Interstellar Chef Raising a Baby


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Liu Weiwei transmigrated to the interstellar period and found herself as the lowest ranking student in an Interstellar High School.

The poor performance of the original owner was ridiculed by the whole school, and the accidental pregnancy, even the father of the child was not known.

Then Liu Weiwei realized that there was also a food system with her.

[Get the recipe Mapo Tofu.] [Get the recipe of sauerkraut fish.] [Get the recipe Xiao long bao.]

Soon, the whole interstellar was shook, people swarmed towards her with their tears flowing from their mouths.

Marshal: The snail noodles are good. Come to work in the cafeteria of our military area, you will have five insurances and one housing fund.

Scientist: Fried chicken is the best, give me one, don’t force me to kneel down and beg you!

Villain: I want to eat too… Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

Male protagonist (rare low-key boasting tone): My wife is not good at cooking, you’d better not come to my house for dinner.

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I Swept Interstellar with Foods
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Meatshield rated it
June 24, 2021
Status: Completed
This was a great read that I MTL'd after reading the author's other works and I'm glad it's being translated now because it's a really fun story!

After a series of rage induced actions, the MC's soul is bound to a system that forces her to bring the lost craft of Chinese cooking to the interstellar age and placed inside the body of an orphaned, low specs, heavily debt-ridden, college-aged student. Unsurprisingly, the MC is hella upset by these turn of events but since the punishment for not complying with the... more>> system is the destruction of her soul she goes along with it. Luckily for her, while her situation sucks, the system gives her tasks which lets her unlock cooking skills and knowledge which she uses to rise up the cooking world. I think my favourite part of the MC's journey to the top of the cooking world is that it's different from the usual cooking system bound protagonists.

Instead of becoming a live streamer or opening a restaurant right away she starts with a small street food stall then becomes a military chef and so forth. By the end of the story she's engaged in like 3 or 4 different food related businesses. Seeing her start from the bottom and slowly moving up is really gratifying because you can really enjoy her growth as a chef and a person. Furthermore, I like that the system doesn't just instantly give her godly cooking skills. It actually makes her work for them after intense periods of closed door training and shocks her with electricity when she messes up. Knowing how hard she has to work really makes you think she deserves the success she's later met with. Also, the system gives her interesting tasks and she gets involved in a lot of cool events like creating a night market for the troops.

. I think if you've read this author's other works you'll see that they have a knack for taking kind of cliche premises and giving them a fun twist. The romance doesn't really get heated up until about a fourth of the way in because the MC has no idea she's pregnant until then. By this point she's already somewhat acquainted with the ML though neither know he's the baby's father because they had both lost their memory of what had happened when they first slept together. When the ML finds out he's the father he's very willing to take responsibility of her, not because he's in love with her at this point, but because he's a really upright guy. However, after he settles into the role of the MC's husband he does obviously fall in love with her. I liked the ML a lot because he's a good guy and a good husband/father and I thought it was hilarious that for a good chunk of the novel he mistakenly thought the MC was a terrible cook. Overall, a great read! <<less
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Qfaea rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: --
Plot Potential? 5

writing skill? 0

make my head aches

MC? Bland s*upid no personality

plot itself? Honestly disappointing there is no rise for her skill. She suck at cooking at the start (lv 1) but it still the best tasting thing ever anyway

at this point I’m angry at how much potential chinese novel has as an interesting never seen before novel but always been destroyed by this kind of writing and chatacters

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axcel19lim rated it
July 30, 2021
Status: c184
The translation is great. The two star reduction is for the story.

This is mainly just a warning to anyone who is going to read this story but if you are fine with the stuff I indicated below then do continue to read.

It started off great. However, the middle to end parts was very Mary Sue and the main mission of the mc/FL that was given by the food system was seemingly forgotten.

... more>>

FL was supposed to conquer the interstellar alliance and take down the food association that was amassing the recipes and only making it available to the nobles but FL just casually tamed the warcraft monsters and made friends with higher ups and other characters with status instead. The issue about the food association and how the common people weren’t able to have a taste of real food was explained in just a few sentences that seems to infer that it was just a misunderstanding and was never addressed even if that was the whole point of the system.


