I, a Lonely Otaku Was Surrounded by Some of the Most Beautiful Girls on Campus and Was Called Riajuu Before I Knew It


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Our main character suffers from a communication disorder due to an event that occurred in his past.

He—was a boy name Kaito, and his only friend was a girl that he knew online.

I don’t know the identity of this person at all…..maybe it isn’t even a girl….

However to Kaito, no matter what type of person she was, she was still an important friend.

Everyday the people around him would say 「Otaku, gross, you have no presence」nobody would even come near him except for school reasons.

On yet another day of his lonely life, his father remarried—fortunately or unfortunately, it changed his life completely.

Kaito obtained a family with a beautiful sister.

It would usually be something to be happy about.

However, he despaired about it and made an oath in his heart

(This girl, will definitely cry someday!)

Gradually, Kaito makes contact with other beautiful girls in the school.

Because of them, his peaceful lonely life began to change completely and was thrown into disarray.

Will he end up in heaven or hell—

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Lonely Otaku
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Sageash rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: --
The book is fairly well written. I guess some people being harsh critic or the once who want excessive drama in story down rate it but it is a fluffy and good story. I rate this 5 star maybe it is actually 4 star but someone gonna balance the people who think it is fun to down rate others work without even reading.
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Rampage Debut
Rampage Debut rated it
September 17, 2021
Status: c91
I don't know why I decided to read this. Probably because I was hoping for something better than your average harem story.

Contrary to the title, the MC isn't a loner because of communication disorder but from the trauma of a past incident due to which he is, out of his own choice, not letting anyone get closer to him. Unknown to most people, he is also a genius who is unmatched in programming and AI. His only friend is an online Otaku friend with whom he shares common interests despite... more>> not knowing each other in real life.

And then comes clichest of cliches; he suddenly gets two new step sisters, one of them is your usual staple "most beautiful, perfect girl in his grade" of every story with unpopular MC and the other girl is someone he helped without knowing she was aforementioned girl's little sister (what a 'novel' idea). And if you have read as many stories with same pattern as I have, you can already predict where the story is heading towards: 'perfect girl' treats MC coldly, while MC still tries to talk to him because he is kind, this continues till she finds herself in pinch and then MC sweeps in to save her and they grow closer after she discovers that the 'online friend' she talked to was none other MC. Yep, nothing new here.

And in the name of novelty, author only ended up ruining the entire story. Chapter 48-59 which deals with Stocks and market is cancerous (more like Stroke arc). MC isn't your always gentle kind of guy and when he is pissed off, he makes sure he ends up breaking his enemy completely. This adds a little more depth to his character but it is totally ruined when he begins simping for his perfect girl step-sister. He is dumb enough not to realize that his step-sis is his that online friend when she starts calling him by his online name, a name which only one person knows of, and that is his online friend themselves.

And then we have the FL, the step-sis and so called 'perfect girl'. Like MC, she also carries a trauma due to which she treats every boy coldly but she changes her opinion of him, no, she latches onto him when he saves her. And sadly she is the weakest link of this story. I have never come across a more rage inducing step-sis FL than her. Her thoughts can be summarized as ''I want to do something with Umi-kai kun, but I might be disturbing him, nevertheless I will still press him on to go with my request even though I treated him coldly before''. ''Why he isn't playing with me? I know he said he is busy but I am still mad. He doesn't need private time, all his time should be devoted to me even though I won't tell him upfront and keep up my cold attitude''. And the MC being simps of simps, apologizes even though it's her fault and finds her cute (Masochist?).

But this dealt the final blow to my patience:


Her little sister was blackmailed and about to get r*ped and MC when he arrived, seeing this went on rampage while she stood their flabbergasted. She could have helped him or took her sister to safe place away from bad guys but no she just stood there. Worst, seeing how he was intent on killing those guys, instead of stopping him from committing a mu*der she sat down saying that he was not Umikai-kun, because her Umikai-kun is a gentle person and can never act violently denying his very existence. Alice perfectly summed up her character as someone who continues to run away, ignoring MC's troubles and inner thoughts, and pushing her own demands onto him without thinking that her actions were actually causing him to bear more pain as he had to hide his true nature and present himself as her idealself in front of her. Alice correctly states that she doesn't deserve to be by his side as her entire existence is causing him to suffer more pain.

At this point, I would prefer both the other girls that truly love MC, Alice and Kiara over her. Alice perfectly understands his nature and Kiara, even though she threatened FL and blackmailed her, she was truly guilty about it even though there was a reason behind her wrongdoings and overcame her own trauma by herself. She was willing to compromise and compensate for her deeds even though it might take her whole life. No wonder Kaito trusts her enough to reveal his true nature and thoughts to her, which he continues to hide from FL.


