Transmigrated as the Cannon Fodder Abandoned by the Movie Star


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Gu Qingchi transmigrated into an insignificant cannon fodder. The author didn’t set any of the details of the cannon fodder’s character settings, so everything was randomly generated.

Then, somehow, he ended up becoming the most beautiful person in the entire novel.

However, it didn’t matter. As a cannon fodder with two sentences in the book i.e. Marriage & Divorce, he is unable to leave the barest trace in the world till the divorce! His existence was forgotten & he was left completely isolated.

Gorgeous beyond measure, after finishing the cannon fodder storyline, Gu Qingchi could debut by relying on his face alone.

When the well-known movie star’s love affair was exposed, his fans were furious and ready to take this guy down, but ended up being captivated by his beauty.

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New Xantheosse rated it
December 4, 2023
Status: Completed
I’m going to rate it at full score mainly because of the realistic depiction of depression and mental illnesses. It’s always been my gripe with stories especially, with those leaning on the drama genre that they just gloss over how depression gets portrayed. That it can easily get someone out just by the power of love. It isn’t like that. Not at all. You can be the most loved person in the entire universe but still be stuck in that quagmire.
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New Yoya rated it
December 1, 2023
Status: c64

I can’t stand the writing anymore. Each time a new character meets MC the author spends half a chapter going on and on about his beauty and it’s just so damn repetitive. MC’s personality isn’t developed either, it’s just like cardboard, being obedient and etc to everyone. He spends more time interacting with all these people enamored with his beauty than with ML. Granted, literally everyone is shallow af and just sees his beauty and it’s just getting mad annoying. I skipped ahead to see if there’s any redemption for... more>> the story and was baffled by the random appearance of the Gu family and Gu corporation, like wow how convenient to make MC into this pitiful white lotus and have literally everyone bending over backwards for him. <<less
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hybridiris rated it
July 7, 2021
Status: Completed
I read this through MTL.

This novel is a 4.5 stars for me.

First of all, trigger warnings for depression, self-harm, alcoholism and su*cide. Just want to put that disclaimer out that for anyone reading this novel. The novel is basically comprised 95% of the MC's journey to move forward with pain and deal with all of these topics. These are heavy topics so please take care reading this novel.

The author did a great job describing so realistically what the MC was going through. It's so chillingly accurate that as someone... more>> who has gone through depression and still is recovering, I see myself in fragments of this novel. Depression doesn't just go away. It's a long road to recovery and you have good days and bad days no matter what. What made me sad was the author left out the therapist sessions. While family and love ones play a huge role in recovery, the therapist is also integral to it. There was an opportunity to show that side and perhaps even to help readers understand a bit more about how to cope with depression through the eyes of the MC. It's a missed opportunity that we didn't get to see this.

The only thing that bothered me about this novel is like many Chinese authors, there's a need to cater to their audience by making everyone godly beautiful etc. Maybe author thought that they wouldn't get as many viewers if this wasn't an entertainment setting and both MC and ML were good looking but all the descriptions of the MC's beauty was just off the mark. Being Chinese myself, I question this sort of "face" addiction people have over there that's like beauty = right. I would totally be okay reading this novel without the entertainment setting and even without either MC and ML looking godly beautiful/handsome. The entertainment backdrop wasn't even really well written or used much in the plot which is why I think that wasn't a necessary part of the novel and could have been replaced with literally any other career plot line. Agree with some of the other commenters that the use of cat and dog metaphors is a little excessive and repetitive.

Don't hate on the ML though. Poor ML didn't know what happened and his reaction was totally valid for what he was going through. I remember my parents trying to force me on a blind date once. I was so mad I totally just straight up told my blind date I was forced to reach out because of my parents. Anyone who hasn't gone through Chinese parenting doesn't understand how absolutely hateful this is. Especially in the ML's case when their parents are douchebags. Anyhow ML will spend all novel redeeming himself for his wrongs.