The author is good at foreshadowing. The arrangement and pacing of the chapters is also great with the comedy of misunderstandings going here and there. Yet, the relationship between the FL and ML also seems shallow and was vaguely described.

The ML was a great character but he suddenly fell in love with the FL and had interest in her because she looks like a “weak rabbit” and went on to have a marriage with the FL because of the child although it was explained by the author that he liked the FL not because of the child. Yet, there was no reason given at all on what aspect did he like about the FL when the FL was given a very lousy character description from he start.


Lastly, the best thing about this novel is how descriptive it is with the food, it’s origins, and how the FL made it. The supporting/side characters are also great and well-rounded. However, that is just the case with the easterners with the westerners and other small antagonists depicted as one-track characters with their sole existence being a stepping stone for the main characters and making the ML and (especially) the FL stand out.


This is evident with one instance in the novel where there was a 7-day exchange of some soldiers between barracks and (surprise) it was a few westerner soldiers who are very critical and whiny about everything and then (another surprise) gets tempted with how delicious fl’s food is. What’s worse? What happened after being so engrossed with the food was never stated. Did the western soldiers decide to stay in the eastern barracks? What was their position and how did that affect the other eastern soldiers? None. It ended just like that and was thrown at the back of everyone’s minds because the next instance has already started. This went on for almost all the events in the novel from the middle to the end of the story where the scene was left hanging just like that.


The concept of the novel itself is definitely great although the execution and interactions between the characters seems to be either vague or lacking and shows the severe bias of the author being a Chinese as you read through the novel. Don’t be fooled by the title because there is hardly any motherly interaction with the FL and her child with her being busy as a chef.


FL has wayyy more interactions with her apprentices as compared to her child who just gets vaguely stated as being carried here and there when the apprentices gets the lowest exposure in the novel next to the small antagonists. FL as a character is fine and it is stated and portrayed how she really cares and wants to be a great mother to her child. And this happens just once. Yes. Just once where a spoiled child was mentioned then it was vaguely solved by FL through her food and that’s it. The child is then left to the fl’s pet warcraft and robots to handle and take care of. There was no follow up nor childcare shown except carrying the child or coaxing the child to sleep (which was just stated by the ML in a few words mind you).


However, even with all these said, it is still a nice story to pass the time if the above points were ignored or if you are alright with them. The translation is clear and easy to understand with very minimal to no mistakes.

This is, by no means, meant to bash the novel as it is fully under the author’s rights and intentions on how the story goes. This review is just a precaution to any readers that are interested to have an insight on what is to come. That’s all! <<less
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YourLagebolala rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: c6
It's refreshing to have a MC that's acting like me, fo that sense acting like a normal human when transmigrated! Proprities, priorities! FOOD!
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c173
I think I'll just wait for the rest to be fully translated. This really started out great but because of my expectations which I forgot to drop before starting to read I was let down.

First of all this is not an interstellar chef raising a baby. This is an interstellar CHINESE chef NOT raising a baby.

For a Food Master System it's recipes are WAY WAY TOO BIAS on Chinese recipes. And so I decided to reread the first few chapters again and was shocked that I missed that the system... more>> was for making chinese food I was so embarrassed about myself thinking why MC was so fixated on Chinese food but it turns out I was wrong from the beginning it was a Chinese Food System *facepalm*.

As for the baby well is that important to the story? Isn't it just there to tie the MC to the Male lead.

For the apprentices I hate how the MC gets her third apprentice. It's like watching a boxing match and when it was about to declare the winner an anonymous audience suddenly came to the ring and sucker punched the winner yet the FMC just declared that audience as the new winner. I felt so betrayed at that moment and after thinking, well the author is a bit nationalistic so that is the only conclusion I've arrived. First the author doesn't want a girl apprentice since a man is better since MC is a girl. And second of all she cooks WESTERN Food not CHINESE food. Although it was stated that MC doesn't hate western food, it just doesn't feel that way. <<less
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J.A.M. rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: Completed
If you just felt bored and want to read something I don't think you will like this because it's also quite boring. You will lose motivation to read the more you read this novel. BUT, if you want to read cooking novel specifically, then you got this because it's all about food. There are some troubles here and there but it all resolved by food.