To summarize, this is your average story with unpopular MC who is slightly better than others in the same genre but it is ruined by MC's simping for the worst girl and even more by one of the worst FLs in all of WNs'/LNs' history.

Edit: Also to the idiot reviewer going by the name Boss2003, I have a question for you: How can you say that the novel is underestimated and MC is a Chad when your status shows you only read the prologue? Smh, idiotic people writing reviews praising the entire novel and rating it 5 stars just by reading the prologue.

Edit 2: Arrgh... no more. I can't literally handle this story any more. I read bits and pieces of raw chapters ahead hoping the story would get better after c91, after the scolding FL step sis gets, she might change but I didn't expect this shit. Gonna deduct one more star and reduce it to 1/5. And I will drop this for curious ones who want to know the reason why:


Just when I thought the redemption arc came in for step sis where she would improve her character, the author pulled a no U card and made her improve her cooking. WTF? She was supposed to improve her flawed personality but no she did absolutely nothing and she was rewarded with getting the trope 'pretend to be temporary boyfriend' contract with MC and felt forced af. Ex GF comes in and tons of sh*t happened which I skimmed through but two thing remained as it is for the worst: MC's simping and author's Masochism where the step sister remained the tr*sh yet her relationship MC grows questionably.

First the author shows his bias with FL which has undoubtedly the worst character stealing spotlight of other girls and when readers naturally started questioning his forcing tr*shy FL as main heroine with zero development and redeeming features, and leaving negative reviews on his WN ridiculing FL, he made even worse choice around chapter 250 where he decided to split his story into 3 routes. After a fight with his father, he leaves his home angrily and here the choice window pops up (not really but story splits based on choice) : 1) If he goes back he is locked into Step-sis route 2) If he meets Alice's sis, she takes him to her home and we get Alice's route 3) If he chooses to go to Kiara's house, he is in Kiara's route. What is this, a galge game? Currently the story is in Alice's route but making side characters as routes of dating game is an insult beyond measure, especially after author has been pushing FL into spotlight in main story for no reason and overshadowing and undermining other girls. Dropping this sh*t because of author's s*upid decisions and undisguised masochism.

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Arbiten rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: c12
Looking good so far and I've read a bit ahead in the RAWS. The story follows Kaito, a second year high school student who suffers from a communication disorder. It follows him as his life is turned upside down beginning with his father getting remarried and him having 2 new sisters.
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HenryTUns rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: c17
It is not a complete fluff story unlike what you might suspect from the synopsis. Fortunately, the darker drama moment are over fairly quickly.

The writing wasn't bad and the characters felt like they had realistic actions that matched with their backstories.

Unfortunately, one of the main plot points that come up is quite jarring and it feels so unnatural that it is completely off-putting. As it pertains to the relationship between the MC and one of the FL, I expect the plot point to linger around, leaving a bad taste when

... more>>

Two days after trying to ruin the life of one of the MC's family members, a girl asks MC if she can be his friend to which he replies "Eh, I don't really care anymore. Sure." Wth, author. Is this really the only way you can shoehorn her in as a romantic interest? Even if he can forgive her for what she did, that doesn't mean he'd be willing to be friends with someone who would do that. I don't mind having that girl as a potential romantic interest (after a proper redemption arc), but the MC's responses and actions to her have to make sense relative to what she did.

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enkiros rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: c18
I feel like I have to write a completely new review after reading chapter 18. Somehow every chapter is more of a trainwreck than the previous one. It's no longer "over-the-top silly drama, " it's just terrible.

First, the MC is supposedly traumatized by a previous event in middle school, so he develops a "communication disorder, " which amounts to just being slightly awkward around the rest of the characters. That is because he can't be a harem protagonist if he's just a random ret*rd. He needs either a sad backstory... more>> or some super, genius-level talent (and he kinda has both). Then, random villain A suddenly comes up with a plan to extort one of the heroines that would've culminated in torture, r*pe, and a myriad of other crimes over a long period of time. All because the heroine slightly annoyed the villain because she challenged her authority as the school boss (because she's a rich kid), and so she does all of this in a fit of rage spanning several days. But hold on! The MC has a magic solution and saves the day! But there's more! It turns out the villain wasn't evil nor rich, she's smart, sensible, and mature. She just planned a serious crime because... well, reasons. And obviously, the MC being a Nice Guy™ forgets everything about the bad stuff because he feels bad for her (but mainly because she's hot). Obviously, the natural step is for her to fall in love with the guy for some reason.

