When the Nemesis Eats the Wicked Woman


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I possessed the most evil woman in a mass-produced fantasy novel.

Received an oracle to destroy the world, and killed by the Munchkin male lead…

But one day, I picked up the little male lead? After treating and taking care of the injured and blind boy, the child became a bit strange.

“I’ll be responsible for you later.”


“If you become the wife of the Crown Prince, you can even become an Empress. What do you think? It’s an honor, right?”

…You’re still a kid…?

And we’re enemies.

You’ll come to defeat me later!

However, rather than coming to defeat, the male lead, who became an adult, came to propose.

– – –

First night with the male lead…

I was hesitant to get in, standing in front of the bedroom for 30 minutes. It felt like my heart was about to explode from the tension.

But then, he slowly opened the door and leaned against the door.

“Are you trying to kill me?”

The red and blue eyes like dawn, for a moment, he felt as if they were binding him and sucking him in. He slowly grabbed my arm and pulled me into the room.

“Don’t relax all night tonight, Queen.”

He made eye contact with me, twisted his lips strangely and whispered.

“Because I’m going to eat you.”

Badump. Badump. Badump.

My heart thumped onto the floor.

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When the Natural Enemy Eats the Villain
천적이 악녀를 잡아먹을 때
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Bluebells in Bloom
New Bluebells in Bloom rated it
September 12, 2022
Status: Completed
I'm finally done, all that's left is to proofread and upload the chapters~ Now, I'm the translator, so take this with a pinch of salt (or sugar, whichever you prefer).

The relationship between the Berylia and Rixus is nicely described in Tequilla's review, while the shaky worldview/politics or more like, lack of is summed up in Skite's review.

On a whole, the reviews for the plot of this novel is quite polarising, and I think it's because:

  • the start (episodes 1-40ish) is amazingly strong with the introduction of characters, conflicts, and flashbacks to the past.
  • but in the name of relationship development and setting up future plot (episodes 50ish to 90), it slows to a snail's pace (the author def could've replaced those 'traditions' with sweet or hot dates). I totally understand why some readers dropped it.
  • however!! and thankfully!! in the entire volume 2 (episode 100 to the end) the plot is running so fast that my mind and heart can't catch up (in a good way! the ML finding out about the past lives... fantastic) and... the final ENDING in the side story brought tears to my eyes
... more>>

we're shown Rixus and Berylia growing old together and... *cues Katy Perry* "in another life..."


It definitely lacks in the political aspects and development of side characters besides the ML/FL+villains, but in my opinion, it made up for that in the terms of how entertaining the story is and how beautifully (and believable) the ML and FL fall in love with one another despite what happened in the past lives.

I'm still somewhat reeling from finishing, so I hope my review made sense ^^; Happy reading, hope your heart doesn't pound as hard or as much as Berylia's does, and sea otter for mascot!! <<less
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April 12, 2022
Status: c60
Dropping. It morphed in an unpleasant way, and wound up ridiculous. I gave it an extra 20 chapters, it couldn't be saved, and I am pissed.

Original review below.

... more>>

I agree that as of about chapter 40, it's starting to drag. The author appears to have gotten themselves mired in overly-complicated wedding procedures and coming up with increasingly elaborate and ridiculous cultural traditions. Indulging in this has caused a drift from the plot to focus on fun scenarios and petty drama from earning the nobles' approval.

I'd much rather they just get married already and return to the main focus and tension: her impending doom, and will he or won't he kill her this time when the blue roses bloom on her body at last?

Instead, to cater to these scenes, the author has to put the MC through situations where, in all honesty, as a regnant queen of a powerful foreign country, she should have said enough, back off, or there's going to be a war. It is annoying AF that she has to jump through all of these hoops to 'prove' herself to people who don't matter, when she would be marrying a man whose current status as Crown Prince is below hers, in a mutually beneficial alliance between equal countries, after they signed all the paperwork back in chapter FOUR.

Additionally the ML (infuriatingly) never has to do likewise, and there has been zero concessions to her own cultural traditions, nor have we seen a single nobleman from her country, either. It boggles the mind.

By making her act like she's a mere daughter of the lesser nobility who should just be happy to be there, the author is beginning to erode the fierce and wonderful character of the MC we saw and loved. Similarly, by making the Actoum country culture sex-obsessed, rather than making the story steamier, the adverse affect is happening, since now it feels like every single character other than the main couple are those gross, busy-body in laws who are way, WAY too invested in your s*x life because they want grandbabies, right now.

