As the Spirit-sama Says


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This is a story of using hypnotism to convince women that he’s the legendary spirit to let him do various erotic things with them.

The author’s will to write the scenes he wanted to write takes precedence.

Don’t expect anything from the plot.

Even if there are contradiction on the timeline, please don’t think about it too deeply.

Very Short stories.

As the Spirit-sama Says average rating 1.7/5 - 116 user ratings
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penshit2000 rated it
June 30, 2017
Status: c19
It's worth it of your into pretty much every fetish and looking for flat characters. Pretty much just porn. Insanely short, and insanely dirty porn, contains scat, wondering how the artist will do foot or eye fetish?
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metazoxan rated it
September 3, 2017
Status: c36
So I thought the title looks interesting. I saw it's shockingly low rating and thought "Wow how bad can this be?". Well it deserves it's rating.

First of all while the description does say to not expect anything from the plot what it doesn't say is that there is no plot to expect anything from.

The first chapter opens up with the MC in the princesses room, brainwashing her to obey him as the "great spirit" and using her as he wishes. Who is the MC? How did her get here? Where... more>> did he get this power from? None of this is even vaguely explained.

This series fails in every sense of the word. First of all the chapters are unbelivably short. They are so short that you could hold your breath and finish reading without any trouble.

Because of this it fail even as both a novel and porn because it fails to deliver anything satisfying. It doesn't give you any proper details of who people are, what they are feeling, or anything of substance so from a story standpoint it feels more like you're reading a summary rather than an actual chapter. From a porn standpoint the s*x scenes are given no details at all.

This series had no time or effort put into it and it's amazing someone even bothered to put it on the site. Feel free to read it if you want since it's so damn short. But it's really not worth even the little time it would take to read. <<less
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San-Kyu rated it
May 10, 2017
Status: c8
Its a bunch of short, really short (around the length of filling out a letter-sized paper w/ 11-size font) bunch of stories that are barely connected save for the implication that the MC (POV character) is the same one mind controlling the girls featured into lewd acts. There is no real characterization or plot going on - he just says things and the girl he happens to be with does them. No setup or anything, no information on the MC circumstances, what the scenery is like, just a few short... more>> words on the appearance of the girl. The writing for the s*x isn't great either, a real dry description on what was being done, no flowery words of expressing how it feels for anyone involved. Its real boring.

As far as mind control goes you're better off getting your kinks from Adolescent Adam or X-ray is more than I thought. <<less
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Ark-End rated it
June 4, 2017
Status: c6
I wanted to see if this novel was bad enough to warrant such an incredibly bad score.

Indeed. This is a special kind of s**t.

It's less than 30 seconds of content per chapter, no dialogue, no build up, and no sense.

... more>> If you have seen Invisible Dragon, you would have seen how a novel could be funny due to how bad it is. This feels like it was supposed to have a similar appeal, but it's just stupid and lacking.

I honestly think this was written by a middle schooler, and I don't understand why somebody would be translating it. Just ignore this novel. <<less
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scuzzlebag rated it
May 13, 2017
Status: c4
This is... insane? It feels like it is coming from the view of a man who actually hates women. The slave novels on here with the subjugation magic feels like wish fullfilment and power fantasies, which is a majority of the novels on the site. Although they aren't my cup of tea I won't actively criticize them, but this feels darker. If it was written better or longer or more in depth I could wave the "hatred of women" to "subjugation power fantasy", but there is this vibe that is... more>> unshakeable... I read a couple of chapters not because they were good, but because the mind of the author intrigued me. Dark, not in any interesting way, just dark. <<less
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TheImperfectGirl_994 rated it
September 24, 2017
Status: --
Definitely doesn't recommend this to those who are close minded.... well sh*t! I think even those open minded people can't accept this piece of cr*p.


... more>>

Using the little princess as a f*cking toilet??! Holy fu***** sh*t! The author of this story literally have problems with females or maybe that person just really did this thing for sh*t and giggles.


And seriously??! Isn't anyone in this people maybe anti-god or something??! all of them just believes what he said when its freaking obvious he's doing something wrong!!!


There is this prince who doesn't want to believe but in the end, became a girl and got raped and even after that, more or less, she/he became a s*x slave. That smartness in the beginning just got thrown out of the window when she/he became quite addicted to s*x


But seriously, it's sh*t and I'm trying to say this so you do not experience reading this but if you still want to try, then go ahead... <<less
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