Being family or loved one to someone who is depressed is a very tough thing. It's interesting that a little of that was delved into for this novel. However the reality is a lot more painful though I guess I can thank the author for sparing us from further pain.

TL:DR This novel is hardcore about depression and psychological. Romance if any is the tiny sprinkle on top of the depression cake. If you can't handle this, don't read it. But if you do, you may find it rewarding if you can use this novel as a focus for self reflection. Otherwise... don't hurt yourself by reading this novel. It will hurt. <<less
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Simsim rated it
May 27, 2021
Status: Completed
The novel is great

The balance was well written

Especially the depression part where not everything miraculously gets alright.



Ml- great

He comes out as a character who is fleshed out

    • He regrets, tries to better himself for MC
    • He has a lot of patience for MC and tries to make up for him so much
    • It's a place where he knows he can't go back in time and can't undo his wrongs which he probably didn't even know until it was revealed

MC's mom


After the MC and ML the character which I came to love was MC's mom

    • She was so gorgeous in every scene
    • She takes the cake
    • She is supportive, acts like she doesn't know anything when she knows ignorance is a bliss
    • Makes up from the get go to MC that I am your mom
    • Makes him feel as a family
    • I especially loved the part where she manipulates MC to take his medication by acting like she doesn't want to take her own medicines.
    • Cute!!!

    • MC bro and dad
    • Well they were okay initially and you know you like the character when it grows on you
    • Especially big brother, *kiss kiss*
    • There wasn't much special or extra great reveal character out of him, but for some reason I liked him. I don't know why though

Yup the biggest reason I read this novel was for him

Depression doesn't just go away because you are happy today

It doesn't leave you when you fall in love

When everything goes right in your life

When you have everything

It still doesn't leave you

It takes a lot of effort time and *courage* for it to slowly improve.

Thank you for showing that.

I loved this part of anguish very much.

I literally cried and bawled my eyes.

*Tissues please!!!

    • Dislikes:
    • In the middle of the novel, it gets real boring like real bore
    • It's because we knew that something is going to reveal itself but it felt a little dragged out just like a filler
    • MC family which stole him and blah blah blah, so I would have loved a lot more face slap.
    • I know they (original family) took revenge for him
    • But I wanted him, himself to have a closure
    • MLs mom, gosh that lady!!!
    • She was the root cause of all the problems indirectly leading my babies to have so much pain and suffering. I ain't saying ML can get away but he had a reason albeit I wont forgive him. And he makes up to MC and we can see it as well how much he loves MC and suffers along with him.
    • But people I just want ML mom to reflect herself but the author didn't give her much of screen time and not much closure.
    • Not much of entertainment circle especially ML even though he is the emperor but about his works nothing is revealed as compared to MC and when he is working together
      with MC

Anyway I did have a lot of fun plus you know tissues in last chapters

Tears away

Give it a read if you feel like it and stick to the end

The ending feels all the more worth it!

Ps. This is my first review on a novel
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Lucy666 rated it
June 21, 2022
Status: Completed
This story messed with my brain. In a good way. I have read many stories depicting mental illnesses and depression but never have I ever read one as accurate as this one. I wasn't going to write a review but I just couldn't help myself, the story is just that good.

The summary had made it out to be a light, fluffy story, but I had read the reviews and I was prepared. I was expecting some abuse, but what I got healed me.

The time I started reading it, there were... more>> only 28 chapters by chrysanthemum garden. I'd thought 'let's see what the fuss is about. I'll wait for it to get updated once I catch up with the latest chapters'. I could not, indeed, wait. The translations were absolutely beautiful, by the way. I started MTLing. It s**ked. It was a torturous process to read MTLs and the readability was absolutely horrendous, but the plot itself was so good that I couldn't stop myself from torturing myself some more.

