What, Failure to Transition!?……Success!? (LN)


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A hapless factory worker, Todo Yoichi (35 years old, single and living on credit), is involved in a truck accident with a young man with a name similar to his own.

A woman who claims to be ‘the administrator’ appears and tells him that the young man was the one supposed to be reincarnated, and he was only been involved by an accident due to naming error.

While the young man before him was given the cheat abilities and was reincarnated to a different world with swords and magic, the administrator was forced to reuse Yoichi’s original body because there was no more in stock to establish a new existence for him, as all of it was already given to the young man before him.

The same could be said for the cheat abilities as well, and all that he managed to get was the ‘Standard Skill Pack’, which includes [Appraisal], [Storage], [Language Comprehension], and [Return], skills commonly found in ‘Isekai’ Light Novels that Yoichi had read.

Finally, I’m gonna get out of this life in debt! Yoichi thought, looking forward to enjoying his life anew in a different world, but no matter how he looked at it, he could only find himself back in his former world. He was also unable to use the skills given to him, as there was no indication whatsoever as to how to use them in the first place.

To get rid of his sorrow, he went to a hotel that offers ‘special services’ and had some ‘fun’ for a while, and soon as he fell asleep, he was transferred again to the white space, with the ‘administrator’ kneeling before him in apology for making another mistake.

After having his ‘Standard Skill Set’ boosted as a compensation to the mistake, as well as making the skills available of course, he woke up back to Japan, and having tried out his skills in his real world, Yoichi noticed that an unknown land called “Jana’s Forest” was also set as the home point of his [Return], while setting his home in Japan as a return point. He immediately used this skill, only to realize that he could travel back and forth between the other world and Japan!

Got problems with money, weapons and ammo? Use cheat skills to solve them all!

Got a Hero or Demon Lord you don’t like? Use modern weapons to shut them down!

Yakuza, Mafia and even Government Agencies, as long as you have these skills, you have nothing to fear!

Associated Names
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Ee, Teni Shippai? Seikou?
Huh, Transfer Failed?!… or success? (LN)
えっ、転移失敗!? ……成功?
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lettersandmoreletters rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: v2 extra + afterword
My new favorite light novel, my absolutely biggest gripe? That I got hooked so early on and have to wait for more.

The MC feels like a real person, he has flaws, he grows at a somewhat realistic rate as a person- if not in power with cheats involved which for a change aren't completely OP, only mostly since he can't use standard magic- only a handful of skills and guns, lots of guns.

Other characters? They each seem to have their own story, their own life.

The writing is good, the translation... more>> understandable.

The story idea is frankly a bit overdone but the author changes things up and adds genuinely good plot to the mix, mysteries and betrayals, thefts and twists- and between that there's well written and gloriously uncensored erotica.

Frankly without that last bit I'd forget at times it's a harem story- it's just that good. <<less
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GreenRiver rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: v2c8
As of v2c8 it follows the basic isekai template. Killed because a god made a mistake, check. Given cheat abilities as an apology, check. Save a noble girl who falls in love after all of 5 minutes, check...

But it's still interesting.

It's a little different because he can bounce back and forth between Earth and the Isekai World. And the interaction between characters is getting better and better.
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bigstew rated it
August 4, 2022
Status: Completed
can only hope this group does the entire ln, for thoes who cant wait, mtl the wn, this is a good story MC harem wise with the wn ending with a possible continue of the story, sadly, this author like some others get semi forced into r-15 writings after serialzation/licensing, not always bad but its still an r-18 first so downgrading for companies who woke censor depending on site gets tuff and less enjoyable from the original story to meet politcal corparate first decisions, this is one the few narrative... more>> good MC harem stories with alot of plot and decent r-18 desriptions, can only hope this series sees a trans threw end <<less
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Pepperoni Tits
Pepperoni Tits rated it
October 10, 2022
Status: v3c5
I actually think there's a lot of potential in this novel, yeah there's an abundance of s*x scenes vs. Story as of now but I actually think it's gonna kick it into high gear going forward and I actually like the harem romance so far and the girls aren't as 1-dimensional as some other wistfullment garbage. It does have some don't get me wrong but the MC isn't a dense as*hole or some disgusting sexoffender so thats a plus, also I like how he's a realistic guy who's kind without... more>> being like a complete doormat. MC subconsciously wishes he wasnt so empathetic sometimes but whenever he tries to act as a "scumbag" he cant follow since it's just not how he is as a person.

