I Was Lied to by the Most Beautiful Girl in My Grade, so I Decided To Go Out With Her


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A high school sophomore, Kiyama Kouyou was falsely confessed to by another sophomore, the most beautiful girl in his grade, Tachibana Koyomi. He knew it was a lie but thought it was okay anyways. Dating with such a twisted feeling…… Hmm? Before I know it, I really fell in love with her however….

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Gakunen Ichi no Bishoujo ni Usokoku Sareta node Tsukiau Koto ni Shimashita. ~ Itsunomanika, Honki de Horesaseteita Ken ~
I was lied to by the most beautiful girl in my grade, so I decided to go out with her. 〜Before I knew it, I had made her fall in love with me for real
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