I’m the Dying Emperor’s Doctor


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This is the third time I have lived my life unable to save the emperor as the imperial physician.
Tired of having to coax the damn emperor every time, Serena decided to take action.
For once, I’m going to perfectly regenerate that incurable burn.

“What conditions were you talking about?”
“Let me touch you, Your Majesty.”

That way, I’ll be able to see if I can treat you or not.


“What are you doing?”
“What do you mean, don’t you remember our terms?”
“Well, for the treatment…”
“Yes, it’s for the treatment.”
“This is the treatment?”

After many ups and downs, the emperor’s lackadaisical mindset and indolent lifestyle were returned to normal. Also, is it just me or are the emperor’s eyes getting hotter and hotter?

“Rena, why does my heart pound when I see you?”
“You have arrhythmia.”

Why is he suddenly doing this? He didn’t do this before, but he kept lovingly whispering, telling me to stay with him.

“Stay with me, Serena. I’ve become so desperate for you.”

I was just about to leave, but the Emperor suddenly started treating me so nicely!

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시한부 황제의 주치의입니다
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kawaii12345 rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c1
TLDR: I like the MC a lot, the writing is pretty good, and the translation isn't bad but has problems, so a provisional 4 stars.

The setup is a change of pace. We have a regressor who if she doesn't keep the ML alive she gets killed when he dies. The problem is the emperor is crazy as a soup sandwich and acts like a five year old. The MC is very believably exasperated with him and is starting to blow her stack. Full marks for a very solid opening.

The translation... more>> well you have lines like this

"Medeia, the mother of the dead Azade, forced Azade to hide his strength to avoid political warfare."

Azade is the very much alive ML. I can only conjecture that was meant to be "the dead mother of"

Overall this looks very promising hope to see more from the translator. <<less
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Mcnegar rated it
December 10, 2022
Status: c12
Well about the ML being childish Idk about that non of he sites recommend above works anymore so if you want to read there only three chps out on other sites I think but I read up to 12 chps now that that's outta the way

The ML in her past life he wasn't childish well in her pov he was but to him he didn't trust her at all

I think chp 6 or so he talks about what type Of emperor he is and why he Acts in a certain... more>> way

he say that after he saw his dead siblings he decided to make a persona of him being like this lazy or unreliable crown Prince\emperor so that the pressure from the aristocrats won't be heavy so when they brought in the doctor I guess he was weary of her and he had to keep up this act which came off as him being childish


So far he's a really nice guy he's weary of everyone except his four friends that stayed with him when he was younger Idk if he knew she would die if he died to me I g he just wanted her to be replaced why? Because she babied and pitied him

About the mc: she is an illegitimate daughter of a viscount and ofc he didn't give two effs about her Idk if her mother died but the viscountess doesn't care for her either you k k typical stuff however she was happy with this and moved out very early she lived alone and was quite satisfied she worked very hard to became a successful doctor which leads to her getting scouted by the palace she's very cool because it's her third life she's really chill 😂 "because I am going to die and come back anyway" she ask for permission of things she's already decided to do regardless of his answer and her way of talking is very misleading so he's flustered a lot I think we won't have all that beating around the push of him realizing he like her b.s. Because I think he has human basic human emotion so far it's fun to read I recommend and I think the cover photo might be her and him at the banquet that in chp 12 idk <<less
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