Ranobe Mo Ore Mo Sukina Gyaru


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Ryosuke Yoda is a male high school student who loves light novels and sometimes tries to find light novels recommendation on SNS.

But when he participated in an offline meet-up with a light novel reader he had known for a long time on SNS——the one who came was the popular gal in his class, Miona Tsumakawa!

On top of that, she suddenly confessed to him!?

Ryosuke Yoda’s ordinary youth takes on a new color as he forms a relationship with Miona Tsumakawa through their shared love of light novels.

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The Gal Like Light-Novel and Me
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
10/30/23 Hiraeth Translations v1 epilogue
10/27/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c13 part4
10/25/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c13 part3
10/23/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c13 part2
10/21/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c13 part1
10/18/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c12 part3
10/15/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c12 part2
10/13/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c12 part1
10/11/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c11 part6
10/09/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c11 part5
10/08/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c11 part4
10/06/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c11 part3
10/04/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c11 part2
10/02/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c11 part1
10/01/23 Hiraeth Translations v1c10 part4
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New YukiHiroo rated it
November 28, 2023
Status: v1 epilogue
I honestly like this novel more than I thought I would be, especially with double perspective from both MC and heroine, at first I thought it's gonna be slow progress one but damn it totally caught me off guard, the development itself it's really nice I'd say, heroine also has some kind of "yandare" vibes which I really like, and on top of that she's really straightforward and aggressive, MC on the other hand he's quite lame at first but I like the pace of him slowly accepting himself. Overall... more>> a good read for me. Enjoyed it a lot, can't wait more volume <<less
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jimbodoeslimbolegsakimbo rated it
November 1, 2023
Status: v1c8.2
A nice story with an MC that has his head inside his own ass.

MC has a online friend who turns out to be a girl. MC, being a massive weenie, is uncomfortable because he's been traumatized by two other woman. What trauma you ask? Two idols he never met and never would turned out to be in relationships. So he's written off womankind as a whole. To the extent he says to his online friend he doesn't even want to be friends with her.

She essentially forces interactions with him because... more>> obviously he's being a moron and she likes hanging out with him based on their online interactions. Things go better and now where I'm at in the story he's *gasp* seen his friend talking to man. This has obviously thrown him through a loop as the person he's treated like crap for being a woman has dared talk to another man. Honestly what a twat.

I like everything else in this story, including the characters, but this part of the MC just makes him a loser of the highest order underserving of anyone's time. <<less
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rgbpk49 rated it
November 6, 2023
Status: v1 epilouge
The character Gal in the novel is a personality that attracts readers very well.

The character relationships that started with good feelings gradually increased little by little. It makes readers feel like they really want to follow this story until the end.💕
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