Inkya no Boku ni Batsu Game ni Kokuhaku Shitekita Hazu no Gyaru ga, Doumitemo Boku ni Betahore Desu


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Misumai Youshin, a boy with a negative personality, starts going out with Barato Nanami, a prim and proper type gyaru who is at the top of the class caste.

But as a matter of fact, the confession was part of a punishment game!?

And yet, Nanami, who he thought was a gyaru, was only a gyaru in appearance; in truth, she was not good with men!

But the way they met in the morning, went to school together and ate their lunches together, none of this appeared to be a punishment; Nanami looked deeply in love with Youshin――!?

This is a super sweet love story that starts with two beginners in love!

Associated Names
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An Introvert's Hookup Hiccups: This Gyaru Is Head Over Heels for Me! (LN Official English)
Gal Kokuhaku
No Matter How I Look at It, the Gal who Should Have Only Confessed to me for a Punishment Game Fell in Love With me
The Gal Who Was Meant To Confess To Me As A Game Punishment Has Apparently Fallen In Love With Me
The Girl who was Supposed to Confess Her Love to Me as a Punishment Game, But No Matter How You Look at It, She's in Love with Me!
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8 Reviews

New Redevil487
May 11, 2024
Status: c1
Chapter 1:
I'm tired of the standard "unrealistically popular" girl who is "too popular for her own good" that is unfortunately common in light novels.
I know that this is practically a staple of high school anime but it really kills the mood that these type of romance series continuously emphasize that part of the female leads character, especially when the male lead's normie/loner status is continuously mentioned to highlight how "unobtainable" the female lead is by comparison.

Even if the trope is used to show that the female lead has "hidden depths" and is "secretly lonely" or (shocked gasp) "not perfect" it's still overdone and still tries to emphasize how "perfect" she is.

It's tiresome, overdone, and takes away from their relationship as it makes the pairing unbalanced.

Now, as for this series - its the same thing:
I'm only on the first chapters but I can already tell that the female lead asking the male lead out on a dare is going to be downplayed. She isn't going to be called out on insincerely calling the male lead out on a dare.

Its been mentioned a few times how she's in the wrong (to my amazement) but its being treated lightly by almost everyone including the main lead when, if this situation were reversed, the guy doing the dare would be looked at as a scumbag. However, because the female lead is cute and "popular" it's somehow less wrong.

I already know the main pair are going to fall "hopelessly in love" and even if the female lead "regrets" what she's done the whole scenario is going to be swept under the rug while the main lead fends off "jealous male classmates" who only "like her for their body" for dating the "class angel."
He might be "dense" that she actually loves him for a while but he won't ever call her out as anything other than "perfect" or even force her to prove her sincerity or own up for what she did.

The usual double standard that goes both ways.

I like it when a main couple is balanced and on even terms with one another. When both the Main lead and female lead can both support each other, make mistakes, call each other out when one of them has done something wrong, and apologize/make amends. To be fair in my judgement, since most of the things I'm complaining about ARE in the summary and tags, I'll continue reading and hope I'm proven wrong but this isn't a good start to a main couple who are supposed to be the centerpiece of the novel. Maybe the fluff/diabetes that I hear comes later will help me raise my score. I do love a fluffy romance.
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May 31, 2020
Status: c81
read all the translated chapters (9) then ended up reading the rest with mtl and my god this is a sugar/fluff overload that once you get in to it you cant help but keep reading would recommend
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i am not sensei
i am not sen
Feb 18, 2022
Status: --
This one doesn't contain very high sugar levels. My sensei sugar level meter is 6.5/10

this novel has high-speed relationship development, I'm pretty sure they gonna kiss in volume 2 or 3.

for me, FMC character design boost this novel likeability pretty much,

... more>> FMC is a semi-aggressive pseudo gal, she is a very simple and easy girl who wears Gal armor. She is innocent and this is her first time experiencing love,

a very typical fluffy character who doesn't good communicate with men (if she is not with her gal friend), distrust men because they always staring at her b**bs.