I've cried while reading MTLs, but most of the times it's due to the fact that they are so excruciating to read. I cried, this time, because the plot made me want to bawl my eyes out. The depiction of depression was so accurate that it was scary. I wonder if the author themselves experienced it, because it felt so lifelike. Other stories have characters going through depression, and then getting themselves together once the cause of depression is gone. It's impossible to recover from depression just because the thing that made you depressed is gone. It takes years, as long as an entire lifetime, to recover from it. Depression is more of a battlefield, and you seldom come out unscathed.

I'm not really going to give spoilers this time. I'm just going to share my feelings. I.... have a lot of feelings for this one. This is ironic because right from the moment you start reading this story, you'll feel as if your eyes have been covered with a black and while film, dulling your senses. That's probably how the main character feels. However, it's a story that heals. The support from the MC's biological family as well as the ML, the quiet love and the warm caresses and hugs are so healing that I felt like I'd been born anew after the end of the story. I could read this story forever. It gave me hope and salvation, and it made me treasure my family and friends more than I already did.

You can't say there's a villain in this story. The only conflict is probably the things that happen in the entertainment industry, but even that is humane and realistic. Your competitors might dislike you but they haven't lost their humanity; at the very least they won't try to drug or kill you or sleep with you always, like what happens in literally every story I've read before. And some people might find that boring.

This story is about MC's struggle with depression. He goes from being the proud son of heaven, loved by all, to being locked amd abandoned inside a big house with nobody to talk to. It's a complete fall from grace and he doesn't even feel like living anymore. But gradually, he goes from a withered flower long past its prime to a seed nurtured and breaking out of the soil. He's a fighter, but like every battle in the world, depression is a fight that can't be won alone.

Both the ML and the MC deserve all the love in this world. Some might think 'ML' is a scum, but he's not. He made mistakes, and he atones for them for the majority of the story. Their love is not an easy one. It's filled with blood and pain and tears. It's not easy to fall in love and remain in love with a person suffering from depression. You might think "he's the reason MC got depressed", but suspend that thought till you read the entire story, including the extras. The extras tie up most of the loose ends and explain the reason and mechanism of the transmigration. The ML is a cutie and an absolute darling. He made a mistake but it was a mistake that was forced on him. This, of course, didn't stop me from hating on him on behalf of my darling MC. But as I read on, I started pitying him. The extra that explains the transmigration honestly made my eyes leak a little bit.

I realised I've been rambling on and on, I should probably stop. This can't be counted as an actual review, it's just a way to release my balled up feelings for the story. I had been avoiding the story because I was afraid of pain, but this story made me realise that to heal a rotten wound, you have to uncover it and scr*pe the rotten and hurting flesh. I am sure you'll be healed by the end of the story, so give it a try.

(Also, don't try reading the MTLs if you are easily put off by bad grammar like me, they are impossible to read. I'm going to read this again once the actual translations are done.)

Overall, 5 stars for everything in this story. The only regret I have is reading it sooner, when only 28 chapters had been translated. <<less
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WallEyeKnee rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: c70
You want to know why it is a 1?

The dumb ass Film Emperor didn't even check who he married to, I am more than half way through they are still not together and resolved this whole fake marriage issue which caused MC to have trauma. While the ML planning their dumb ass wedding when they are not even together yet. I tried to feel bad for the MC, I was at the beginning, but it dragged on too much that I felt nothing.

ML is such a moron, who honestly wasn't... more>> different who was ML he 's only felt for his face/body. I wish the agent of MC was ML. Their relationship seems more real and shippable. That s*upid ML is unforgivable to me, regardless who you married know who they are atleast and when you divorce give them a call atleast, so s*upid then have the nerve to chase after someone you traumatized directly or no I don't care. MC should've found another person to be honest. ML is unsuitable, I don't care about he's gentle to MC after the fact bbalalbalbal. He will always be arrogant, immature, facecon. I just can't get past it, so it's a 1. <<less
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katsudone rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: Completed
4, 3/5 ♡

TW //

su*cide attempt, mention of blood in ch 95 (in the same chapter), bullying lead to su*cide (i forget which chapter but this one is for advertis**ent), mention of su*cide in extra 2 (ch 136)


As someone who got clickbaited reading this because the funny looking cover and summary, I got reversed uno card on me once I started reading this. And yes, I saw the "Depression" tag. I'd thought the author will just give vague description about Depression, like the other author did. But this author did not.

