It’s Hard to Escape the Omegaverse Trope!


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Multiple Alphas!Gong x One Beta!Shou

Alpha × Beta, Semi-Entertainment Industry.

“You’re a beta and you’re still looking for the Alphas? Qu Di, what are you thinking?”

All of them were prominent figures in the entertainment industry, but for some reason, they don’t like the sweet and tender Omegas. Instead, they set their sights on him, an ordinary Beta.

The various Alpha Gongs: Cute little Di is way better than those soft Omegas!

The Beta heads the race while the, Alphas chase the flame

I won’t stop making a scene (of dramatic plot twists)

Qu Di: I just want to go home… Wait! Isn’t my home getting a bit crowded!?

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5 Reviews

Dec 01, 2023
Status: c136
i dont know why I read this far. it's a very dog-blooded melodramatic story with plenty of angst and ridiculous plot developments. MC has little to no personality after the first arc.

first it was about the entertainment industry, but then it develops into a kidnapped boyfriend arc, pregnant runaway arc, washed ashore on a island arc, then running away arc again. full spoilers iirc.

... more>>

ML #1- the first ML candidate MC met, he basically saves him in the first chapter, but mc's manager (who's also a minor antagonist later) steals all the credit by pretending it was her, thereby earning his gratitude and financial sponsorship. he didn't like MC at first bc he hated and disdained betas cuz of his family's past (his dad ran off with a beta and dying cuz of AIDS or smth).

ML #2- ml#1's younger brother, also mc's famous artist he's assigned to as an assistant. he's a sheltered boy, doted by his older brother, so he hadn't experienced hardship yet. the first ML to fall for MC for no notable reason and was greatly saddened when he realized MC already had a boyfriend. he seizes his opportunity when MC is heartbroken by ML #3's betrayal and takes him away.

ML #3- famous actor king. he and ML #2 were working on a movie together which allowed him the opportunity to meet MC. the first ML MC fell in love with after MC is dumped by scum boyfriend. however, it's revealed he's seducing MC to take revenge on him, for his sister who was kidnapped and suffered under mc's father's abusive hands. As they live together, he inevitably falls for MC and decides not to go thru with his plan, which is to frame him for plagiarism with his own work, and make him fall into hell. Unfortunately, the plan still goes thru somehow prob due to miscommunication and MC suffers immense backlash and criticism. he realizes it was ML #3's doing when his sister visits their home one day, freaks out upon seeing her, and leaves him to be with ML #2.

bc ML #2 decides to be with MC, ML #1 cancels his contracts and sponsoring, so MC and he moves into a small poor home. his lack of income and inability to provide for MC hurts his ego, and this causes some friction between them, which MC tolerates as he is grateful to him. to add salt to injury, ML 2 is insecure if MC loves him, or if he's still in love with ML #3, who is regretful and keeps trying to meet with MC. one day, ML 2 goes to another city for a job opportunity, but is forced to gamble, resulting in a debt he had to call MC for help (he didn't call his bro cuz of his pride). so MC goes to ML #1 and begs him for money, to which he agrees in exchange for some "blackmail material". Anyway, my memory is a bit spotty here, but ML #2 is still not released but instead kidnapped, MC and ML #1 try to find him to no avail. at some point, MC almost had a miscarriage so it was discovered that he was pregnant.

ML #1 and MC live together, bonding over their shared loss of ML #2. ML #1 falls for MC, but keeps it in his heart. stuff happened. mc's manager, who used ML #1's resources to make herself an idol, stalks ML #1 and finds out they have some sort of relationship and accidentally lets it slip that she lied about saving ML #1, AND HE HEARD THAT. and there was another event where she tried to set his villa?mansion? on fire, with MC in it, but was saved by ML #1, thus is moved and finally opened his heart to him.

but then ML #2 returns. but as a different man. he had been confined and tortured by ML #1's nemesis/aka future ML #4, and deceived into thinking he was addicted to drugs. bc of trauma and deliberate instigation by his kidnapper, he believes MC and his older brother have an intimate relationship. paranoid and further insecure, he ends up pushing MC away with harsh words, who has another almost miscarriage. ML #1 is angry, and forces him to leave his house for mc's mental health. and ML #2 at this point is just here and there, not really important. MC is grateful to ML #1, but feels like a burden, so he runs away to a village, and that is where ML #4 swoops in.

