Killing Show


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The Killing Reality Show could be considered an entertainment… circle… probably.

The story of two slightly straight comrade-in-arms, who due to certain circumstances, were forced to go to bed together.

High profile crazy and low profile crazy pair.

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Sha lu xiu
Slaughter Show
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remiss rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: c40
I really like this so far! It's super exciting and has lots of fighting action/gore. The romance so far seems to be slow burn.

MC and ML are both strong and capable. ^_^

The premise is based off of hunger games/battle royale, except the players/contestants are "criminals". The setting is a dystopia in the future, with a disparity between the rich and poor. The "Killing Show" is the title of the program and the players are either bound by indenture contracts or taken from prisons. It is a survival/war type game... more>> where players are separated into by gender and randomly selected into teams. The killings are viewed as entertainment, but despite that, the players are not usually bloodthirsty types. Rather most just want to survive. When the players are not in the game, the players are in a surreal entertainment circle environment. They are treated like celebrities and are required to attend interviews, etc. The game masters decide and invest upon a player, creating plot and etc for the audience. Each player is not strictly a killer; the teams are made up of others in supporting positions like sniper, etc. In gaming terms, the MC is a dps/killer type while the ML is a tactician/planning analyst type.
The MC is described as originally someone kind/gentle, but growing up, he became someone very dangerous. MC is sorta a yandere type, as he smiles alot and looks friendly but can kill you. So far ML's background is not completely revealed, but he is very detached and objective. ML is very smart, and he doesn't like to attract attention from the game masters, so he's always trying to downplay his presence in front of the media. Both MC and ML are characters who have psychological scars, (reference to the sjb aspect in the summary) and through interacting with each other, they start to rely on each other. ^^
So far the plot seems centered around the fighting. But when they aren't in the game, they have to fight against the maneuverings of the rich bosses behind the scenes of the killing show. Ppl who like survival/fighting/zombie/dystopia type genres will like this one. MC and ML are very strong. (Not weak chickens) Of course, they aren't OP and have alot of flaws so they depend on each other. <<less
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Celissiye rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.4

This story is a rather rare one in the BL category, a true dystopian setting with gore. Picture this: In 1000 years or so, we destroyed the environment completely (reasonable, amirite?). Science advanced by leaps and bounds to keep humans alive

... now, dash any hopes of a utopian future, because the gap between the rich and poor has gotten like 30x times as bad as it is now and morality has degraded to the point that it is no exaggeration to call the upper-class in this novel monsters with... more>> human skin.

Do not read if you don't like f*cked up humans making up the majority of the population. And when I mean 'fked up', I mean the kind that let children have drugs and guns at the age of a toddler because 'f*ck it the world is sh*t anyway'. Casual gang bangs and r*pe don't seem that bad compared to other horrible fates described. Now, to be fair, about halfway through you really get used to each arc being more messed up than the last and become a bit desensitized to the cruelty.

Along with the dark setting, I actually LOVE the main cp in this story. Both are manly, if I were to describe power dynamics, MC is better at combat, but ML is smarter. They are a switch couple, not in a toxic relationship, gentle towards each other. Romance is a slow burn. The ML and MC consider each other as family for a large amount of the story. With all the creepy rapists surrounding them, I was perfectly okay with their relationship not being h**ny/s*xual for a long while. In any case, both are pretty cunning, good at fighting and killing, but usually are just trying to survive against society itself. This makes the atmosphere of the novel bleak. No matter how OP the MC and ML are, when so many people are against them, they struggle like insects to avoid torments worse than death.

The MC is tortured in numerous arcs, openly mol*sted, and nearly r*ped multiple times.

Yes... this novel also includes a lot of r*pe. I wouldn't call it 'disturbing' if it didn't. r*pe to women, men, children, with non-humans. It's not always happening on screen or described in detail, but you know it's happening. MC and ML do avoid being r*ped during the course of the story -barely- but other side characters are not so lucky. At its worst, the r*pe is described on-screen and some victims die from it because of the outright obscene methods used. I even needed to take a break while reading sometimes because I thought the MC was actually gonna get r*ped by nasty villain XYZ so many times... just cause' it seemed like the author had no bottom line that way. And I mean, he still got fking tortured and like, really really close to being r*ped.