This plot is absolutely not worth your time. No personality, simp MC that just doesn't care about anything as long as he gets the p**sy. Basically hentai but without the hentai.

Reviews rating this +4 stars after chapter 13 are just barely skimming through this just to find the cute moments, which admittedly there are. It was what kept me reading this far, but I'd have to be absolutely braindead to even pretend this is remotely a good story. <<less
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PenDeMex rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: c26
tr*sh. Honestly I loved the beginning.

Loved the MC and the humor and the little sis, gyaru, and kuudere. But this novel is a failure purely due to the bigger sis. AKA useless b*tch.

... more>>

She constantly creates a rift between the MC and little sister. When MC was being dragged around by the gyaru, who he couldn’t force away from him cause she’ll start screaming for help in public the moment he tries, it causes the MC to miss his appointment with the little sister and before he could explain himself she goes out of her way to say “ He wanted to play around with a girl so he decided to ignore his promise with you (little sister) ” which obviously causes them to fight. NOTE that this happened AFTER he just saved her from being forced to participate in a gangr*pe. Yes, this man put himself in danger to save her from the sole daughter of a multi billion conglomerate, and the first thing she does is call him disgusting and that he’s full of himself if he thinks he’s “cool” now, and being a nonstop b*tch. She forced herself into his room using the little sister as blackmail to force him to let her in, says she need his computer to do student council work proceeds to spill tea all over the floor because he won’t complement her when she didn’t even remotely ask for one, had MC clean it up, and when he was doing that instead of work she was going through MC’s files one by one to find p*rn/eroge/galge just so she can make fun of him and then when the MC gets RIGHTFULLY mad, all is forgiven because...... she’s cute????? Like wtf. Then MC has a multimillion yen contract to fulfill but can’t get to work because the bit*h won’t stop throwing a tantrum because he said he’s busy. God f*ck me. I read in another spoiler that 200+ chapters in and the bit*h is nowhere near redeemable. Wasted a few hours on this bulshit, the author knows that the bit*h is pure garbage but some sort of weird obsession with “ the first girl MUST be winning girl” is dragging this novel. Honestly if the bit*h didn’t exist this would be top 3.


Don’t bother with this. Learn from a man who didn’t read the reviews <<less
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July 13, 2021
Status: c77
There are many negative comments here which do not give justice to this series. Don't let those comments affect you.

firstly, unlike many other series of same genre, here MC is not mediocre. Although, he is little over the top but overall he is likeable.

As for harem, there are many girls and it keeps increasing by each chapter. To be honest, they are not that good especially FMC, she is so annoying with no redeeming qualities. as for the story, I was really enjoying it till a certain point but then it started to become weirder and weirder.
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FRASH_18 rated it
June 22, 2021
Status: c25
Damn this ain't even bad bro, we got secretly hot and cool MC whos loser rn cause of past trauma, we got cute big oppai loli sister and tsundere sister, also some people complain about how MC didnt do anything to the gyaru girl after she black mailed his sister, but they actually explain why he just let her go instead of majority of times MC is dumb sh*t and just forgives them for no reason. Be like me and just read it, don't listen to these haters, it's a... more>> 4 star imo, good harem :) <<less
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rodusk123 rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: 17ab
Absolutely tr*sh, don't bother reading it because it is absolutely disgusting and the harem is all forced with the author clearly not bothering to put valid reasons behind the characters falling for him. All plot armor and coincidences which is usual but this one takes the cake with how awful and thoughtless everything is. This is a dark part in this novel which was forced from the beginning because it just randomly pops out of nowhere.

... more>>

So this one girl blackmails his new step sister though she and the MC don't get along with each other and it almost crossed over to r*pe but the MC saves her while they are planning it while taking photos of his step sister in her underwear. Right after, the girl who blackmailed his step sister wants to be his friend and she shares a bento with him and all of a sudden they are friends. Fk this novel, absolutely tr*sh who chooses to be friends with someone who went so far as to mentally traumatized and almost had someone r*ped be forgiven like that.

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Fate Usurper
Fate Usurper rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: c15
The story is good and there is development in the relationships of other characters along with the main character. Although there are scene where it is a very uncomfortable to read, if you can get past it, then this would be a good read. According to the translator, each bad scenes are only 1-2 chapters long so it is fine if you can get past it.
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December 21, 2021
Status: c80
Absolute garbage. Amazed I managed to get as far as I did. The MC is a complete doormat and the women around him except for like one exception are all complete lunatics. You'd have to be an extremely desperate loser to associate with most of these girls. One of the girls actually tasers the MC because he was consoling his little sister. Afterwards all is forgiven and he doesn't even mention it. It's infuriating to read.