MC is quite lacking maybe because she's just a young adult in this life? Or maybe because ML pampered MC too much. ML is overprotective and... more>> I kinda like it. ML's over protectiveness isn't suffocating. He's with a reason so it's fine for me.

The only thing I was bothered was the title. The story is all about cooking. There's NOTHING about raising a baby. She did raised the baby with ML but there's no story about it. It was only said she was cooking while the baby was within her womb but after giving birth theres nothing. <<less
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Relenapeacecraft rated it
July 30, 2022
Status: c17
The MC's lack of common sense and self awareness was revolting. Dropping the novel. I rather spend time looking for a novel that's not written by a mentally ret*rded person.
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Amsir rated it
August 1, 2022
Status: Completed
Don’t think much nor look for any logic behind anything while reading it. However it’s fun read about food as am too foodie. It’s was okay reading it. Should give it a try.
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Meyalio rated it
June 8, 2022
Status: c114
A hilarious and cute transmigration story with a lot of mouthwatering moments where all you would like to do would be to eat the delicious food depicted in the pictures. Personally, I love reading food stories and this is one of my favourites since I have started and this story is much better then all the other 500-1000 chapter stories which keep on dragging the plot.
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Smtha rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: Completed
The 1st half is good but in the middle and last it’s gets a bit draggy and bland. A bit dissatisfied, as thats it’s quite ok at first, but I would rather author ended it earlier as to drag it to more than 200 chapters (makes me skips alot chapters at the end part). But I do appreciate translator hardwork translating, cute gif, lots of food pictures along the chapters. Really makes one hungry. And the visuals makes me want to watch back all those anime. Lolol. Thank you
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timma rated it
April 4, 2022
Status: c122 part1
I'm a little more than halfway through this and I'm finally sick of it.

Probably the most over exaggerated food novels I've ever read, and that's a pretty high bar:

... more>>

Her system allows her to train up to 5 star chef level. Apply beauty points to herself. Apply skill points to apprentices. But the thing that gets me is it helps her pair foods to beasts in order to domesticate them. Even variants of beasts that aren't future/beast versions of existing domesticated animals. It's just too over the top.


None of this would be a problem if the author deviated from the rinse and repeat cycle of either someone dismissing the food before trying and then doing a cook off or someone trying it and being willing to be a loyal dog in any compacity in order to get more. Outside of those two points is a very tiny amount of her getting together with baby daddy.


Her and him both have black out during that time period where she got up the duff. She ends up working with him and within days of her finding out she's with child they are hitched. It ends up being for sure biologically his, but you have to wonder about power of system/plot to where she ends up being a cook under him before all of that is figured out. A bit far fetched even for cheesy romance.


Overall, try it if you are bored. Stop if you don't like it. I can say I should have probably stopped 30 chapters ago. <<less
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SmallBookworm rated it
February 5, 2022
Status: c40
3 stars for now.

I love the food descriptions, really, but the MC is iiiiiinnnncredibly s*upid. And I'm not talking about her academics - she just behaves like an idiot without break.

In a new body, experiencing terrible nausea? Why go to a check-up? Naaaaah. She's fine.

... more>> Sending someone who is used to nutrient solutions a tasty but super stinky dish? Why not warn him that the smell is bad but ask to try anyway? Naaaaaah. It's fine.

Realize her food seems to tame wild beasts? Inform superiors of this odd behaviour, maybe? Naaaah! Why would she!

Up until this chapter, the whole plot is just a series of misunderstandings because she's too s*upid to clear up very obvious issues. The ML is very polite so far, which is a plus, and the food descriptions and translations are nice though. It's okay for a casual read but I sure hope she grows a brain soon, this is pretty annoying. <<less
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sinsinsin rated it
August 15, 2021
Status: Completed
False advertising because I thought it was gonna be a cute story about cooking and baby raising. It mostly only has cooking and some animal raising sprinkled through out it. Though I'm not that sad about it. Good but I got bored with it towards the end.
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noeinan rated it
July 26, 2021
Status: c28 part2
Hilarious and wholesome! I normally wait longer to review but the TL specifically asked.

