It Turned Out to be a Useful Fraudulent Marriage


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“This is just a fraudulent marriage, young master.”

I had a surprise wedding with this man, Eric Orleans, who was originally supposed to be my brother, after I ran away at night. Originally, it was my mother and Eric Orleans’s father who should have been here now.

‘If you get caught, you’ll die.’

My mother, who saw me getting married at her wedding hall, said so with her mouth.

Sorry, mom, but this is all for my family.

My family can’t be exterminated by a psycho stepdad, right?

Click click click!

The flashes went off.

Won’t the title of the newspaper articles that will be published tomorrow probably be like this?

[Eric Orleans had surprise marriage after running away with the supposed future daughter of his father, Duke Orleans, kisses at the chapel!] It’s a bit of a mess.

It’s a fraudulent marriage. Who cares?

But this marriage didn’t go the way I thought it would.

“Did you go to training?”

“Yeah, how have you been? I like you.”

“What are you talking about…?”

“I thought I was thinking inside, but it came out in words.”

“What flower is it?””

“I brought it for you. Do you like flowers?”

“Ah… No… If you eat the wrong flower, you will die… There was a time when I was hungry and I ate a flower and passed out…”

“This isn’t food, it’s for ornamental purposes.”

“Why are you looking…”

“Because you look good? Just as I feel happy when I see you.”

I threw in a confession.

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알고 보면 쓸모 있는 사기결혼
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