Killing Show


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The Killing Reality Show could be considered entertainment… circle… probably.

The story of two slightly straight comrade-in-arms due to certain circumstances were forced to go to bed together. High profile SJB** and low profile SJB** pair.

Could be mutual attack…


*The phrase here is 上床 which literally means to go on bed, but it also means to have sex

**SJB is Chinese slang for 神經病 which describes someone who is crazy

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Sha lu xiu
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
05/23/19 Star and Moon... c2
05/01/19 Star and Moon... c1
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meridianna rated it
July 9, 2019
Status: c24

oops sorry, almost hysteric there. say, the pair is actually very good. battle is thrilling. but the amount of gore.... *sweating a lot*

think of the monsters as something that can make Lovecraft very proud. nasty is understatement. they are so disgusting euw

people other than the players are the most epitome of shits. too abusive. you've been warned~
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remiss rated it
May 26, 2019
Status: c40
i really like this so far! It's super exciting and has lots of fighting action/gore. The romance so far seems to be slow burn.
the premise is based off of hunger games, except the players/contestants are "criminals". The setting is a dystopia in the future, with a disparity between the rich and poor. The "killing show" is the title of the program and the players are either bound by indenture contracts or taken from prisons. It is a survival/war type game where players are separated into by gender and... more>> randomly selected into teams. The killings are viewed as entertainment, but despite that, the players are not usually bloodthirsty types. Rather most just want to survive.

when the players are not in the game, the players are in a surreal entertainment circle environment. They are treated like celebrities and are required to attend interviews, etc. The game masters decide and invest upon a player, creating plot and etc for the audience. Each player is not strictly a killer; the teams are made up of others in supporting positions like sniper, etc. The MC is a dps/killer type while the ML is a tactician/planning analyst type.
the MC is described as originally someone kind/gentle, but growing up, he became someone very dangerous. MC is sorta a yandere type, as he smiles alot and looks friendly but can kill you. So far ml's background is not completely revealed, but he is very detached and objective. ML is very smart, and he doesn't like to attract attention from the game masters, so he's always trying to downplay his presence in front of the media. Both MC and ML are characters who have psychological scars, (reference to the sjb aspect in the summary) and through interacting with each other, they start to rely on each other. ^^
so far the plot seems centered around the fighting. But when they aren't in the game, they have to fight against the maneuverings of the rich bosses behind the scenes of the killing show.

ppl who like survival/fighting/zombie/dystopia type genres will like this one. MC and ML are very strong. (Not weak chickens) of course, they aren't op and have alot of flaws so they depend on each other. <<less
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