BUT WAIT! There's more... okay so there is ONE scene that I consider a DOUBLE r*pe. Basically because of #reasons the MC and ML are forced to by the Killing Show's Sponsers/higher-ups to have s*x together. They are required to use drugs, follow instructions, and their whole bang session will be recorded and sold like p*rn. This is the first time I've read about a situation I could dare call double r*pe. The alternative to not having s*x with each other (MC/ML) is to get tortured for fun by rich folk for a few days. Between the two options, yeah they were gonna choose to have s*x with each other, but that doesn't mean it didn't feel wrong. Good god, it was their first time together but traumatizing for both of them. Phew yeah okay I think I spoiled enough


Still, most of the story is dramatic action in high-strung survival settings. Really exciting overall, just felt when it's something as dark as r*pe, I needed to make a clear warning for potential readers. And the most important thing is that the wholesome bond between the main cp can keep you going through the story. MC and ML find solace in each other. So don't worry, there are quite a few sweet moments in the novel, it's not ALL suffering. If even the MCs weren't good and wholesome to each other relationship-wise I couldn't have made it through the story. But they are. Like a dog, all I need is a scrap of goodness.


Also I can't express enough how much I love switch couples in BLs. I like them so much because it just feels so much more equal. Especially in this story setting, they both deserved to get some of each other, these poor sons of b*tches


MC and ML both have countless amounts of PTSD and backstory that led to them becoming hardened killers. MC has a bit of a killing switch, certain people that are evil (especially rapists), he hates with a passion and will kill impulsively at times. He acts carefree and happy-go-lucky most of the time, even while hiding his severe mental traumas which are often shown by his inability to keep food down and nightmares. ML is the more serious of the two, more rationale and shy compared to the MC. ML didn't want to stand out at the start of the novel but was quickly dragged in. His love for the MC grows from the MC's gentle and protective attitude towards him.

I find the plot of the novel to be the worst part of the story. It's too repetitive, which is a VERY common flaw in most light novels that span 100+ chapters. After a certain point, it becomes predictable, albeit still enjoyable (because I like bloodshed... hence the 4.5 rating. AHEM anywho). Here's how it goes: MC stands out by going against the killing show's system. Some powerful dude sets his eyes on the MC, wanting to ruin the MC so badly he forgets that he's a human being. MC and ML find a way to barely avoid that horrible ending but MC (and sometimes ML) are horribly injured in the process and almost die. MC is then revived by #advanced science and the cycle repeats in the next game show. This happens like uh 3+ times? Not to mention the author is repeating the same lines too often. Like how 'it was doomed to turn out that way because of the MC's actions' and like how he can't escape the claws of upper society. Like YO, I get it. No need to keep saying it with flowery paragraphs. The most shifts in plot occurred outside of the game show, as MC slowly gained a cult following of fans and they fought the upper class of the society until causing a large change to the world. You know, typical dystopian revolutionary stuff!

But for the most part, this is like a delicious angst trip.

Still, I wouldn't give it more than 4 stars if all the characters besides the MC and ML were one-dimensional. A number of side characters are interesting. For example, the son of an upper class who is fed up with the system. Various side characters that the ML and MC meet in the killing show also have larger roles and it's hard to predict which ones will die or survive the arc (as they don't ALL die, actually). There is even an organizer/producer of the game show who keeps himself drunk 24/7 to avoid a sense of guilt.

All in all, I really love this one because of the refreshing and interesting switch couple in this dystopian world of filth, as well as the DARK setting filled with action and gore. Highly recommend it if you are in the mood for something dark. The romance aspect IS more minimal, but it feels pretty fulfilling since pure love for another person is rare in this novel's world.


Also it's a HE. Mostly. Can't say anything about some of the poor poor side characters though.

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meridianna rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: c24

oops sorry, almost hysteric there. say, the pair is actually very good. battle is thrilling. but the amount of gore.... *sweating a lot*

think of the monsters as something that can make Lovecraft very proud. nasty is understatement. they are so disgusting euw

people other than the players are the most epitome of shits. too abusive. you've been warned~
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Realvnv rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: c23
I mean... If bad, why so hot?

Came for the cover and definitely not disappointed. The description might be misleading so I opt to say a thing or two about it.

Nope, they don't go straight to bed, this is gonna be a slow burn lol.

... more>> Anyways, MCs are hella good. We have a psycho fighter and another less-crazy technician working together in this madness called "Killing Show". The first chapter ends with mu*der lmao so don't underestimate the ruthlessness of that world, this isn't for the faint of heart.

Oh, forgot, I was talking about characters. Ehm, they are well fleshed out, even cannon fodders that die in 2-3 chapters are somewhat memorable. All in all much better than that "Radio Game" bullshit.

The translation is excellent btw, can't get enough.