ML #4- ML #1's nemesis who also has a crush on him due to being saved by him in his childhood. he's illegitimate child in an affluent family and was bullied, but quickly rose to the top with his ruthlessness. ig he wanted to be noticed by ML #1, so he made all kinds of trouble for him...? well, whatever, cuz he falls for MC anyway. at first he plotted to appear in front of MC and seduce him, but his head was hit, and he developed amnesia which reverted his mind to his 5 yo self. during this time, he lives with MC in the villages, and inadvertently develops affection for him.

however he eventually recovers his memories, yet still stays with MC to continue his plan and assumes the persona of a man in love yada yada yada and (my memories are a bit spotty here) and after MC had enough of village life, decides to leave the village with ML whom he grew fond of. he is taken to a mansion and days pass peacefully as he waits for the due date. his fantasy shatters one day when he overhears ML #4 talking about ML #1 and realizes he was using him, so he wants to leave. ML #4 stops him, drops the act, and they get into a physical altercation where he chokes and strangles MC. blah blah blah MC gives birth and only cares about his baby while ML #4 regrets it. one particular day, he sees and tries to save an injured man ML #4 and his group were torturing but is caught and the ML steps forward, all provocative like "you cant shoot me!" but MC did, which, I forgot how, but he got a gun somewhere. so, he's thrown into prison, and humiliated by the ml's subordinates who want to avenge their boss. when they meet again, at that point, his mind is very unstable and he is kinda dissociating cuz of the culmination of trauma so as a result, he ends up forgetting all the sh*t ML #4 did to him. ML #4 realizes his love for MC since he didnt feel like killing him for that shot and they live harmoniously until the day they attend this yacht banquet.

all the mls r at this banquet and meet MC, but he doesnt really remember then, until ML #2 is stabbed by someone and MC is hurt as well. this is the catalyst that returns his memories, along with a great fear for ML #4, but his mind is still kinda broken. suddenly, foreign pirates hijack the ship, on a mission to kill ML #4. the situation is tense, until MC inadvertently seduces the pirate leader, an omega, bc he mistook him for his baby. so MC is taken by omega, separates from the other mls, then is almost r*ped by said omega. mls work together to save him and they do rescue him, but MC at this point has had enough of life and decides to kill himself by jumping overboard into the sea. and the mls followed after him. so the omega ends up not that relevent.

ofc they didnt die. they end up on a remote island, thus starting their island life. nothing notable happens, except that MC and ml#3 ate a fruit that had aphrodisiac effects and ended up having s*x, while the ML who gave them the fruit to eat regrets lol. but then MC later has a miscarriage, which further emotionally drains him. they get rescued and MC wakes up at a hospital. he leaves once again with his baby to a village, but the mls one by one follow him there.

it's very tedious to read, so I skipped to the end. MC ends up with all of the mls.


you're welcome. <<less
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Oct 21, 2023
Status: c104
Thank you translator/provider of this novel for all your work and effort but sadly I'll be dropping this novel.

I had hoped that this was going to be a fun story, with it's ups and downs but as you progress through the story things just get increasingly frustrating and repetitive. Characters were interesting at first but they all just end up acting the same and the same situation happens over and over.

... more>>

Like how the MC is in a relationship with any one of the MLs and then finds out a secret about them, regardless of degree or current relevance of the reason as to why they are dating him, MC just shuts down and runs away and winds up in the hands of another ML to repeat the cycle.