This story is genuinely amazing and enjoyable, so here's fingers crossed that once they FINALLY get married and move on with it, the narrative will find its way back and quit diluting its potential.

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yerisegg rated it
January 14, 2022
Status: c17
I'm on chapter 17 and all I could say is that this is SO GOOD! Not to mention the amazing translations!

... more>>

Though the male lead being the one who used to kill her in her last life (AND repeatedly at that) annoys me so much, he makes a pretty good impressions in the few latest chapters. I gotta say that it's kind of unfair for berylia, she got to remember all the stuffs the ML did to her while he didn't remember anything. I just hope he would somehow remember his last life and let the guilt over his past self swallow him whole or something lol, I'm not satisfied I still need revenge😔


For anyone who's looking for a new novel to read, please spare your time and try reading this! <<less
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Fellyciach rated it
December 12, 2021
Status: c3
So far so good. I was immediately hooked. I wonder if he remember his past life though. Anyway, it's still too early to tell since it's only 3 chapters. The translation is good, so I hope the translator will continue to translate this novel.
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Eris_anakin rated it
June 7, 2022
Status: c84
Dropped, I tried to read but seriously I don't see anything what other reviewers have complimented, maybe it's their cup of tea but not mine. Too much dragged, it would have been a different case if there was an actual 'plot', but dragging a story is whole different thing. Thank you for spending time in translating this novel!
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Tequila Sunrise
Tequila Sunrise rated it
February 5, 2022
Status: c69
This is an update from my previous review, which I'll still keep at the bottom under a spoiler. The story at the moment seems to be setting things up for future events as more focus is placed on developing supporting characters/antagonists and the messed-up politics/powers of Aktoum. Which makes it a little draggy. But the author is great at adding drama, and each chapter is quite exciting, it's just that I'm anxious to get (more) answers to the questions I had since the start of the novel - Why the... more>> multiple regressions?

I had two other questions in my last review: Why the ML killed the FL in previous regressions, and why this lifetime was different. While there is still no "previous-regression ML pov" scene in the story (yet/ if there will be any), the FL's reasoning does make sense - see spoiler below.


Since the hero has no relations with the villain, of course he will go and slay the villain when an oracle appears that that said villain will ruin the world.

I did wonder, why didn't ML wait a little more to see if FL will really "ruin the world"? But then again I realised, in these kind of fantasy-world/settings, don't the people trust oracles a lot? and will the hero think to himself "Let's wait for the villain to destroy cities and kill x number of people before I deem him/her as evil and go kill him/her"? Of course not.

This lifetime was different because ML and FL spent a brief part of their childhood together (their meeting happened also because of the slightly different choices FL made when she was young, namely, visiting her parents). Time/more chapters will tell how exactly ML will react when the blue rose and oracle appears this round.


Initially, I was a little miffed and put-off by the FL/ML in the sense of 'how can you fall in love with someone who killed you so many times?' However, the author did a good job in episodes 17-22 (childhood/flashback story).


FL is inherently kind. And after so many regressions, she's tired and lonely. That's why when she saw the young, pitiful, battered ML in front of her, she couldn't push him away because she knew they were in the same position - neglected, poisoned, threatened by the people around him/his own countrymen whom he loves. The few days they spent together were so lovely and peaceful, they found comfort with each other and even considered the other person as their "home".

ML promised to solidify his position quicker so that he can give her a proper "home". He hasn't exactly fully accomplished that as he's still crown prince, not emperor, but he has enough to be able to shower her with affection and other materialistic things (that she didn't ask for). It is sort of like the typical behavior of most duke/cp MLs, but when referencing to their brief childhood together, it makes sense.

And above all, he has proven himself to be on her side all this while. Which was something she never got in all her previous lives even as Queen, her own countrymen are scared of her or find her odd-eye ominous, and though her staff/advisor in Spinel aren't frightened, they seem to just have a business relationship.

So... yeah, I can get on the ship with Rixus being the ML.


Although I said all that in the spoiler above, the FL is still hesitant of giving her heart entirely to ML or to reveal too much of her feelings - which is understandable since the most important event of blue rose/oracle has yet to come, and that is the very reason why they have this ill-fated relationship that transcends timeline, isn't it?

There's no doubt that Berylia will get her happy ending in this life (with Rixus + I hope to see her live long enough to be grandma!), the questions is, how?

To be updated when I reached chapter 100 or something.

Previous review below!


