Kagerou Days


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KAGEROU DAZE, written by Jin and illustrated by Shidu, joins Shintarou Kisaragi, a NEET—person “Not in Education, Employment, or Training”—who has refused to leave the comfort of his room for two whole years. But Shintarou’s easy and solitary life is about to take an unexpected turn when his computer crashes and he is forced to venture into the world he was happy to shut out forever…and stumbles into the middle of a hostage situation!

Note: The song album “daze/days” contains the short story “My little daze” featuring Ayano in a brand new story.

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Kagerou Daze
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Latest Release

v.Daze/Days Special c.My Little Daze by Ku-ro-ha (09-12-2014)
v.2 c.Afterword by Baka-Tsuki (07-05-2014)
v.2 c.7 by Baka-Tsuki (06-11-2014)
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