rate a story without reading it.

The story gives you exactly what the title and description say, with an excellent insight on the POV and thought process of scum like the main character. The author doesn't try to justify anything. The author doesn't try to make the MC seem likeable... more>> or make it seem like the girl deserves what happened to her.

What the author does is show how easily a desire to protect can turn into a desire to possess with just a single moment of weakness. How hard it is to let go of the object of your obsession, even if your original goal was to free her in the first place. How, after crossing that line, it becomes easier to make excuses and crush your guilt.

This story is well worth reading - just not in a public place, not all at once, and have something you can punch nearby because you will probably definitely hate the MC. <<less
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Sep 11, 2017
Status: c3
Well as far as adult novels goes this is every uncontrolled sociopaths dream a human who's completely depended on them that they can abuse and get away with without worry or need of authority interference it is a bit cripplingly sad with the background tone that this girl's been asleep for 10 years and all of her family is dead except for this one individual who right up to this point was carrying out his duties faithfully and properly has become her abuser. That said I don't know which one's... more>> worse me because I actually enjoyed this or the fact that someone took the time to write this for now I've given it a two because I understanding the translator is pushing translation projects to improve their language translating skills but for the sake of morals both me and the author needs some serious therapy so I'm going to rate this two out of five possible for clean translation TL:DR this is basically emergence in book form and lives up to its tags <<less
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Nov 26, 2017
Status: c9
Most of the others who reviewed this keep commenting on how sick this story is, and just operating on the bare facts, most of us (myself included) would agree with them. However, they fail to grasp the subtle intricacies of the situation that the MC and his cousin are in. This is a man who from the age of 16 has spent basically every moment since the accident that claimed his entire family learning and studying in order to do what various doctors and hospitals couldn't.. wake up his little... more>> cousin. He ignored and threw away any other attachments. No friends, no entertainment, nothing to relieve his continuously building stress from studying and caring for his comatose cousin. I don't think he even masturbated within that time frame, but I don't remember if that's ever mentioned. So, with all this built up stress and frustration from lack of results, when he tried alcohol for the first time it loosened his inhibitions and let the flood gates open. So he made a mistake, and once he did so, he was "awakened" from that point on and unable to go back. But lo and behold.. his mistake actually woke her up.

Now, does this justify his actions? No, not at all. Does this make him a horrible person, both for doing it at first and then continuing it? Yes and no. Because consider it this way. Could any of us hold back in his situation? Maybe, but I don't have the confidence to say a definite yes myself. Additionally, consider this. This girl has the mental age of an 8 year old in an 18 year olds' body. Even if he tried to readjust her to society and catch her up, it would be years before she could be out on her own, if EVER.

No, this is less a story about a degenerate man taking advantage of his innocent cousin... And more a story of co-dependency and a building relationship born from a mistake. Before you completely demonize the story and the MC, just remember that all they have left is each other.

Also, enjoy the s*x. <<less
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Sep 27, 2017
Status: c7
listen I get it this is completely deranged un ethical and if it were to happen irl garuntee the MC would be put in jail for like over a dozen charges but at the same time this is smut and as far as smut goes theres alot worse than this like guro... and cannibals, or hell tentacle hentais, dont get me wrong im not advocating anything this MC is doing is right... but on the other hand hes not hurting the female lead shes happy completely ignorant... but happy, shes... more>> being well fed hes making sure shes healthy so yeah hes twisted and a complete sociopath... but he could be beating her starving her restraining her. torture or neglect it doesnt have either of those and as far as you can tell the female MC atleast as far as I am as of writing this is happy and the only time she ever showed any signs she wasnt was when she found she had the body of an adult... this is getting alot of 1 stars... but in this case basically all the r18 stuff on this site should have 1 star then since I can only think of 3-4 that treat the females kindly in there own sick and demented way I mean hell some of them are r*ped through mind control/drugs/s*avery repeatedly against there will and have far longer translations and better ratings on this site... this seems tame in comparison <<less
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Jul 12, 2018
Status: c4
I never thought I'd be quoting Miyazaki's words, but I strongly feel that this is an insult to life itself, I rate a criminal over this author for even managing to write something this awful, I've made a account in this site just so I could spite this garbage.