The reason why MC know FMC asked him out is


He is like a ninja, literally going inside the class coincidence listening to punishment game content and leaving the class without FMC and her friend noticing. Nahhh~ weak story, very forced coincidence development. /-0, 5 star for this novel/



The Bucket accident just..... Nahhh~ weak story, very forced coincidence development. /-0, 5 star for this novel/


I like this kind of FMC who is full of love, and actively want closer to MC, and she kinda regrets asking out MC only because the punishment game

MC (this one is just loner type, not the loser one)

MC is a typical low self-esteem character, "there is no reason she likes me because of that", " there's is no way she is going out with someone like me if not because punishment game", "it's only because of punishment game" all the time.


this one is not the s*upid type of MC who likely trigger your anger with his s*upid loser action,

this guy character design is calm loner type, understand how to treat girl, have a masculine body,

kinda similar to Angel next door MC,

the only difference is this MC is normally looking + gamers + not rich + have an online gamers friend who is a sage: always give perfect advice in love to MC <<less
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Dec 30, 2021
Status: Completed
I've read in Japanese until the end of V1 LN.

One might say that the story is quite unrealistic with the various "coincidences", but if you over look that, it's a very enjoyable story. Despite the somewhat twisted beginning, it's a story about two people, with best intentions, trying to make each other happy and I like that kind of story. You can see, in a cute way, that the two are inexperienced from their interaction. It's a happy story with little drama but not too sugary that you get tired... more>> of it either. <<less
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Mar 04, 2022
Status: v1c3
Its really cute and wholesome overall. If you just want a fluffy romcom to brighten your day, then read this
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 19, 2022
Status: v1 interlude 4

A sugary, cute and fluffy romcom. Basically, FMC is told to confess to MC as punishment for losing a game or something, then MC saves her from a dropping bucket while she's confessing and she falls for him. Pretty generic storyline, I know. The rest of the story up to where I've read seems to just be cute interactions between the two, which is fine by me. That's everything I've read up to for now, I'll edit if any major plot changes appear later on in the novel
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Jan 15, 2024
Status: Completed
The fluff is generally good, but most social situations are infuriating. MC treats FMC like a porcelain idol that cannot be blasphemed, instead of an actual person with wants and desires is the root of most issues I have with it. Maybe reiwa wave of romance made my expectations too high, but I really can't stomach some scenes, where they jump from serious talks about marriage to being too embarrassed to kiss.

Both characters care way too much about how everyone around them looks at them, and what they think, where... more>> the truth that totally escapes them is that most people don't give a sh*t about almost anything they worry about. They can be worried, sure. But they won't spend sleepless nights tormenting themselves with whatever our main couple is up to. Maybe that's a normal mindset in Japan, but in a few scenes, it comes off as really narcissistic.

It also has a weird approach to jealousy. Especially MC feels like he would not allow FMC to go anywhere on her own, because, god forbid, someone tries to hit on her. They could have played it off as him being protective due to her issues, but they didn't. Instead, it feels like there is no such thing as trust towards her, and the only way for her not to be "stolen" is to constantly protect her.

Volumes 1-4 were basically the plot of the story, with vol.5 (and I assume after that) feeling a bit like an afterthought born from the first 4 being popular. The first couple of chapters of vol.5 were almost unbearable, but it ended up decently.

What it does well, it does rather well. What it fails at, it fails at spectacularly. Luckily, it's mostly focused on fluff, so cringe has limited space to work with. Maybe 7/10. <<less
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Jun 29, 2023
Status: --
This has quickly become one of my favorite series.

It's sweet, wholesome, and fluffy.

You would think this kind of rom-com plot would be overplayed or cliche, but it feels pretty fresh for some reason.

... more>> At first, I thought the FMC would be a terrible person after reading the plot, but after finishing a few chapters, you realize that's definitely not the case.

The FMC is great, and the MC isn't some annoying, dense idiot (mostly) like in most of these loner protagonist stories, so I find myself wanting to read more.

10/10 Would recommend for a wholesome fluffy read. <<less
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