I started reading this type of genre only recently and this novel is so bad,... more>> I can't read anything even remotely like this again. <<less
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AJ1703 rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: c84
Hello, Translator-san here.

I agree with Cedd's review here. The series would've been far off better without that stocks arc. In which, it starts around chapter 47. I put a warning there that suggests people should skip it and move over to chapter 60 which I made a brief summary of what happened through the arc.

If you guys are a new reader, I don't suggest reading through the aforementioned Chapters 48-59. It'll save you a lot of time and will spare you from frying your brain.

After that arc, we are now... more>> in the countryside arc. A bit more background for Kaito and his original family. And yes, more harem shenanigans of getting girls ezclap.

Overall, the series is a bit cliche but a good take here is that the MC's very knowledgeable. And although he gets pushed around by others (mainly the girls pursuing him), he still does his best for them especially in times of need. He doesn't care to use underhanded tactics just to win against those who've hurt people that are precious to him.

As for the girls, they all have a unique charm to them. In other words, they all have their own personality. Which is quite amazing to see because there's literally a ton of girls here. Like really a lot of them.

Would've been initially a 4* for me but since many negative reviews exist on the earlier chaps dropping it just there, I'll give it a 5* <<less
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Cedd rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: c54
Honestly would've been a 4 out of 5 up until a certain arc

... more>>

That arc with the whole thing with stocks and companies is the most tedious thing to read through. Unless you're into that, you will genuinely not get anything out of that arc. You could speed-read it and would not miss out on anything. They make all out to be "oooh you crushed her" and expect you to be satisfied with what you read like a bully getting faceslapped in a novel, but no, I couldn't care less about this arc. And consensus seems to be the same from all the other comments


I stuck around despite unlikable cast of heroines but goddamn that whole arc with the stocks is the last straw. It's like the author wanted to shoehorn his knowledge to make this novel stand out from others, which it didn't, it's still generic and a chore to read through.

Edit: heh, I saw your review translator-san. I couldn't imagine the pain and boredom of having to translate those parts. Thanks for your hard work. <<less
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mikeleins rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: c21
No. MC stops female bully from setting up a gangr*pe on FL. Then proceeds to forgive bully completely. Even FL doesn't seem to care besides bully tries to claim MC. Written by a gradeschooler.
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Vandille rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: --
Quite clichê, otaku MC, step family, connection to step sister through a platform somewhere and the girls are rather bland and the story isn't really something worthwhile but atleast the MC isn't a complete "average highschool boy" or else I might just stamp isekai, throw this towards medieval Europe and tehepero my way out of there.

First of all, As I've said, the story is bland, unoriginal and boring, it's just.. Uninteresting, and I don't really feel the story will get any better soon so it's quite agitating, if you're a... more>> hormonic 11 year old looking for ZZZ cup breast then steer away from this as it's one of the worst I've seen that uses this usual trope.

But if you need a simple read in which you can become an esper and guess everything that will happen then please do continue with the lowest expectations.

I also felt like the author was very lazy as the story is lackluster and Boring, so just read if you're passing time. <<less
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Kuroakai rated it
December 20, 2021
Status: c258
I'm rating it 3 star mainly because even after 258 chapter, the character development for most was practically close to none except for 2 character which is MC's step-sister Sakura and Saijio.

Even after 250+ chapter,
There isn't much character development like MC's step-sister Sakihime, during the first arc when MC saved her from huge pinch that could possibly caused her to su*cide etc, she was still showing relatively b*tchy attitude even after MC saved her and she only had a change of attitude only because she found by accident that the '' Umi-kun '' who she share everything with is MC which is why she change her attitude 180 degree. She didn't reveal her identify as Hanahime until a really far ahead chapter which isn't translated, she take advantage of the fact MC isn't aware it was her and ask him on his thought on his new family and after knowing she was being seen as family member, she started trying to make him aware of her as opposite gender through various method including forcing him quite an amount of time knowing MC will give in if she just act sad or sulky to get her way. She didn't even once mention her honest feeling to MC and kept on acting like a spoiled sister and expect him to understand her true feeling when she barely let out any hint that was relatively close to being seen in that manner. She think MC life should revolve around her.