Talking about Depression has always been a heavy/sensitive subject. I understand that and I don't mind if the other author writes vaguely about it. TLDR, the author did an great job writing what depression can do to someone. Despite that, I also almost got triggered by this novel, so I had to distract myself in between.

At the beginning chapters, it was quite boring tho, but bearable. I thought I was the only one who had a bad first impression of Xie Luyu (ML) but apparently I was not the only one LMAO. As the story progresses we can see how much development Xie Luyu has gone through. Like, wow.

Nothing prepare me for " 我爱你,爱到可以沉入海底,不见日光。"

And Gu Qingchi (MC) ? He does not only deserves happiness, but all the hugs, and cakes and ice cream.

All the fragments (aka, illusions they see, or feel) we read are finally revealed in extra 1 (ch 135) and let me tell you how my heart was torn to pieces when I found out. All confusions finally answered. I might didn't cry but my heart broke when I read it. The system is too cruel.

I love Gu Qingchi's real family. And his mother is the best mother. I'm soooo happy they have found their Happy Ending. (And I still hate the System, you can't change my mind.)
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darkelf01 rated it
August 14, 2021
Status: c74
I kept rolling my eyes at the repetitive anthomorpic expressions from the author and how 'experientialistic' the MC is that he's already an OP actor-material from the start. The entertainment circle parts are woefully boring.

Also, the revelation rumor of his marriage status ... more>>

in the net was the thing that made me drop this story. I can't help but be bothered that the netizen who confirmed that they saw the MC in the civil bureau was the employee of the civil bureau itself. There's even a pic taken secretly to prove it. There's zero privacy about your whereabout and even a random people you see in the street could literally ruin your career. And I've seen the same thing many times in CN entertainment circle novels. Is China really like that in real life? @_@


Now, to the bare bone of this story.


The MC transmigrated, live in isolation because he can't contact people, finally freed after two years since the system said so™, have no money so he was scouted as an artist because of his Beautiful Androgynous Chinese Face That Shakes The World (I have to emphasize the beauty crit, since it came up so often in the story), met ML who was downed by beauty crit and stray cat-like anthomorphism, then their journey to the la-la-land of Depressing Romance and Beautiful Misunderstanding, plot thicckens + su*cide warning, met family, face slapping, confessional award event, proposal, the end.


Alright, many reviewers already said how true this novel is to how real-life depression feels like. Idk much about that and I haven't taken any psychology class but I felt like the depression part was corny and showy.

It was a bunch of mess about what the author felt edgy enough to count as despression symptoms. From my unprofessional eyes, I would've thought that I was just reading about a lazy neighbor guy who throws away the things he couldn't use anymore and orders takeaway pizza everyday who would go out once in a while to be a cat-like beautiful actor.

C'mon, guys. This story is unrealistic. At the start of the story, the MC was normal 20 y.o-something man. What kind of depression an adult man could get from 2 years of being alone in big villa, loaded with riches and no one to bother you?

Hell, my adult 20 y.o-something brother would've buy a gaming PC with the highest spec in the market, installed the fastest bandwidth, build his own Netflix binge room and catch up with the piling TV series and games he hasn't have the time to touch. Even if there's strictly no contact to the outside world even with using internet because the story says so, there's still TV and PS5 goddamnit. Don't think that the readers are too s*upid, author.

