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A Solution for Jealousy
JP A Solution for Jealousy
Completed Romance School Life
A novel adaption of HoneyWorks “Yakimochi no Kotae (A Solution for Jealousy)“ about Mochizuki Souta (nickname: Mochita), a third-year at Sakuragaoka High School, who holds long-standing unrequited feelings for her the air-headed pretty girl, Akari, who’s the president of the Art Club.... more>>

As the Art Club helps the Film Club with making a movie, he musters up the courage to confess and she actually accepts?! But when they accidentally witness Natsuki and Haruki’s “confession,” things start to get complicated….? <<less
Releases: 8
An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness.
JP An Earnest Unrequited Love, Wanting to Make it Bear a Little Happiness.
Romance Sci-fi
Liking someone and wanting to be noticed by him.... more>>

With such a thought, Mayu earnestly read Usausa Divination. [Your lucky items are a rabbit, an axe, and long piece of metal, I think].

After buying her lucky item, a strange package was delivered to her house. <<less
Releases: 5
Azalea no Shinzou
JP Azalea no Shinzou
Completed Seinen
Short stories from the booklet that came with the Vocaloid album Azalea no Shinzou.
Releases: 1
JP Bad∞End∞Night
Completed Horror Mystery
Bad∞End∞Night is a novel by Hitoshizuku-P, based on a series of Vocaloid songs, the NighT Series. The plot revolves around eight actors trapped in a... more>> never-ending play, seeking a way to escape. <<less
Releases: 8
Deadly Sins of Evil
JP Deadly Sins of Evil
Deadly Sins of Evil is a light novel series based upon the Seven Deadly Sins song series by Akuno-P. Each novel tells a different story set in the same world.... more>>

v1. The Lunacy of Duke Venomania

“Now, let’s dance in this harem.”

The song was posted on Nico Nico Douga in July, 2010. Using Camui Gackpo as the main vocals, other VOCALOIDs were tailored throughout the musical. The song with the theme of “Lust” in the Seven Deadly Sins series, staged in a world with medieval European style, it depicts the life of the Duke that was drowning in the lunacy of his contract with a demon.

v2. Evil Food Eater Conchita

“Praise and worship our great Conchita!”

Posted on Nico Nico Douga in March 2009 by mothy, it used the VOCALOIDs MEIKO and Kagamine Rin and Len for the vocals. The song with the theme of “Gluttony” in the Seven Deadly Sins series, it depicts the life of “Banica Conchita”, filled with the gastronomy of the world. Within this clip, notice the Menu of the Day, such as “toadstool consommé”, for Lord Banica.

v3. Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep

“For the sake of your happiness.”

The song was posted by mothy on Nico Nico Douga in May, 2011. It used the VOCALOID Hatsune Miku for the vocals. The song with the theme of “Sloth” in the Seven Deadly Sins Series, it tells the story of Margarita Blankenheim: a girl who created a peaceful Gift for the troubled people. Familiar characters from the Evil novel series also appear at the end of the video.

v4. Fifth Pierrot

“And turns black to red”

The song was posted by mothy on Nico Nico Douga in June, 2011. It used the VOCALOID Kagamine Len for the vocals. A song related to the Seven Deadly Sins Series, it tells the story of Lemy: an orphan boy taken up as the adopted son of the wealthy woman, Julia. It depicts the figure of Lemy living as the killer known as “Fifth Pierrot”. <<less
Releases: 27
Himitsu – Kuro no Chikai
JP Himitsu – Kuro no Chikai
Completed Drama Fantasy Gender Bender Romance Supernatural Tragedy
Based on the popular Vocaloid song .... more>>

Rin, a young angel (presumed female, but angels don’t have clear genders) falls in love with a young human girl, Miku. However, their love is considered taboo, and so, Rin makes a deal with the devil to be reborn as the human boy, Len, in order to be with Miku. However, their happiness together is short-lived, and even that soon ends in tragedy. <<less
Releases: 19
Jinsei Reset Button
JP Jinsei Reset Button
Completed Drama Mystery Romance School Life Supernatural
What does "being perfect" mean to you? To Hashidate Yuuto, it means everything. All his life long he strived for perfectness until a single incident occured in middle school that ruined his plans of being perfect: He pooped in front of the whole class and parents. Believing, that his reputation was destroyed and that he would never be able to reach perfectness anymore, he wished that the incident never occured. This is when a mysterious Goddess named Maki offers him a button that allows him to go back in time.... more>>