Tl;dr If an explicit tone without being depressing is what you want give it a try it's deeper than you think. 4/5 since I don't want to overpraise it too much. <<less
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tempetahu0 rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: v1c15
note: I already read it up to c15 in raw

it's your usual isekai story, and what you expect in nowadays isekai's story cliche and whatnot everything is here, the only difference is just a splice of smut in this.

I'm disappointed with how the author decide to steer his story, at first it's pretty interesting with how he's living his usual life just +cheat skills and even tho he can go to another world and back


... more>>

i wish he still living a simple life with simple goals (slow life) but no he decide to join like thousands other isekai stories with nonsense battle and useless conflict.




as usual MC got super convenient and OP skills but AS USUAL our blockhead MC can't even utilize it properly, appraisals that can scan unlimited range??can save all informations and read it whenever wherever you want??body that won't fall ill/sick and almost same as super regeneration??storage skill with unlimited space and got "too convenient" functions??well you know it's isekai tr*sh when MC can't even use their own skills properly.


with how it's pretty interesting start I'm willing to rate this 3.0. <<less
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TimeVoid rated it
October 21, 2022
Status: v2 prologue
At first this novel is some what okay then everything is ruined by the glasses girl. She was actually a prostitute with tragic background that really cannot be sympathize with. Moreover, the MC and the glasses somehow progressing into a romance by the author that can be seen as "Forced" or "Too Fast"for the readers. Something is wrong in this novel.

In addition, MC was pretty much standard isekai main character. However, he use a gun to otherworld in a match against the residents of fantasy. The fights or battles were... more>> became plain or too predictable due to the existence of gun in the first place.

And lastly, the author were somehow stop showing us the result of MC Appraisal + to the readers.

Overall, it is a poor story <<less
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bozakir rated it
July 2, 2022
Status: v1c20
It's somewhat ok. Smut is ok, story is ehh. It's fine to kill time.

But I can't read it. It drives me mad. While I don't condone I can tolerate and understand certain behaviours. This I just can't. It's too much. I just can't stand how much of a simp MC is. It makes no sense to me.

... more>>

While out of town; this dude hires a random s*x worker, notices her having flu. Still hires her. Tries to use her services she gets sick but they kinda force through and finish up a session. He then pays for an extension uses the time to play nurse to her. Next day she invites herself to his house, he accepts it. Buys clothes with her. Then goes house hunting with her. Then buys furniture for the new house with her. They spend the night together and she ghosts him.

This is a random s*x worker he met and spend 3 nights and 2 days together. And he treats her as if she is the love of her life. FFS After moving he throws away everything in his old house but keeps bedding because it has the smell of her. This is not behaviour of a 35 years old male that routinely hires prostit**es. This is how virg*n teenagers act after they get had their first one night stand with an older woman.

I saw some comments while reading call Misato best girl. So I am assuming she will have some redeeming arcs in later. But that's not how writing works. Your main character doesn't get to read the script ahead. You don't get to import feelings from later volumes. Misato might transform into the greatest hero of the universe later, selfless saint of the earth. But as of v1c20 she is a random prostitute MC hired. This dude has been hiring prostit**es for ages, he should have a better radar for this thing. Reading MC acting lost puppy love after her is just grinding.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
jjm152 rated it
February 19, 2023
Status: c19
This is.. not a great novel. I generally like R18 or adult novels, but this one is bad in the way that it has both s*x scenes that exist for no purpose other than to have s*x scenes (like, he bangs a lot of prostit**es... okay) and the s*x acts themselves are extremely vanilla and not terribly exciting but they go on for PAGES AND PAGES. It's just not spicy at all.

