Manager of the Other World Brothel


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When I was tossed into this world as a world traveller, it was back when I was still a kid.

As a compensation, the ability I got was every kind of magic specialised in the management of hygiene, and physical condition.

My power has absolutely no use in battle but, as a manager of a brothel, it’s indispensable.

It’s already been several years since I’ve been entrusted with the shop by the Owner who saved my life.

Tonight too, the lights are on in the brothel 「Papillon’s Somnium」, raising the night’s curtains smeared with money and passion.

Please I urge you to stop by, dear customer.

Our shop has assembled only the best beauties, we sincerely await your arrival dear customer.

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Isekai Brothel
Isekai Shoukan no Shihainin
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01/18/17 konobuta c5
12/13/16 konobuta c4
07/04/16 konobuta c3
02/11/16 konobuta c2
02/02/16 konobuta c1
01/30/16 konobuta prologue
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GuldTasken rated it
May 7, 2016
Status: --
According translator, this project has been re-branded under another name. But otherwise, it feels like an interesting story about a man that grew up in the brothel industry and shows lack of lust toward women bodies that he sees all day long like a normal person sees a computer... As nothing special.
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