Dropped. Go read Muted instead. I think that's the better representation. <<less
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June 9, 2021
Status: Completed
It's good! ML an actor, married because of his mother's arranged marriage. ML or protag's book wants the wife and him divorce cleanly in 2 or 5 yrs (i don't remember) after their marriage so he don't want to know or meet the wife he married. Both of them didn't meet even when regist their marriage. Then the MC transmigrate as that nameless wife. Bcuz of the storyline, MC can't contact People outside, including the ML. Thats how he got depression.

After divorce the MC finally can go out but with... more>> his mental problem and without money. So he work in bar/cafe. But then he accidentally meet ML. The ML who never meet his divorce wife, don't know that his ex wife is the MC and then ML have crush and fall for the MC. But however the depression MC don't want to fall in love.

So basically it's about the ML chasing his ex wife, and to be success the misunderstanding between them need to be clean, make the MC come out from depression and self harm.

I really like it because their relationship development is realistic, love can't heal depression in instant. It takes time, courage, support from those closest to you, and desire to get well. Thats how the MC come out slowly from his depression. <<less
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ylial rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: Completed
This is written well! It is very realistic in portraying depression and human nature. Ch135 is what really happened in this world. The first 1 to 3 ch are good for me, while..

ch 4 to 62 is just okay and the rest are good! The ch4 to 62 is just okay for me because it mainly dealt with MC and ML love development and I'm rejecting ML due to my first impression.


The MC had given a second chance. But the world setting is different from his first life (due to the system/world consciousness). Hence he didn't know what was illusion and what was real. It was also aggravated by his loneliness of being alone for 2yrs. Literally he was the only one in the big house and he even questioned his existence. He couldn't deviate from character setting-It's all the system fault!!!

I even thought that ML is a scum. But putting my place on his shoes (forced to marry while in the peak of his career), he would really feel hateful about it. Probably his fault is that he is very arrogant and selfish. He should be more decisive or he should have even call his newlywed partner to say his repulsive feelings (so he can liberate the MC fr the system).
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
listlessreader rated it
February 24, 2022
Status: Completed
A pretty fun novel, and then it slaps you in the face and it turns out to be a tear-jerking one...

First off, don't be fooled by the summary. The actual novel is not as lighthearted as it makes it out to be. It starts off as you would expect, but then you read more, understand the MC's feelings more, and find that he is Like That for a reason. It's especially saddening when it seems like ... more>>

the MC is going to return to how he was when he was alone for those 2 long years. It was hard to read him deteriorate.


Just a few things bothered me.

1) the pacing seemed somewhat off to me. Especially the beginning, where the 2 years were just fit into one chapter? There's no way to get a sense of how much the MC actually suffered just by one chapter. It almost makes his suffering kind of trivial. It's only later that we get a better understanding of his loneliness and desperation. The other thing was that the pacing of his career seemed a little too fast. I don't know if the MC just got all these cool opportunities simply because he had a good face or if he just had an insane amount of luck but it was a little strange to me as I read! (what new actor gets a role in an international movie? His 2nd movie?? Is that not too fast?)

2) well, the summary really messed me up. I went into this, thinking it'd be a fun little webnovel to read, and then... I start tearing up because of how the MC suffered?? I should have looked at the tags and the "novel about regret" line more, but I just really wanted to read about a powerful and beautiful MC kicking ass in the entertainment industry.

This novel is heavy in the mental health stuff. Of course, it's not really obvious right off the bat since the MC is looking for ways to earn money at first, but you read more and it's only about the MC's depression and his slow recovery for a bit. The story does return to his career eventually, but a good chunk of it is about depression. Take care of yourself when you read it.

I really liked the MC and the ML. Of course I couldn't help but become fond of the MC--but liking the ML was something I wasn't really expecting.

he "abandoned" the MC for those two years and decisively divorced him--and then he became interested in the MC?

Seemed like scum behavior to me. But again, the novel is "about regret" as the summary says. He's also pretty cute--like a big dog boyfriend. Just wants the best for MC.