I can't say much cause I'm just 23 chaps in so, WHERE IS MORE??? <<less
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Metalloid rated it
June 25, 2021
Status: Completed
One of the best web novels that I have ever read. It absolutely worth a try if you're able to read raw. I recommended it to my friend and she also loved it. It's a great dystopian novel. The MC and ML are charming in their own ways. I won't spoil it. Generally, the MC is belligerent and lively, the kind of cute, handsome man that you'll easily fall in love with; the ML was calm, shrewd but sweet.

I hope this book can be completely translated someday. It definitely worth... more>> more readers.

Btw I LOVE Qi Lan (a character in this book) sooo much, personally. <<less
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prioriincantetam rated it
September 11, 2022
Status: c19
Couldn't bring myself to keep reading. The author reiterates themself so many times that it does infact gets boring.

The MC will become the star and the ML is just boring. Rich people rule. Rich people can only drink and smoke. Rich worships strength. Those who have strength are usually in the lower world barely surviving. This repeats for 19 chapters again and again. People can remember stuff YK.

And Tell me how it makes sense? What is keeping the lower world where they are? Since the law and enforcement is apparently... more>> for namesake anyways. And the author says what is worshipped here in the Upper world is pure strength. Okay. Fine. Then why those who are strong not ruling?

You might say oh they become strong through the whole killing game process and then they are worshipped. Nope. They are already very strong. They don't learn anything new in the killing game. The tactical planner is intelligent and the fighter is good at killing and so on. What they do in the game is just kill. And I'm not saying "just kill" to make light of killing. The author treats it this way. The side characters are 2D

die very quickly then the author would go on a rant how they are just props for the TV show. This is what happens in this world. That no ones death matter.


There is no major obstacle for the MC to cross, as told by the author very early on he is going to be star of this world and so on. Then okay fine, at least maybe the journey would be interesting, but nope. The tropes are repetitive.

Like someone else said a poor imitation of hunger games, yes. But the author treats death very very lightly. It's not very explicit either. They use big words like torture. But they're just mentioned. The process is just left to the imagination of the reader.

In the easter egg plot, a character tortures another player on an altar. The author mentions oh there is blood in the killing game. Then we have everyone's reaction like oh so bad we can't do anything. We don't want that to happen to us. But what the hell happened on the altar? I bet even the author does not know.

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maria_mtl rated it
July 16, 2022
Status: Completed
Warning! Everything from r*pe, cannibalism, torture and anything in between will be there.

I love the plot and the characters. Surprise me when this book got 4 stars. I just can't find any reason for voting it 1 star. Well except for too much gory.

The plot is about corruption done by powerful people, how human played themselves, and the resilience to rebel against it. Really recommend.
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Rida rated it
September 1, 2021
Status: c33
It feels really dragged out. I've only read 33 chapters but they feel so long- I was sure I had reached at least chapter 100.

The first few fights are exciting but later on get really predictable. There's no suspense and it's obvious that the MC is going to survive- ... more>>

especially as every few chapters, the author mentions how the MC and his actions are going to change and revolutionize the Upper Area.


It also doesn't have much world building in my opinion, just the general gist that everything is done for the sake of TV entertainment.

Even as rich people are getting killed, nobody is doing anything. Police? Law? Never heard of them. The killings are just used as entertainment because they were done after the MC explained the 'law of revenge' that the area he lives in abides by. You'd think the higher-ups would have enacted a law that protects themselves and their own interests at least?


Overall, just a bad imitation of the Hunger Games. The plot is predictable and characters apart from the MC and ML are very much 2D. Not recommended. <<less
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bethatcat rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: c57
Imagine you take the social criticisms and basic concept of the hunger games, and drop it into a hell hole of late stage capitalism (particularly in terms of the entertainment industry) that is modern China, then multiply the lazer focus intensity of the critique by 100. Materialism, exploitation in the industry, audience apathy, class divide, psychopathic capitalism are all described in gory detail.

A lot of social commentary. Unsubtle. But I like that. I like the courage and straightforward-ness of the author. I didn't think I would encounter something like this... more>> in a Chinese novel. Clearly I haven't read widely enough.

I would hate to be a famous person in the novel, and probably in real life, too 💀💀 <<less
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August 13, 2022
Status: c56
In-prog rating: 4.7/5.

The story is very much a cruelty-enhanced version of Hunger Games. I like the characters more.

I do believe that the overall rating of this novel is bogged down by people who got put off by the cruelty. I think the story is good.

That being said - severe warning:
Gory. Cruel. Torture. R*pe. Every f*cked up thing imaginable. Seriously, not a joke. We're going far beyond 'brain splatters' level. Read with caution.
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