Killing with Bikini Armor ~Former Assassin Sees a Dream of Huge Breasts over the Boundary~


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I, a flat-chested girl, was reincarnated. Isn’t this a chance to have huge breasts?!

I am an assassin.

A flat-chested assassin who yearns for breasts and love hot spring.

I was picked up by an assassin’s organization……and had a tough training every day.

Hence, I couldn’t recklessly go to the hot spring which I love, and the fat in my chest was lost….

It’s just a dream of dream to have huge breasts……is what I thought.

But, one day.

After rebelling the organization and was stabbed each other with the Last boss,

……I was reincarnated. I’m serious.

This is my chance~ ♪

The method to attain big breasts had been researched! Alright, I will do my best to develop my boobs!

I will shake my chest in a bikini~!

Eeh? There’s no bikini?

Then there’s still a bikini armor, right?

This is the story of a former assassin traveling to seek for huge breasts, superior bikini armor and hot springs.

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Bikini Armor de satsui wo komete 〜moto assassin wa kyonyuu no yume wo yukemuri no kanata ni miru〜
ビキニアーマーで殺意を込めて 〜元アサシンは巨乳の夢を湯煙の彼方に見る〜
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04/14/19 Kuro Kurori’s... prologue
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