Overall, good read. <<less
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Birguslatro rated it
November 5, 2022
Status: Completed
The novel felt very unrealistic to me whenever they described how pretty the MC was. I think the author wanted to write about a sad, languishing beauty and didn't put a lot of thought into what it takes to maintain the body of a model/actor. The MC has depression, eats take out most meals, doesn't exercise, doesn't do any beauty routines, and lies at home drinking all day. Later, he even picks up smoking.


How are you supposed to maintain a competitive edge in a cutthroat business like show biz where... more>> looks are everything behaving like that? It takes hard work to get ahead, and genetics can't save you from a terrible lifestyle. Despite this nonsense, the MC gets top notch opportunities and rose in fame like he had a rocket strapped to his ass. My suspension of disbelief crashed hard. <<less
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WrenWx rated it
August 6, 2022
Status: c45
I'll preface this by saying the TL is great, but I'm 45 chapters in, and this is not for me.

I've read enough BL that I can power through paragraphs of praise about an MC's appearance. Not here. Everyone stares at MC, the room falls silent, people secretly break out their phones to film, tough directors instinctively soften up. If it's not that, MC gets compared to a cat. If it's not that, it's netizen chat about how beautiful he is. It's relentless. It's excessive to the point of distraction.

There's also... more>> the whole issue with him being a talented actor with zero training (???), but that pales in comparison to the pacing. I was excited to read about a realistic depiction of anxiety and depression, but not anymore. Maybe in a few months I'll jump ahead to see if the ML ever does any groveling/regretting. See if I can't get a little marrow out of this bone. <<less
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March 25, 2022
Status: c87
No rating cause I kinda love it and hate it at the same time ಠ◡ಠ

I just saw the cover, read the title, think it's gonna be comedy genre ⁄ (⁄ ⁄•⁄-⁄•⁄ ⁄) ⁄ s*upid me to read the tag after finding how weird MC acted after he finally get divorced.

Author write such a beautiful, pop star materials that I feel like if MC is real I might stan him. And it reminds me of many idols who look pretty, seem to live a good life but died young (by su*cide).... more>> It's so sad that I read and have to pause for awhile before continuing.

The story told in a very slow pace. It's frustrating, like, I've been waiting for when ML gonna noticed who MC is (ꏿ﹏ꏿ;) and it take half a story before he realised. Also have to read and suffer from waiting when will everyone gonna notice MC is already broken (´-﹏-`;)

I don't know if I can finish this though. The romance didn't fascinated me. And I feel like MC illness has been dragged on for too long before anyone noticed and I feel uncomfortable about it. <<less
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chalisarp rated it
February 15, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm not really into depressed type of story but I finished this because I wanted to see MC get better.

I give 5/5 for how real the author describes people with severe depression.

Some people might not understand what will it be when you're suffered from mental illness like depression.

I used to have an anxiety and a mild depression. It was the worst feeling a human can ever feel. I didn't want to eat because I thought it was meaningless. I couldn't enjoy reading or any entertainment at all because there's no... more>> point in doing it. Feeling sad and crying out of no where occured regulary. I never wanted to wake up in the morning. I could sleep 12 hours a day just to escape reality. Living was hard and it needed a lot of courage to get through the day. I was surrounded by family and friends but I always felt like I was alone. When I hung out with friends I couldn't feel any joy. I felt empty. I was in that state constantly for a month and I could tell that it was like living in hell.

I can totally get what MC has gone through. It was realistic enough to cause my heart to feel pain for him.

This novel is about depression and how MC gets through it so I don't recommend if you're not into this kind of novel. <<less
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September 9, 2021
Status: c56
I'm not going to rate this since it's just not my cup of tea. The writing is quite boring for me. I don't know if it's the pace and the writing style, or if it's just me reading too many showbiz novels lately, but this felt boring to me, and didn't really pique my interest.

Whether or not the depression part is realistic is debatable, especially with how little i've read, but i'd say at least it isn't a terrible depiction. The romance honestly doesn't really interest me in a way... more>> that i'd enjoy it as a romance novel. Showbiz part feels fake but it gets a pass.