That the author even tries to put a somewhat positive light in what the MC is doing makes me want to vomit. This girl's fate is worse than death.
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Sep 12, 2017
Status: --
This is really sick. Though I know it's a R18, I still feel gross. There is almost no plot, only the guy using every of his brain cell to make a 18 years old girl (who had been in vegetative state since 8, just woke up) - his cousin, into a s*x s*ave.
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Fort de Knox
Fort de Knox
May 14, 2018
Status: c14
Some of you might think that it is typical novel where MC abuses the girl to become his s*x s*ave, but this is not it. The MC loves her so much to thw point he afraid she would love someone else if he let her out after she is fully cured.

Rather than pure obscenity feeling, the MC really loves the girl and won't have the heart to hurt her.

Just asking though, is he not working?


The MC will marry the girl.

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May 02, 2018
Status: c14
At first I thought "Ok, another p*rn-like novel with a scumbag protagonist doing whatever he wants"

I already read some like this, there is some novels that have even worser protagonists (like Steeve from Re:Hamster) and I didn't even think about writing a review.

Don't get me wrong, it is not as if I didn't like this series, it is just that I thought "Same as many others". But I changed my mind at ch 14.

If you want to read a p*rn-like novel with various plays and a wicked protagonist, this place... more>> is for you. However, I was very surprise to see their development. I mean, at the beginning you think this is just a one-sided wicked relationship, but before long, both of them begin to harbor feelings for each other.

Maybe it will sound weird, but I swear I shed a tear at ch 14.

And about ch 14:


After realizing he harbour feelings for Mifuyu-chan, he r*pes her without caring for her well being, unless other times, she obviously feels really painful because of it, but try to not let it show, and, after the MC cools down, she goes and says she likes it.

I mean, how can you not be moved? The MC can be as wicked as he want but Mifuyu-chan really loves Shou. To the point that, even if he really hurts her, she will try to not let it show, just so he doesn't hate her. I was really moved by Mifuyu-chan's acts, as well as the MC, who cries and ask for forgiveness and finally tells her that he loves her, and she answer that she loves him as real (despite having a 8 year old mind)


And now, I am curious to see what will happen from hereafter, not just about the many plays that will surely happens, but also the plot and the protagonist development.

So if I must say one thing is, if you read it, and like it, but you think it is not worth your time because it is boring/the same as many other, read until ch 14. <<less
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Feb 23, 2019
Status: c10
I guess it's an OK story. I don't want to repeat what others already said since the novel has a self-explanatory name. It deserves 2, maybe 3 stars (as in p*rn genre).
It's definitely not a masterpiece, but I need to warn people about downvoting because of the content preferences. You saw the tags. No one is forcing you to read it. Please be objective. It may be sick or gross by your standards, but it only means you're not the target audience. This is just a text. Zero real... more>> humans were harmed in the process of writing it. <<less
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Dec 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Welp honestly I have no idea why I agreed to this.

... more>>

So um The MC (26) has taken care of his cousin (18) who has been in a coma since 8 yrs old. Her parents are dead and he is her only living relative. He doesn't have much luck with women at his age and finally breaks down after cleaning her up. He takes her to his bed and deflowers her. She wakes up next day. He slowly raises her as his meat toilet through tricks but eventually convinces her that only he can touch her. At the story's end he convinces her to marry him and no surprise she always wanted to be his bride. Thus they marry have kids and keep f*cking in all sorts of ways.

Wow honestly he took advantage of her physical and mental age difference. They are cousins which is legal in Japan. And it would've been a lot different in reality but hey it's good...?


Yeah it's disgusting morally questionable and also sort of heartwarming. <<less
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May 17, 2020
Status: c14
As an ero story, it's pretty top notch. Lots of forbidden, taboo tags. Incest, r*pe, sleeping s*x. It goes into a lot of scenarios too. Cosplay, vibrators, toys, etc etc.

As an actual story, it makes me disgusted. Protagonist is scum, that's for sure. First of all, he r*pes an unconscious girl- just because someone doesn't object orally doesn't mean it's not r*pe, after all. And after he finds her woken up, with only the memories of an 8 year old child, he basically tries to accustom her to s*x. That's... more>> child grooming. The only thing that saves him is that the girl's body is technically legal, and it's cousins instead of siblings. However, if her mind is the same as a child, isn't that arguably basically the same thing...?

Basically, good ero fantasy. Disgusting protagonist.

Rating it from the ero aspect, 5 stars. Storyline, 1 stars.

3stars. <<less
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May 19, 2019
Status: c12
If you're a weird one like me, you'll love this! Sadly, it appears the translation has stopped but I heard in one of the comments from the translators page that it has a happy ending.
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