Based on the popular Vocaloid song “” by kemu. <<less
Releases: 17
Jogakusei Tantei
JP Jogakusei Tantei
Mystery School Life
Prequel to the first song in the Vocaloid series, “,” and follows the events between the schoolgirl detective who loves mystery novels, Hanamoto Hibari, and the extremely sadistic mystery novel writer, Kudou Renma.... more>>

As the high school is busy with preparations for the Culture Festival, a female student is found on the roof, collapsed and bleeding.
Written in blood is a single “X.” Is this an accident? Or a case? Hibari sets out to uncover the truth. <<less
Releases: 5
Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu
JP Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu
Completed Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shoujo
Based on the popular Vocaloid series, by HoneyWorks, called “Kokuhoku Yokou Renshuu (Confession Rehearsal)“:... more>>

Natsuki, a third-year at Sakuragaoka High School, who holds unrequited feelings for her childhood friend, Yuu, who’s in the Film Club. However, instead of being honest about her feelings, she makes him be her confession “rehearsal” partner. Unable to say her true feelings, things start to get complicated when Miou and Akari, who are also in the Art Club, get involved! Will she ever be able to confess for real!? <<less
Releases: 9
Mikagura School Suite
JP Mikagura School Suite
Eruna Ichinomiya is a third-year junior high school student who has not decided on which high school to attend, and spends her days skipping school... more>> and playing games at home. One day, Eruna's eyes are captivated by a photo of Seisa Mikagura in a pamphlet for Mikagura Private Academy, given to her by her cousin, Shigure Ninomiya. Feeling that it is fate, Eruna decides to attend Mikagura Academy. However, Eruna discovers that Mikagura Academy is a school where only cultural clubs exist, and that it has an intense battle system where students with special powers must fight each other as representatives of their own clubs. <<less
Releases: 2
Saihate no Uta
JP Saihate no Uta
Stories that tell the story of Shirakami Mashiro’s Vocaloid song series, “Saihate no Uta (The Song at The Furthest Ends)”.
Releases: 1
Shuuen no Shiori
JP Shuuen no Shiori
Horror Mystery Psychological School Life Shounen Supernatural
――Due to a single traitor, the game has begun. Those that wish to escape must abide by the terms and reach the end. Now, let... more>> this fun Demise Game begin――" One-Man Hide and Seek, Doppelgangers, Mearry-san's Messages, Monkey's Hand .... A group of four boys and girls become involved with a certain game though the "Bookmark of Demise," a taboo that is said to have been brought back from ten years prior. Carry out the "demand" written in the mysterious letter, and perform the urban legends. Otherwise, you will die. "With that said, please look forward to the worst ever aftertaste. <<less
Releases: 2
Suki Kirai
JP Suki Kirai
Completed Romance School Life Shoujo
Based on the popular Vocaloid song "" by HoneyWorks:... more>>

“An announcement to the new students! The teary-eyed angel over there called Otosaki Rin is going to be my girlfriend, so keep your hands off her. Ah, and don’t fall for her either, of course.”

No way. I can’t believe this.
What, why did it end up like this.

On the stage in the gymnasium with all the students gathered together, Kagami Len declared in a loud voice, the spotlight shining down on him. My head spinning from the unthinkable timing of what he shouldn’t have said, even now it feels like I’m about to collapse.
As I’m dumbfounded, the root of all evil waves his hand at me, his face beaming with a smile.

And so, because of a certain playboy, it was suddenly decided that the plain me’s high school life will end up turning into an uproar.