The ML is a f*cking a**hole. Not to the MC, but to his ex-husband (which is the MC but he doesn't know). I get that he

got scammed/pushed into a marriage by his family (which is entirely unreasonable and unrealistic), but i'd say don't f*cking ignore your them. Talk with them about this entire marriage, even if it's just a break-up talk. The ML is 27, not a f*cking 17 year old. Even if you're angry about this whole thing and just don't want to talk with anyone related to your marriage, don't f*cking lock them inside a house with no one to talk to. He doesn't think there's anything wrong with what he did. And I'm guessing once he knows it's the MC he married he'll go all lovey dovey and Regret, that he should have spent his time with MC. Probably finding no fault with his actions unless it's the MC he's doing it to.

I honestly just dislike him from this, he pisses me off, and his whole image (my English sucks, what I mean is the things that make someone someone) feels like it's wavering. One moment he's this film emperor that stays on the hot search a lot, a second later he's at an airport with only a mask covering his face with tons of people and no one recognises him? And judging from the difference in his actions and the authors descriptions it feels like the author is torn between writing him as a cold and domineering film emperor or as a somewhat childish and bad tempered young man. I get that he can be both, but from what i've seen so far, these two aren't written in a way that blends the ML's personality well together. It just seems like his personality is changing in an unnatural way for me. At this point I just really didn't want to continue this novel.

Sorry for the bad English and long review. I don't know, maybe you'll enjoy this novel. I'm just moody so my review sounds a lot more negative than what it'll probably be. <<less
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Perry_08 rated it
February 28, 2023
Status: --
This story is so realistic...

... more>>

the parts where MC and ML are sitting in the garden and suddenly MC cries and says life is too hard. ML thinks, what is so hard? We have caught fish and ate and done the things you like but still it's hard? This just hit me so deeply I cried... and the part where he cuts himself after having a fun day at the beach. It's really true that depression is like this and people don't understand why you can feel sad even when you are doing the things you love with the person you love...I really wish that my family was so accepting. I visited the psychiatrist once and my family refused to talk about it anymore. They don't like the fact that I have mental health problems... the truth is that I really want to get help but I feel like I'm just putting my family through something unnecessary...

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November 4, 2022
Status: c10
I dropped when it became obvious that there was no “real” ML coming, the ML is his ex husband. There was also a moment where he put the divorce papers in a drawer, and I was worried that they wouldn’t be filed; and then maybe there would be a plot point where ML confesses to MC, MC reveals they were married and he ignored him for 2 years and then divorced him leaving him with nothing, and then ML realises he never filed the divorce papers and they were still... more>> technically married, and he would use it to trap MC with him. And like, he didn’t even file the divorce papers because that is how little he cared about MC.
man’s for everyone saying “it was the system, it’s not ML’s fault”, I DONT CARE. I don’t care that the system affected him, what I care about is that while the system affected him, he left MC alone and he was isolated and depressed and that has carried on, he left MC with nothing after divorcing him, and EVEN AFTER the book plot finished and he was released from the influence, he doesn’t care about his ex husband. No check ups, no going “hey, I wonder how he is going”, he just gives up on “ex husband Gu Qingchi”, and is chasing “hot model and actor Gu Qingchi” <<less
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Thatbritishchick rated it
April 23, 2022
Status: Completed
TW: accurate description of depression, suicidal tendency, angst

This novel made me shed many tears and I was so empresses by how the subject of depression was dealt with and how the MC managed to be free from it.

I absolutely loved this novel and although past reviewers are saying they hate the ML I actually don’t mind him and I felt he got the right amount of angst for how he treated the MC.