Honestly, I do somewhat understand the mentality of the MC but at some point this just becomes needless torture for both the MC and the reader. There is no happy moment because it's all full of angst, misunderstanding, betreyal, and maybe some common sense would help solve some of their relationship problems but all the MLs just inexplicable fall in love with the MC.


They fall in love with him for the most normal or reasons. One in the form of first love but most of the others just like him because he was calm and more homely. Honestly they just need some love in their life and if they are willing to let anyone in who has even the smallest amount of sincerity they would probably also love or at least appreciate them.


If your type of book is something full of melodrama and characters lacking in a varying level of common sense, this might be just the book. However, this is just not my taste, as I do prefer books/novels that gives at least some happiness to the MC that the MC will actually be happy with.

In all honesty, even if theirs book ends with the MC being with all the MLs, I don't think it will be a happy life knowing them all. <<less
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Nov 20, 2023
Status: c54
I do agree that the synopsis is misleading.

Although omegaverse is a setting that impacts the plot and scenarios, I would say Qu Di's involvement in the entertainment circle is the major catalyst for angst. Qu Di faces false allegations, corruption, and the capricious nature of fans.

Regarding the harem aspect, I can only currently identify two male leads: Tang Xiyan and Shu Yi.

Yang Ji breaks up with Qu Di at the start of the novel. Although Yang Ji later makes a short reappearance as cannon fodder, in my opinion, he wasn't... more>> presented as a romantic interest.

I would not be surprised if Tang Chaobai ends up as a male lead; however, up to my current progress, Tang Chaobai does not appear to be romantically interested in Qu Di.


Tang Chaobai was willing to abandon Qu Di for the sake of the company's reputation, he opposes the relationship between Qu Di and Tang Xiyan, and acts slightly prejudiced against Qu Di being a beta. Rather than a love rival, I would say Tang Chaobai is more akin to an 'antagonistic mother-in-law'. There was even the cliche arc where Tang Chaobai refused to continue supporting Tang Xiyan (due to Qu Di) so the male lead had to earn money himself.


In the end, I dropped the novel out of frustration. Qu Di was suffering one misfortune after another. Tang Xiyan was handling situations poorly with a naive attitude. And Shu Yi was appearing with buckets of angst in tow.

I honestly think Qu Di would be happier if he were never involved in the entertainment industry. Qu Di isn't an actor nor an idol (though he does aspire to be a scriptwriter) ; it is his involvement with Tang Xiyan and Shu Yi that is the source of melodrama.


Rather than a light-hearted omegaverse harem novel, this is a dog blood "surviving the entertainment industry" drama. <<less
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Jan 15, 2024
Status: --
This novel should be given an award on how dramatic it was, like I don't even understand how I wasted 2 days of my life reading this. Anyways I think it's kinda good not gonna lie (I just like melodramatic stuffs) but the amount of dog blood was no joke lol! The MC is so freaking miserable though, like this novel is on another level... 🗿
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Oct 31, 2023
Status: c14

The description is somewhat overexagerated, this is an advice I'm giving you as to not be fooled just like me.

My expectations were low on this one, because of the amount of bad omegaverse and harem stories I've read along with the description. However, as I was reading the novel I was pleasantly surprised to see that it isn't all that bad (at least so far that I've read), the writing is good and the characters are easy to differentiate. I can't say anything... more>> about the plot though, because I haven't finished the story. The novel does follow a lot of common tropes in BL stories that sometimes annoy me like


The scumbag ex-boyfriend trope and Qu Di being somewhat too kind at times that lead him to being hurt physically.


This doesn't impact the novel negatively, it's just really repetitive to watch. I will try to edit this review once the novel has more chapters.

Just to clarify, I'm rating the novel as is in terms of character, setting and plot however since the translator hasn't finished translating the novel, I'll distance myself from making a review.

4/5 but rating the novel 5/5 to combat the negative ratings. I reckon the people rating probably have never even read the novel and only read til chapter 2 to rate that it's bad. The rating is 3/5 as I'm reading this. <<less
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