Kiarara is the definitely one of the 2 character that is worth mentioning despite how she was portray as a girl that blackmail for her own purpose in the earliest chapter as there's a really good reason why she end up being in that manner which would be mention later on and as story progress, although she confessed to MC after the bully incident but she slowly came to love MC more when MC see her for who she is than her ojou-sama status etc and help her despite criminal risk at times. One more point to consider was that despite her asking MC for dates umpteenth amount of times and MC keep changing or ditching at last min due to his step-sister (Hanahime) sulking on purpose when she heard he is going out with Kiarara because she know if she sulk on purpose, MC would give in to her for sure. Despite such thing happen all the times, Kiarara didn't blame him but only still feel that she isn't worthy or she is just a bad unwanted girl.

MC's step-sister Sakura is definitely the one of the 2 character that is worth mentioning for character development as her is a huge twist in developing her character. I won't spoil much about her development since her is rather a huge twist which is kind of unexpected.

Byudonin pair of sister is relatively the most disgusting pair of character in this series to be honest, literally 0 development especially the younger sister Aria, she is literally copy paste being sore loser for 250 chapter like ???
while the eldest sister Alice, impression of her just get lower and lower as you read into further chapter as at first it could be seen that she is being manipulative and using people was because she was concern about the the imbalance between the 3 major company but a farce as you read into further chapter, there was quite a few important chapter where it was implied she was hoping for a twist to happen than everything going the way she expect, she have basically zero concern about anything beside her joy in finding thing that doesn't go her way and she would even manipulate people non-stop for her own goal in having joy and she doesn't really see MC as love interest but merely her possession.

There's 6 more girl that would be introduce later on but all 6 literally have zero redeeming feature to even mention as they're not much different as puppet or loyal dog in a sense.

Kaito aka MC
Throughout 250 chapter, he still have practically close to zero development as he kept on being led around by majority by 2 girl aka Hanahime and Alice. He kept trying to make Hanahime happy whenever he saw her sulking and it's about close to 60% of the 250 chapter where he does that only while another 20% is Alice controlling him like some kind of dog and yes literally dog. Doing everything Alice say without any hesitation beside she helped him in the past when he was dealing with his trauma without knowing that Alice merely see him as an object to have fun with.

For anyone interested in reading including the raw, you should probably stop around chapter 150+ to have a decent liking for this novel as after 150+ chapter onward, it's relatively quite a forced story as it can be seen that the author try to use Oregairu + Osamake as reference together to make a new innovative change which end up being extremely weird.
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Chaosrune rated it
September 28, 2021
Status: c19
Absolutely average in most aspect;you have the weak beta MC with a troubled past, classic tsundere step sister that is really just a b*tch, super cute younger sister, etc. You can find hundreds of them in this genre, and there is nothing special about them. This would usually get the novel 2 or 3 stars, but the bullsh*t that was the first "boss battle" automatically put this in the tr*sh, it was so bad that even if I didn't pay anything, I still want a refund
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READER090126 rated it
July 24, 2021
Status: c26
I don't really like MC start simping for momoi just because she is cute. Even if she treated him badly before, no amount of cuteness should justify all the bad things she had done. The power of plot armor is quite ridiculous. On yuri harem, there is no drama and is full of cuteness and fluffyness while on a normal harem novel, drama happens left and right. Kuundere is the favorite of MC with many kuundere abusing MC and those girls who are kind, gentle, and considerate are ignored because... more>> of kuunderes. <<less
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jayceegiray rated it
January 18, 2021
Status: c10
Another "Boy gets bullied by girl for the s*upidest reasons and doesn't do anything"
it has the template "even tho MC didn't do anything wrong the bit*h would still punish him, and he just lets her belittle him"
If your a masochist you'll probably enjoy it
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
PoDH rated it
January 27, 2023
Status: c107
You know what, color me surprise. From the novel title, the cover, you thought this is your typical dumb harem story with easy heroine, super dense and useless MC. Well it started that way but it surprise you with actual deep story with actual life lesson. It got good pacing, no s*upid infuriating TV drama that last for 5 volume because everyone never being honest, good but kind of clique comedy, pretty sugar inducing romance scene, and my fav is probably the serious life lesson part.

Though the author really loves... more>> to suddenly, without any prior warning or context, drop massive bomb which while it gives a good trigger to advance the backstory, can leave a lot of intense emotion for the reader. Also I find any part that's not relating to the MC and the 2 or 3 main girls to be boring because everyone else is kind of typical yes man, though we haven't seen their backstory yet.

TLDR If you're planning to drop it, please at least get to like 30ish chapter. <<less
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