MC was bound to a system and sent 7000 years into the future. She went from a top student turned high powered career woman into a starving, indebted, failing every subject waste. She is even considered mentally disabled by the standards of the future which was a huge shock to her.

Bound to a cooking system, she is tasked to revive ancient cuisine in a world where people rely only on nutrient fluid and cooking skills have been... more>> all but lost to time.

I find it hilarious that the ML thinks she can only do dark cooking. Everyone worships her and only he doesn't realize her strength lol. <<less
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Lazylady01 rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: --
I absolutely need to read this book till the end -v-

It's really hard to find sci-fi related novels with female protagonist after all. When I searched the word interstellar, do you know what I get in here?

All of it almost yaoi/shounen ai genres which made me to feel despaired
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Secria_Lati rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: --
The MC is hilarious and the way she treats food as a #1 makes me laugh every time, especially with all her side comments throughout the story
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Putterfish rated it
July 24, 2021
Status: --
If you are going for a light read this is the best one out there its hilarious I find it really cute and yeah please give it a try

(^u^) / you won't regret
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 18, 2022
Status: Completed
Very cute!! Towards the end the pacing gets a little odd (there's a time jump I didn't expect and then after that pacing felt weird), but I really enjoyed reading it!
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
HooliganReader rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is quite good! Read the tags. It's a slice of life story that's all about food so please be prepared for literally no plot and tons of food!

Personally, I feel that the pace of the story is good and quite refreshing in the sense that it's not about making money or opening big chain restaurants to face-slap everyone like the typical food novels but more about letting the common people enjoy food at a reasonable price. The reason for her transmigration is hilariously dumb but the system itself... more>> is a reasonable addition that helps guide her purpose for transmigration and equipping her with all the necessary golden fingers.

The logical flow of the story is there but there are some plot holes.

like how does the increase in mental power with food explained/ some 'arcs' ended ambiguously so it's a bit confusing/ what's up with the terrorist organisation? Is it just there for the induced birth and the story behind the pregnancy?/ dude they are so obsessed with food it's kinda ridiculous hahahaha/ what if someone else steals the beast feed, can they tame the beast then?/ how does she even have the time to train all her apprentices etc. But mehhhhhh just read it. It's all pleasure reading anyways

Also the ML's sense of existence is questionable (and the author knows it hahaha) and the relationship development is almost nonexistent. There are some East and West comparison and some biasness but it's still alright. Like some of the comments above have mentioned, the child raising part is almost nonexistent too so beware! The overall plot is as such

sell food virtually to pay debts and ultimately allowed common citizens to enjoy normal food instead on nutrient solutions (coz real food are usually super expensive - accidentally caught the attention of the ML and was advice to do logistics work in the military coz her results is sh*t and she can't pass anything - gain a pet - military realise that she can really cook and her food seem to have an effect on beast (who are the ultimate threat to the Alliance) - recruited into the military as a cook (they have a different job description but she fulfilled it in the literal sense) and introduced good food to the military via the military cafeteria- found out she was preggo - ML found out that it may be his and at the same time realised that she was special so regardless of whether it is he he gon put a ring on it - winning the hearts of the people in the military through food and improve the overall performance of the military and the army's food rations - tamed beast through food - saves a billionaire - get some apprentices - give brith - gain another pet - semi-defeat the Chef Association who has been monopolising the industry - help one the war - change peoples view about beast - work the the military university 's cafeteria to reduce workload for her second pregnancy - at some point give birth and defeat the Chef Association by opening a university's branch specialising in cooking at a reasonable rate - live happily every after


I thought that it was quite a pleasant read so for those who enjoy the food slice of life novels this is a must read! <<less
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sansukini0923 rated it
April 3, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a very nice novel. I especially like the beasties and the mouth wareing food. The novel is very light, more of improving the life in the insterstellar through food.
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