What I find fresh, but a bit of a paradox, is that the FL, Berylia, understands that she's in a novel and her death was part of the novel's plot - so while she regard the ML as the biggest obstacle and enemy in her life, she doesn't exactly totally hate the ML.

At where I am now (Chapter 27), the FL is like, "I'm marrying him for the country" & "He's handsome etc but he's also my lifelong enemy." Does she love him yet? Obviously, no. But is she attracted to him? Probably so. And I wouldn't blame her either given the way he acts towards her.

I do think that the ML, Rixus, is a little 'basic' at the moment. Granted, I'm only at C27 and the story is mostly from Berylia's pov.

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Nepenthe rated it
March 9, 2022
Status: c45
It’s true that, as another reviewer mentions, the main character can be a bit Mary Sue-ish. She’s certainly very powerful and knowledgeable, and seems to scheme effortlessly. It’s a bit cheesy at times.

With that said, she’s totally inexperienced with love and romance. She has absolutely no idea what to do, and to me the romantic plot is the real draw of the story. There’s a great chemistry between the male and female leads, and a very satisfying amount of unresolved sexual tension.

I do appreciate that the FL actually used her... more>> accumulated knowledge from previous lives to forestall problems in her current one. However, I don’t think the focus is really on anything other than her romance. The plot outside of this is not complex, definitely a bit on the shallow side.

I still enjoy reading it so much that I think the best rating would be a 4.5/5. <<less
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endurableflame rated it
January 27, 2022
Status: c23
I don't think it's as great as the other reviews have said. The FL is too much of a Mary Sue and her opposition is laughably two dimensional. The conflicts between her and the Aktoum nobility are solved much too easily, which makes sense given her background but makes less sense to include in the story because there's no real payoff from something so easily resolved. She's always the most beautiful one in the room despite the unnaturalness of her heterochromia, everyone's always breathless when they see her, her magic... more>> is just the strongest and yada yada. I've been starting to roll my eyes every time I read a story where the isekai villainess MC happens to be drop-dead gorgeous for no reason other than being wish-fulfillment. In fact, the entire story reeks of wish fulfillment, and not the decently executed kind. At one point the ML seems less like a sentient character and more of a piggy bank, and his behavior doesn't become more believable after hearing the reasons behind his love. <<less
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I am Mohjito
I am Mohjito rated it
January 26, 2022
Status: c47
What I love about this one is how wonderfully broken both our leads are, and also the fact it's the ML that is trying to capture our MCs frozen heart.

And how she came to be this way is fleshed out nicely too. Will fate make her heart freeze over again after it finally has started to melt?

Well better read so that you can find out~
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znukhsoc rated it
June 29, 2022
Status: c101
Translators can have all the stars, they were fast and furious as the quality was dripping from their work <3

-The world-building is a hard wack but it's very VERY enjoyable. I'm a s*ave to my emotions rather than my brain, that's why I'm giving it a 3.
-The fluff part is so good. It feels like a normal flirty relationship with an absolute obsession in the love department. AND finally a ML with a little bit of character! I love my obsessive MLs but they are usually no different than... more>> a wall in these kinds of novels. This one though... He is cute. I like him. He knows how to submit himself to FL.
-Deborah is a really cheap character. Yuria has no worth whatsoever, she is really good at lowering herself and I absolutely couldn't give lesser fück about their parts. They're so... "cliche-bad". You can skim their parts and not miss a thing.
-Cliffhangers are perfectly placed, which I think is part of why I enjoyed this novel so much.

I'll be continuing to read this until the end.

Edit: I'm changing my rating to 4 because it's such a satisfying story and I absolutely love the couple. <<less
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Ruby_075 rated it
March 27, 2022
Status: c46
I really really love the novel but just had a small complaint, started at around 40 ish chapter, it just started to be a bit bland, nobody questioned anything of what MC does or even criticized or being judged which will always happen in the rest of the chapters so it's kinda weird. MC can't manage to keep her facial expression even tho she has done it flawlessly in the past and nobody even says anything or even criticized like when MC show disappointment and others notice it but nobody... more>> attacks her which is also weird. Nobody even question the food that she made or even hesitate to taste it. It's like when somebody just wants to get things done without any detail so the novel just becomes colourless. Don't get me wrong before all of this, it was beautifully written and good enough drama but I don't know what happens. I'm pretty sure the translator did nothing wrong but maybe it just that the author want to rush things out and it's kinda disappointing. <<less
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