The novel is split into three parts, each taking the title of a song . The first part is "Suki Kirai" (chapters 1-6), the second part is "Nakimushi Kareshi" (chapters 7-9) and the last part is "Hajimari no Sayonara" (chapters 10-13). <<less
Releases: 14
Synchronicity ~Requiem of The Circling World~
JP Synchronicity ~Requiem of The Circling World~
Fantasy Slice of Life
A collection of short stories based on Vocaloid songs.... more>>

The Stories

1. Your Absence was for me an Unbearable Pain

2. The Collapse Creeps upon us Bringing Silence

3. A Dream Flower Bloomed in the Roadside

4. A Sound Fading in the Interlude of an Act

The Myths

1. The Mercy of the Bearer – An Origin Myth that Circulates Throughout the World

2. Notes from an Unknown Author – A Document that Sleeps in the Depths of the Empire

3. Summary Report on High-Dimensional Phase Form Sealing Methods Research – Examination and Considerations Regarding the Restraining of Dragon Types <<less
Releases: 6
The Daughter of Evil
JP The Daughter of Evil
The Daughter of Evil is a light novel series based upon the song series of the same name by Akuno-P. Each novel tells a different story set in the same world.... more>>

v1. Clôture of Yellow

“To protect you… for that, I will even become evil!”

The major power of the Evillious region, the Kingdom of Lucifenia. Ruling this vast country was the 14-year-old princess, Riliane. She used her absolute power to squeeze everything from the people, and anyone who defied her was beheaded without mercy.

Beside that princess was a servant with a face similar to hers. His name is Allen. He had been her younger twin brother that pretended to be dead at an early age. Many lives disappeared in the great war that his selfish sister began. When faced with the cruel choice, what did the boy choose?

On the other side, a “swordswoman in red armor” was at the center of an army group of the masses enraged by the tyranny of the princess. They rose up and revolted against the Lucifenian government. She was at the center, the “swordswoman in red armor”—Allen’s foster sister, Germaine; with her personal feelings, she aimed her blade toward the royal palace.

And now, the yellow country’s finale, its “clôture”, begins…

v2. Wiegenlied of Green

“I’m sorry for being alive.”

In order to prevent the collapse of the “Yellow Country”, the Kingdom of Lucifenia, the mage Elluka has asked the earth god Held for a favor.

At the same time, Clarith, a racially different girl living through the rampant racism of the “Green Country”, Elphegort, prayed to God about her feelings of loneliness. “Anyone is fine, I just want them to be my friend.” Michaela, a girl with beautiful green hair, appeared in front of Clarith one day, and the two began living together. But life for the two is about to change, as their world collapses by The Daughter of Evil in the neighboring country. Riliane made the Witch Hunting Order to kill the green-haired women and Elphegort is suddenly wrapped up in a war. Michaela wishes to escape with Clarith, and Clarith wishes for Michaela’s safety. Is there a way to save the girl? And now, has Elluka’s behavior attempted to prevent the collapse of the country?

In the Green Country, will the day the Diva’s lullaby, its “wiegenlied”, flows come again?

v3. Praeludium of Red

v4. Praefacio of Blue <<less
Releases: 114
The Man Who Knows the Sun Never
JP The Man Who Knows the Sun Never
In a forest deeper than the seas
A man who doesn’t know the Sun
No matter how hard he looks upwards
Only taciturn trees cast... more>> their shadows
Even if winter ends and spring comes
Even if summer withers and autumn blows
Inside the forest where seasons don’t reach
He just dreams of something unknown
O forest, open
Swayed by the wind
The blue of the heavens seen in dreams
A color you have yet to know
Releases: 5
Witch Hunt
JP Witch Hunt
Fantasy Romance Tragedy
The sad tale of a Prince and a Witch. Lucca, a girl, and Gakupo, a prince, fall in love. Michelle, a nun, who sees the... more>> couple together grows jealous, as she has harbored her love for the prince for a long time. The Nun thinks that the girl must have used Black Magic to have the Prince fall in love with her and declares her a Witch. <<less
Releases: 31
Yoshiwara Lament
JP Yoshiwara Lament
Adult Drama Historical Josei Romance
Kasane; the most intelligent, beautiful, celebrated oiran in Yoshiwara; kept a “secret” which she could not share with anybody since the day she first accepted... more>> a client. This secret is kept in order to protect her memories with Tetsu, an unforgettable and treasured person to her. One day, a young samurai named Kei comes to her as a client. Kasane falls for Kei, who is both gentle and strong. However, at the same time, when she sees Tetsu’s face when she looks at Kei, Kasane’s faint love is stirred up immensely– <<less
Releases: 2
Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku
JP Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku
Completed Romance
Short stories contained in the special edition CD .
Releases: 1