I’ve Been Summoned to Another World, but They Don’t Want Me, so I’m Going to Enjoy My Time in Another World and Japan With Beautiful Girls on My Side


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Kotori Daiki was suddenly summoned to another world.Even though he gained a Teleportation skill during the transfer, The Summoners and the King sees that he was not useful in battle which resulting being kicked out to live in the city until the rest of the Heroes who had also been summoned to defeat the Demon lord and return home.

He is confused with being kick out suddenly but he finds relief when he obtain a large sum of money through a deal with the prime minister.

On a certain night, a young Goddess appeared before him and gave him additional abilities that should have been given during the transfer .
By obtaining these abilities, he has the power to easily enhance his skills and be able to enjoy the world.

Thus, it’s not just an Isekai story.

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Isekai shōkan sa retakedo, ore wa iranairashīnode, bishōjo-chan-tachi hikitsurete, isekai to Nihon de tanoshiku sugoshimasu.
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stevedtat rated it
April 4, 2023
Status: c24
I wanted to give this an honest opinion, so I read it all the way through before rating. And honestly it's actually pretty Damm good. Although I hate the fact that the author took 10 chapters to explain the MCs skills, but I guess this is just a free write with no outline. But the translation is fking awesome! It's so refreshing to have a translator that you can tell speaks English first. It's worth reading just because of that, I mean it's a kindle quality... more>> translation. <<less
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AJS90 rated it
August 28, 2023
Status: c22
Welcome to another overly generic isekai, featuring s*aves yet again.

Seriously, a couple chapters in, I actually needed to take a break just to make sure I didn’t already read this story somewhere else. But no, it’s just mindblowingly generic.

Another couple chapters later

I needed to take a 2nd break. This time because our MC turned from an apparently more or less sensible/relatable adult, into just another d*ck driven idiot willing to waste his entire fortune on a s*ave. With no foreseeable future income source on top.
... more>>

Also, I’m usually the last one that cares about moral values or discrepancies in isekai stories. But damn, here not even a day passed from the MC getting isekai’d, to him “raping” a 14 year old girl...

And don’t misunderstand me. I don’t mind scumbag MCs. But I want them to be consistent. Not this; “change their personality by 180° whenever the author wants to add a s*x scene, for comedic value, or whatever other random reason”.

But as I obviously have nothing better to do with my time, let’s continue reading for now

With all the criticizing I did so far, let’s say something positive.
It’s quite well written (talking about the Japanese WN, not the translation - I didn’t read the TL). The author keeps a good balance between narration and dialogues and keeps internal monologues to a minimum.
Characters, other than the MC, are fine as well. While they can’t get rid of the feeling that they are too convenient.

But to conclude

After reading the first volume, I say this is probably your average, decently written, isekai. Sadly enough, it just feels like it’s the same story I read 100 times already slightly rewritten, adding 0 creativity from the author’s side to make it any more interesting.
I personally don’t see any reason to read any further hereafter, nor can I recommend it to anyone who has had their fair dose of isekais already.
But well, can still give it a try, I guess. <<less
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xaal rated it
June 26, 2023
Status: c1-4
Premise doesn't seem very interesting to me, but I popped in and read a few chapters since another review said the translation was good. I thought that maybe MSB had upped their quality.

Nope. Translation still sucks. Not in TinyTL levels, but still bad enough to break immersion. I don't know what that guy is talking about with "speaks English first" because I could do a better job in elementary.

I'm grateful people translate works from other cultures, and if choppy English is what we get then I'll read through it. I... more>> just don't want people the misunderstand that this is a "high quality" translation. MSB needs a few good editors to go through and clean up their translations. Especially ones with a good creative streak that have the ability to rewrite and change sentences that don't translate well.

Overall it was just an awkward read, lots of being unable to tell who's actually speaking because of their terrible practice of using brackets to denote speech and marking who says what since in the original language the characters have different verbal tics that tell them apart. <<less
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Enferlain rated it
August 25, 2023
Status: c128
It's just a solid, decent read. The characters and their interactions are well written, I didn't find anything I dislike in novels usually, and that's rare. Very good for a one chapter a day pace, although I'm not sure what speed the author uploads new chapters at.

If I had to point out one thing I didn't enjoy is that the illustration of one of the main characters doesn't match the image built by the words, but that can easily be overwritten by your own imagination.
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