Overall, I recommend this novel for those who like tear jerkers with little bits of fluff here and... more>> there❤️ <<less
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Neollle rated it
April 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I've enjoyed reading this and its actually sensitive since it deals with mental health issues such as depression. It's actually amazing because the author didn't just brush over the illness unlike other novels. The author also presented on how the MC struggled and eventually get better. He didn't get better quickly because of ML or because he fell in love, which usually happens on other novels. I really like the MC's family too!

The novel is easy to MTL too.

Overall I give this a 5/5 stars! ⭐️
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remyrem rated it
June 30, 2023
Status: Completed
I was looking for a new wn to read when I found this. The synopsis was a bit familiar, so I went to check the reviews... I realized this is one I've actually read before but for some reason haven't reviewed. I can't make a detailed review right now, since I need mental preparation before rereading. I'll be going off of memory.

The synopsis is... not false, but definitely not the actual story. Here's my version of the summary (beware of spoilers) :

... more>>

MC transmigrates into a feel-good entertainment industry story, as the unnamed spouse of the original MC who gets divorced. However, some kind of glitch happens at his transmigration point and the system ends up activating a failsafe- MC becomes the ultimate cannon fodder, literally unable to leave any kind of impact of his existence.

If you're thinking "wow Remy, that sounds like a nightmare scenario!", it is. MC experiences the worst kind of isolation torture. He can't make any human connection and he doesn't have a life, he can't even write on paper because it just disappears. The only person he can contact, the OMC/ML, hates his guts despite never meeting him and doesn't answer any of his messages. He has to deal with all of this for 2 years, and develops really bad depression and depersonalization/derealization issues.

After the original storyline ends, he finally gets to divorce the OMC/ML and restrictions are removed so he can finally live life, but his issues remain. The rest of the story becomes the usual secret identity/entertainment industry story, with MC's mental struggles weaved into the story.

Eventually OMC/ML finds out he indirectly caused MC's issues in the first place, and the story switches to mostly being about ML dealing with his guilt, and MC working through his depression.


The entertainment industry plot is more of a side story or subplot, the main story is all about the MC's mental health (and a bit of his past). It's a very psychological story that takes a more realistic look at depression than most other webnovels (or fiction in general).

At best it can make you cry, at worst it can be triggering. I loved reading it, but I had to take frequent breaks to read something lighter. It was too easy for me to understand MC and fall into thinking the same way he does, which on one hand is good writing but on the other hand made this a bit dangerous to read.

I definitely suggest reading this, but be careful if you suffer from depression or depersonalization/derealization. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
February 18, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a really great story, but fair warning it delves very deeply into depression and mental illness. And I really feel it does it VERY well. The illness is fully represented and not taken lightly at all, but the overall tone of this story ISN'T depressing but more light and easy to read

Also, I believe the Chinese title on jjwxc is actually 穿成被影帝抛弃的炮灰?

First thing I will say: I DON'T BLAME THE ML. Very simple - obviously it was from the "system setting" that made MC totally and utterly alone,... more>> and probably interfered w ML too. In the end they tried to do some wrapup explanation, but I didn't really get it. Either way, it really doesn't feel like ML is scum.

The characterization made total sense, and I love it honestly. He was nonexistent in the world for two years, which led to his later struggles that we see coming on slowly but very fiercely. His character and feelings also made sense; in the beginning, he didn't actually love ML and vice versa, but we see things develop as they get to know each other more.

In terms of depression, I loved how they showed his journey. He's the most beautiful person in the world, his career is very successful, he's from a rich family that loves him, his partner is deeply in love & also accomplished, yet it's still difficult for him to recover from his depressive state. It really shows how the severe depression also affects and requires the strong support of the people around him, as well as his completely "fickle" emotional state - one second he could be laughing and then cries the next second, it's hard to even get out of bed, he could be happy and then want to kill himself.

Anyway, definitely a trigger warning, but it was a really great story that I still remember years later dealing with difficult topics but really trying to give a glimpse into the struggle, and how important it is as someone's loved ones to be there and just understand but also sometimes it just isn't enough. And that's not necessarily anyone's fault. <<less
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