Also, the author really goes out of his way to make the protagonist somewhat of an idiot without giving... more>> us any reason why he acts like an idiot. He's not s*upid per-see, he just does really dumb things - like bring a prostitute hundreds of miles home with him and doesn't even bother to use his cheat power on her to see if maybe she is going to slice out his liver and sell it on the black market. Literally no one would do this, absolutely no one and especially not someone who has the ability to check people for their own intentions.

Generally speaking these novels require a huge suspension of disbelief in order to get into them, but this one requires that you believe that someone who seems of normal intelligence can just randomly act like a moron for no good reason. I can't do it.

Also, the isekai parts of this story are really really under done. In fact, nothing at all has come from the fantasy world and I'm almost 20 chapters in. All of the OP's gains are from using his cheat powers in the real world, which is fine, but that's not the premise for this book and it takes WAY TOO LONG to get off the ground (largely because we seem to need very, very long and boring s*x scenes instead of actual content)

Look, go ahead and try this out, it might be your cup of tea, but for an adult novel, something like Confinement King is miles better both for having a good blend of fantasy/magic and real world interactions as well as way hotter and spicier s*x scenes and scenarios (even if it does get repetitive after a while) <<less
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half_f rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: v2c4
Kind of the opposite of your average isekai.

Usually, you want less procedurally generated isekai nonsense, and more relationship. This one had it too much that you want less smut and more story.

It's a waste of a good concept (like many others). You can skip some smutty chapters and you'll miss nothing, you can even predict upcoming smutty chapters.

One chapter he's riddling a bear with bullets, the other (of course) he's Talk no Jutsuing some rapists, and (of course) it happen that she's smeared with aphrodisiac, and (of course) you can... more>> tell what'll happens next.

I can't give it a 3, sorry. And I'll stop reading just here. <<less
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PrimeZurker rated it
November 6, 2023
Status: --
Was expecting a bunch of gunplay adventure in a fantasy world, what I got was 90-95% unrealistic smut and very little any gunplay. I would have much prefered if it was mostly gunplay adventure. I mean seriously, this is a fantasy world iseki that takes place on a flat earth, yet the most unrealistic thing about it is the behavior of the women surrounding the MC.
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H2oJacKle rated it
March 31, 2023
Status: v4c1
I had interesting at start

MC got power but with a mistake he stay at present world this should be interesting but suddenly author decided him to go isekai (another world) anyways

and again we had naive MC that's close to pathetic person and same cliche he can kill so many animal but he can't kill humanoid and human WTF DUDE all of Japan MC novel can't kill people (but can kill demon/monster/animal) they mostly choose to 'capture' (capture my a** in medieval you will get execute anyway)

and he make his... more>> own rule not violent the law but if he think it need for his 'objective' he will do it anyway so why author make this rule at first place stop you damn excuse and use the power man


he broke up with his GF because he make some distant and when he got power he go to see his ex again but instead talk about their relationship he though to run away and tried to get distant from her again such a let down


and most thing that annoyed me is Japanese really obsessed with medieval era without researching anything. All they had is Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy as reference
medieval era don't have medicine / food is suck/no seasoning/ cloth is suck /noble is suck/ no air-conditioner/no games/not much entertainment /almost no proper book
Please do some research man.
Japanese overwork so much and hate to live in present world but all of convenience things in their live come from technology in present era so if you had power like MC why not use it and enjoy our world. Japanese look only their country but if you look at all of the world their are a lot of thing to enjoy in our world if you had power and money

it didn't bad I still enjoy reading it but it didn't good either so-so I think
s*x scene is mostly normal but still good <<less
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November 17, 2021
Status: v1c10
I originally read the manga version of this. This series seems to deconstruct the normal Isekai trope. I like the MC, he's chill and making the beast of his cheat powers to have fun in both worlds.
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