I’m the Hero, but It’s Pretty Clear That the Daughter Born in the Inn Where I Stayed Last Is Definitely Mine


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After a fierce struggle, the hero defeated the Demon Lord and saved the world. The legend of his deeds spread worldwide in an instant, and he received gratitude letters and return orders even from his home kingdom. However, the hero found the last village he stayed in to be quite comfortable and decided to settle down there.

Eight years have passed since then, and now he’ve become a respectable adult in his late twenties. He spends his days in the village, providing swordsmanship and magic guidance to the village children and living a relaxed life with the savings he accumulated during his adventurer days. He is supported by the kind villagers and nobody seems to worry about him finding a spouse. It’s a peaceful life.

Wait, one of the children just effortlessly learned a complicated spell? A spell that requires a magic sense on par with a hero? Oh, no, that child is the innkeeper’s daughter. Haha.

Do I have any suspicions? W-What are you talking about?… Oh, come to think of it, that night at the inn…

I think I’ll keep this story to myself forever…

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Chayle rated it
November 20, 2023
Status: c30
This is a netori adult novel. The novel follows a clear pattern: a child introduction where the MC meets a child and thinks it's definitely his child, a heroine introduction through a reminiscence scene where the child is conceived, and back to the present scene. In most cases it's netori, since most of the women are already taken in one way or another. I recommend it if you are into milfs and netori, not if you are searching for something other than an ero novel.
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